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Discover tips and short stories on how you can use flowers to inspire family life.

Glasgow stemmed knife crime….Love, health, opportunity and education had something to do with it…When you send flowers to London families who are victims of knife crime-remind them that change can happen

Beloved Flower Lover, Whilst delivering flowers to another family who were victims of knife crime, we got talking to a mother who helped us put out the flowers who told us that Scotland had stopped its knife crime epidemic. Paul … Continue reading

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Genuine insights of poverty and food banks flower a range of feelings

Beloved Flower Lover, Yes we are looking at poverty. Its a little series we have been inspired to look at. We are not suggesting that anyone feel guilt and stop joy in their own lives. That would never change anything. … Continue reading

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His povery truth flowers in his story

Beloved Flower Lover, This Scottish man talks about the simple truth of poverty as told by Denis Curran of the East Kilbride charity, Loaves and Fishes, and told to the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee. The truth told simply is … Continue reading

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Happy Flowers to remember the universal love of Tree Mother, Wangari Maathai, First African Woman Nobel Peace Laureate

Beloved Flower Lover, As florists we work with enjoy resourcingĀ floral material each and every time. As florists we enjoy working with water, land and the shared space called our home. Earth. We see and hear of fights all the time … Continue reading

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Harvest Flowers, Berries and Vintage Plates

Beloved Flower Lover,  

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