Pleasure yourself through your nature and allow youself to notice the flowers….allow….allow….allow it Menopausal woman….allow it

Beloved Flower Lover,

“Life on earth is sexually transmitted” Dr Christine Northrup

And all women, all women need to make pleasure part of their lives. Especially the menopausal women, especially!

ancient wisdom beautiful flowers Collage

thelondonflower tulip roses pink PicMonkey Collage

Vintage Roses Posy Het Heru100_8115 The London Flower Lover

Make pleasure the whole point.

What ever age you are, know that orgasmic burst of pleasure,  that orgasmic joy blisses you out, and enjoy the delight of life.

Take care of your deepest self. Love up who you are. Give that joy a place to manifest itself.

Perhaps give and recieve flowers.

The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Rainy summer days in London led us to think of flowers and the Thunder Perfect Mind Poem

Beloved Flower Lover,

London has had so much rain these few days. Summer dresses,we have been swapped for leggings, coats, and flicking the heating on. Yes it’s summer.

Our UK summer is getting us to go inward because there is so so so much rain. It feels like a chilly autumn day. So in between preparing flowers and looking after the garden of those who request it, we came across this wonderful poem, that we used to help us explore our creativity. We draw on the beauty of flowers, which comes from the beautiful flowering of our inner world.

We offer you this ‘inside – out’ treasure that we have found,’Thunder Perfect Mind’, that expresses this message very clearly.

The London Flower Lover act on what excites you

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Self Care, Time for Self and Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Feeling all antsy, she knew she had to put self care back onto her agenda.

She had completed the instructions_for_thework for a friend who did not seem to notice how much effort she had put into preparing a project for her. She had made time artistically from her heart to complete tasks for her. But she was hardly noticed.

She was annoyed that she had made time to listen for the man she dearly loved.  He was upset about not being paid by his new firm. She listened to him quietly and allowed him to rant about his situation. She was fearful. Would he be angry with her now?

She woke up the next day and felt neither of them noticed that her small, quiet efforts where in fact providing them all with a foundation from which they could thrive.

But what did that mean really?

She turned to Bryon Katie’s the work to help her explain her situation to herself.

The London Flower Lover The self care spellShe looked at her flowers and asked herself what did her passion look like now?


Now she was ready to ask herself a few questions about her situation.

The Four Questions
1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)
3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without the thought?

 The Turnarounds
A statement can be turned around to the self, to the other, and to the opposite.



The Team,


The London Flower Lover


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“Tell the truth about how flower makes you feel in your home”, she said to her mother who used to cuss her about spending money on flowers for her own home

Beloved Flower Lover,

We began to wonder, why should any of our lovely readers want to read about flowers in a blog post? then the rest of the day began to reveal the answer to our judgmental judgment of our work.

“notice the most judgmental thing that you think about, notice the thing you are most ashamed of because it is the lie that is most holding you back”. Martha Beck

“Find the place that you are most ashamed of. Then state the judgment of that thing. The opposite of that statement is the best truth for setting you free right now”.
Martha Beck

We came up with a list of the things we were ashamed of and then realised that, if our readers have learnt,
Self care
Self awareness
Self acceptance
Self trust
Self esteem
Self compassion and forgiveness
Self empowerment
Self expression
Self honouring and respect
Self pleasure
Self worth, all using flowers, then we have done our work.

Is it a lie or is it the truth?

The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover

That’s how we started out day, then we got a phone call.

“I have handed in my notice at work… I am following my life purpose?

What began was a conversation about how any adversity you have gone through, bless it because it has brought your knowledge and has become your food. It has helped you to generate energies.

“The flowers open me up”…she said

“when my vase is empty,I miss them”.

“They light up my inner world as well as my external world”…”I do feel like I get some guidance from them”.

She was talking about her flowers.

“I find that I get inspiration from my bouquets, they keeps me grounded…they are thought provoking…It’s when I don’t have them that I notice the difference.

She was on a roll.

“I use to hear my mothers voice say, why are you wasting your flowers? they should be outside”…she paused as she listened to her inner truth.”I normally get them cut price…. to me they give me so much joy, like someone who gives themselves cigarettes or a drink…. I put them into my weekly budget, and now my daughter makes sure that I do that.”

….about to put the phone call on loudspeaker so the rest of the team could listen to her truth,but felt better of it.

“I can do without something else like a bag of crisp or chocolate”…

She seemed to light up, golden in her deep down true feelings.

