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Discover inspirational tips to guide and energise your sensuality. Use flowers to support your flow of pleasure

What does Christine Northrup say about Happiness and why we love Flowers and Kintsugi, the process of loving broken things?

Beloved Flower Lover, Looking through wilted lavender vintage roses and listening to the radio, we re-discovered Dr Christine Northrup, the medical doctor who is a pioneer for women’s happiness and just smiled at our selves with deep gentle soft eyes. … Continue reading

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Roses and her Stronger Heart. The Story

Beloved Flower Lover, It’s raining right now in London. It’s cold. We are wrapped up. Relaxed, we get on with the day. Cleaning, putting vases away, organising wires, putting props away and generally being useful. The mobile rang and a little … Continue reading

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Going into her wisdom years. Making space to give herself flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Flowers were her ‘new supplement ‘ and she put them where she could trip over them. Fifty years young. She had flourishing decades ahead of her and was prepared to receive. Fifty years young and the sparks … Continue reading

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It’s spring time, fill your love bank… with flowers and peace said her mother as she asked for rent

Beloved Flower Lover, Her mother called her in for a chat. Again. – The money chat! She was already feeling ungrounded, confused even more uprooted even though she had just began to get regularly paid after a long hiatus. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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All is well the Day After Valentines Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Laying together, her eyes were fluttering as she smelled under his arms.   And even though he was oblivious to his natural charm, he found himself  staring at the flowers he had given to her, now put into the vase. He … Continue reading

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