“everyone who comes here notices the flowers”… “Flowers lift the energy of the room and although my rooms are nicely furnished, you would have thought that guests would have been noticed the furnishing, but it’s the flowers that they comment on.” “They make the room feel good.” “They think I live in Downtown Abbey”

She got past the strongest lie that she used to buy into. Right now as she is is perfect.Her door was open to become who she was meant to be.

“Now my mum loves flowers”

What’s your truth?

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

p.s. awakening has been all what these posts have been about from florists who revealed another way of using flowers, please like, share,comment and subscribe!

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The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that casts it': Shakespeare

Beloved Flower Lover,

“Sometimes we are closest to our truth when we are most afraid” We are not sure who says that but we heard someone quote and were inspired. Maybe today’s the day to cultivate peace using beauty. We invite you to enjoy flowers because:

thelondonflowerlover peace is my nature silver chair rose posy Collage

Plant flowers, flowers grow.

Plant weeds, weeds will grow. Plant nothing, what grows? Nothing? No, weeds.

These precious thoughts were inspired by reading Shakespeare who said: ‘The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that casts it’.

Is that a cue to rewrite a story, our story, your story, the story?

TheLondonFlowerLover peace is my nature yellow background rose posy Collage


The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Flowers to say: I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me,Thank you. Hooponopono Peace prayer. Order your flowers now

Beloved Flower Lover,


We learnt that When you have NOTHING obstructing your consciousness love can easily resurface. Flower beautifully.

The ancient Hawaiian ritual of Ho’oponopono had been popularised by Morrnah Simeona. She knew how Hawaiian people would check into their hearts for any unforgiveness even if they were the victim and clear it using the prayer.

The four phrases of Hooponopono are effectively a cleaning method to arrive at that state of NOTHING -peace where it is possible to feel the essence of true love, the essence that we are in truth.

The ancient Hawaiian ritual of Ho’oponopono has been further popularised by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who tells of a story about a psychiatric hospital:


He would look at a patient file and say with all his sincerity the four phrases: I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you.

Then he would look at the next patient’s file and do the same. He would repeat this procedure for every single patient in his care. Then he would do this for every member of staff and every room in that hospital even on the building itself.

peace joy love and beauty moves moutains green bowl

After a while, things began to change in that hospital: Violent patients became less violent, uncooperative patients would become more cooperative and staff would be less absent due to illness.

After eight years of Dr. Hew Len’s practice some of the most violent patients had been cured and allowed to return back home. In fact most of the patients could leave.

He made it very clear that there is nothing wrong with any of us, we are perfect in every way and when we are willing to take 100% responsibility and let go, what is right and perfect unfolds. He made it very clear that we do have a choice, “live in pain and anger” or “call upon the divine to clean it.”

The great thing about Hooponopono is that you do not need to have any kind of confrontation with the particular person that you will to make peace with.

You are working alone with and on yourself, while projecting onto the other person peace. And with time you notice that something is changing. And you notice that we are somehow all connected to each other.

As you clear fill the space, as you clear that gap you have now made within. Fill it with the light of your imagined joy and happiness and the beauty of flowers. So you may like to send flowers as part of this second part of the clean up process, or give them to yourself as you enjoy the beauty of this great gift called life.

beautiful blogger

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Flowers and Worldwide rituals: How Hindus use Flowers in Worship Fact Sheet

Beloved Flower Lover,


The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover

Hindus offer flowers to  Gods/esses in the temple as part of the worship process. This is called ‘Pu-ja’ – Pu stands for ‘Pushpam’ or Flowers and Ja stands for Japa or chanting the Holy names of Gods/esseses.

Ja also stands for ‘Jalam’ or Water as water is sipped during the Worship while chanting the Holy Names of Gods/esses. ( This is called Aachamanam)


What do Flowers represent in Hindu Worship?

Flowers represent ‘Nature’ or Prakriti.The word Prakriti is made of three syllables – Pra , Kri, and Ti. In Devi Bhagavatam, Sri Narada describes Prakriti thus.

“The prefix “Pra” in the word Prakiti means Exalted, Superior, Excellent; and the suffix “Kriti” denotes creation. So, the Goddess, Devi, Who is the most excellent in the work of creation is known as the Devî Prakriti.

“Pra” signifies the Sattva Guna, the most exalted quality, “Kri” denotes the Rajo Guna and “Ti” denotes the Tamo Guna.

The Sattva Guna is considered as the Highest as it is perfectly clear and free from any impurities whatsoever; the Rajo Guna is considered intermediate as it has this defect – it spreads a veil over the reality of things, so as not to allow men to understand the True Reality, while the Tamo Guna is considered worst as it completely hides the Real Knowledge. Thus when we offer Flowers to the Deities , we are actually praying to the energies of that the Gods/esses  repreesent  to trigger them from within ourselves, thus eradicating our Tamo and Rajo gunas and bless us with Sattwa guna which is conducive to the “Flowering of Consciousness.”

Offering Flowers to Deities is an important part of Hindu Worship. Different Gods/esses love different Flowers. Traditionally, it is said that we should only offer those Flowers that have a pleasant Fragrance and are cultivated on good soil . Wild Flowers that spring up everywhere and those with thorns should be avoided.


When we offer Flowers to Gods/esses, we are transmitting our Devotional ‘Bhava‘ or Emotion and are literally requesting God/esses to grant us Health, Wealth and Happiness(both Material and Spiritual benefits.) Hence the expression ‘Yad Bhava , Tad Bhavet. ‘ It is the bhava of ‘Surrender’ and Faith. ( Sharanagati and Shradda)

white flowers

In Hinduism, flowers constitute an important offering made to the deities. Flowers are used while doing puja at home, temples and at sacred places. In fact, rarely do we come across a puja in Hindu religion without flowers. The image of the deity in temple and home is decorated with garlands of flowers and leaves. Flowers are also placed at the feet of deity and the idol is also showered with flowers.

Generally, flowers with strong odor are not used. Similarly, flowers without fragrance are also not used. Flowers that are not fully blossomed are not used. Mutilated and flowers eaten by insects are avoided. Flowers grown in a garden is considered apt for puja. Flowers collected from forest are also used.
Flowers used in a Hindu puja are classified into Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

The classification is based on their color, fragrance, shape and origin. Sattva and Rajas flowers are used in daily worship. Tamas flowers are avoided and some are used during festivals.
Flowers like Arka, Nandyavartham, drona, white lotus, jasmine, coral tree flowers etc are considered as Sattva flowers. The Rajas flowers include Red lotus, trumpet flowers, white thorn apple flowers etc. The Tamas flowers include ketaki, China rose, cotton plant, Kasa grass etc.

Tulasi is the most used pooja flower in Kerala temples. The name Tulasi means the incomparable one. Puranas mentions that pooja without the use of Thulasi is incomplete and hence worthless.

Durva Grass is an important offering to Ganesh.
Another important flower offered To Lord Ganesh is the Milkweed flower. It is known as Arka in Hindi and Eruku or Erukkum Poo in South India. Jilledi is the name used in Eastern India.

Another important flower offered to Lord Ganesh is Sanku Pushpam or Conch flower. Leaves and flowers of Screw Pine are also offered. It is known as Ketaki or Kedgi in Hindi and Kaita in South India. Thumba Poo , a small white bell shaped flower is also used.

white flowers

Lotus is considered to be most important flower in Lakshmi Puja.
Durva Grass (Dhruva) is an important offering to Goddess Lakshmi. The flower that is usually avoided during Lakshmi puja is Thumba poo a small white bell-shaped flower.

Tulsi, or Tulasi leaves is the most important leaf and flower used in pujas and prayers dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Nandhyavattai is another flower is used in South India. Another important flower that is used in some regions is the Parijatha or coral flowers.

Flowers that are avoided during Krishna Puja include hibiscus, milkweed and angel’s trumpets.

The most Sacred 8 types of Flowers that can be offered to any God are
(1) Ahimsa (Non-violence),
(2) Indhriya Nigraha (Control of senses),
(3) Sarvabhootha Dhaya (Compassion towards all beings),
(4) Sathyam (Truth),
(5) Dhyaanam (Meditation),
(6) Shaanhti (Peace),
(7) Vinaya (Humility),
(8) Bhakthi (Devotion).”

white flowers


Sincerity in the struggle to improve, is enough it seems. “Offer in the Pathram of the Body, the Manopushpam fragrant with Humility, the Hridayaphalam ripe with Tapas and sweet with the Rasam of Daya, Danam and Damam, and the Thoyam of Tears, welling out of Ananda are at the heart of this floral ritual.

Flowers constitute an important article of worship. The image in the sanctum is decorated with garlands flowers and with unstrung flowers. The flowers are offered to the deity at in worship. Flowers gladden the heart and mind; and confer prosperity. Flowers offered with devotion gratify the Lord. The devotees who visit the Gurudwara also offer flowers as token of love and devotion.

The Vedic arm of hinduism states that flowers represent,” SOUND OR SHABDAM”. Flowers are offered not for fragrance. They represent that you, we, I ,  are involving all the parts of our being and the flowers represent EARS.

In summary Hindus  offer fresh flowers to deities as a symbol of love and devotion, and the presence of flowers is abundant in the portrayals of the arms of God.(Deity) .

What Indians call the Hindu worship ritual, puja, literally means “the flower act,” and it often calls to attention the high place within our persons. Hinduism uses the lotus to reflect that high place within us all. Those practicing Hindu in India, and across the globe, acknowledge the lotus as absolute beauty, purity and prosperity and the symbol of eternal life.

white rannuculus and white vase

Wow,  enjoy the power of flowers to acknowledge beginnings, endings and all the stages in our lives.

Peace and Joy

The Team


The London Flower Lover

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All types of trend setting women love all sorts of flowers for their lifestyle

Beloved flower lover

Women have so many sides to love.

They are mothers, lovers, sisters, aunts,daughters, they are CEO’s and cooks, cleaners and Judges,Fashion lovers, Pilots and more!

They love to be independent, they love to be interdependent

They love the natural and they love the contrived.

They love the big and the small

The love the sexy, they love the tender

They love fashion and they love their humble house clothes

They are all women, fat, slim, thin, tall, each one has an amazing quality to cherish

All women are all amazing!

The London Flower Lover

Think about the women in your life and what sorts of flowers you would offer to them. We would be delighted to design something for her.

Different faces of women: The London Flower Lover

choose the flower you love the most and we will do the rest…..

Peony: The London Flower Lover

from the team

The London Flower Lover

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Flower Love Poem

Beloved Flower Lover,

Flowers and poems seem to go together to elevate us all.  Maybe make some time, maybe sit with some flowers and take a refreshing drink of water whilst you enjoy what these flower images bring to you in love. Maybe.



Love Poem

Flowers remind us of happiness

The yellow roses

The pink ones too

The lilly, the gerbera, the hyacinth too

Happily we enjoy flowers

Happily, relaxing is easy

Fortunately, your innermost thoughts are yours alone

Necessarily, people do relax and change

Usefully, learning how to relax beautifully


The yellow roses

The pink ones too

Open up our curiousity

Have you ever wondered how easily it is to remain happy and relaxed

in the face of adversity

Just simply, easily, deeply

How curious are you about the changes happening in your body

so easily, so deeply

That’s right

Flowers, your favourite flowers

Allow your eyes to have a place to rest

A rest room

Where you can breathe comfortably,

softly, easily, calmly and become even more comfortable

So you can feel your favourite colour of peace

Flow through you




Seeing how much sweetness can be found in his own angry words

Learning to unlearn can be very useful

Remembering to forget her own frustration and anger

Learning to unlearn can be useful

I like the way you did that

They both sat comfortably immobile,

Safely feeling their love for each other flow through their heart to the other

from  heaven, into heaven

Sometimes it’s quicker to crawl

Into each other arms

Eternally able to start anew


And he came close enough to touch




Knowing hands


They lighly touch

Those parts that are in need

And with each touch

And when you are ready

You Look up and let your eyes close


Sweetness comes from the inside

That gift

The imagination

Reliving the most joyful moments

Freedom to do

Breathing more deeply than ever before




The eternal wave of love

Between lovers

Is enjoyed

Many times more


The Team

The London Flower Lover

the london flower lover

all poems come from the team

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Can beautiful flowers help change our attitude to the ‘Politics’ in our Lives? – A geninue question on budget day in the UK

Beloved Flower Lover,

This post was inspired by the peonies in the photos you see. Beautiful forms which are changing into other forms of beauty. It was crafted on Budget day in the UK.

It was another summer day in London and we had discovered that we were suddenly having a conversation about the illusions of what is beautiful, especially when we feel like it’s not looking like what we expect.

We suddenly realised that we were having a conversation about what we can transform with regard to expanding the feeling of beauty. Empowering!

In a nutshell we were playing with reshaping, these peonies for a client. She had a huge vase and we encouraged her to salvage them rather than ‘chucking’ them. To value them further by placing them into smaller perfume bottles, rather than discarding them.

The London Flower Lover Shabby Chic Peony

She stood almost frozen, watching us.

Hardly breathing and then said that she was uncomfortable with the shabby chic style because for her it created feelings of lack.

She breathed a little more. “I felt angry and scared of being afraid, when I was at school, reading all the lovely magazines and seeing my friends in my school have things”.

We handed her a glass of water infused with Himalayan pink salt and a slice of lemon.

We too got that message of the emotion and felt that it was time to re-look at it. Was it really about a ‘lack point of view’ or politics? or both?

“How’s the yoga, chi Kong stuff? ”

We asked her this, as each florist began to move. Arms high and low with our scissors n hand. Breathing in deeply from the lower tummy, we said, “all is well”.

After showing her that some of the flowers need not be thrown right now. And that some really did.  And that this was where she could make her mind up about what to keep and what to throw. It was really ok to enjoy her own approach to having flowers. That even  having them in the home for maybe just one more day was not ‘bad feng shui’.

She breathed in and out deeply. We grabbed our own nostrils, held them both and then exhaled. We then put the peony under her nose and invited her to smell.

“Wonderful,wonderful, allow the wonderfulness to fill you!” We smiled.

“It’s ok to fully recognise how those feelings were created, you are just processing”

The feelings of I don’t have this or I don’t have that…..she said no more.

We felt like we were now having fun. And we wanted her to enjoy their beauty here and now. Technically we knew it was a sort of ‘wabi sabi’, ‘heart based’, ‘inside out’ approach to lifestyle floristry. In a nutshell, following what appeals to us.

The London Flower Lover Peony
Walking away from that situation we ask this question.

How can we expect a woman who is working 60 hours a week, earning £25K a year, who has a child, to be able to also keep the house clean, look after her aging parents, have lovely flowers and to look chic?

1) Are we promoting a fix yourself prosperity story with our floristry ? We asked, What about the rest of the story? The politics? The econonmy. They all go hand in hand do they not?

2) How can we expect a talented person who is 35, 45, 55 years old, who has a mortgage, getting crumbs for a job, who also has to pay for University tuition for their child and also has aging parents to flourish in London?

3) How do you talk with someone who might be saying “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase” as they read this very post?

4) How could we ourselves be able to share this blog post if we had not had Word press develop a free platform which we could then use to share our work? What bigger politics are we also a part of?

5) What do you say to groups of people who if they make one mistake, lose everything?

Rather than go right back to the studio, we took another florally appealing route. As we walked, putting a hand on the heart and taking a big sigh, we smiled at the truly beautifully flower filled gardens.

The London Flower Lover, Peony and Pink jewlry

Then came another question. What is going on in London with housing? Beautiful gardens have to be kept up. What are the models of success that are put in front of us? Are they exceptions or are they for the average?

What is happening to the movement to address affordable housing in London?

What practical responses have become into play since the new government?

How can politicians avoid making someone feel bad about not being able to budget on £25k a year in London with housing and other skyrocketing costs?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are wide open for answers, and as they form we remain focused on peace, beauty, joy, and happiness. It’s not a waiting game, we have learnt. Those feelings do come from culitvating an inside approach.

As more subtle questions emerge. We ask, how does seeing those inner feelings affect politics? .our econonmy….and this is not a trick question.

We know we have an amazing diverse range of friends in our community from Merry Fairy, to Clan Mother, to Al, to Kathryn, Paulette Motzko, Annika Perry, Marsha O Brien, Cecilia, JNC, themissx, Hearty dwell, Soul Succor, Carmen Lezeth Suaraz, Marie Williams, Joy Ezeka, Rosy, CBC Burke, Dr Rex, Idealistic Rebel, Belly of Peace, Noelle V, Shonat Grusenmeyer, Shanti Baku, and to everyone who we have not been able to mention here. We know we have friends like Core Success in Manchester and great teachers like Ra Un Nefer Amen, Micheal Neil, our family and so on.

You are our collective wisdom. And we are inviting all of you, including anyone we have not mentioned here to please share.

It does not have to be right now, you might want to go away and think about it and then comment later. Or you might comment right now.

As florists, we say, how can we be of service if we do not ask questions, especially the elephant in the room sorts of questions. So whatever and however you answer is fine. The answers from the formless arrive in their own beautiful way.

We look forward to hearing your written thoughts.

Peace and joy

The Team,

The London Flower Lover
p.s. don’t be shy, like, share, comment and subscribe.
The London Flower Lover Peony, jewlry composition

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