Flower Rituals, righteous anger, and causes of health

Beloved Flower Lover,

According to Dr. Martinez, the causes of health are, rituals, righteous anger and more. Dr Mario Martinez teaches us that setting emotional limits is essential for care takers. Plus, setting the emotional limit and letting others  get upset about it when you enforce those limits is the real key to health.

Let others get upset….and….now go get your flowers!

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Are you too old to get flowers?

Beloved Flower Lover,

Could you culture be aging your prematurely ? We invite you to listen to Dr Mario Martinez and consider how you might change what you believe about yourself.

flower hand bag the london flower lover Collage

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Listen through the ears of peace, flowers and possibility because through Peace, all things are

TheLondonflowerlover all things are possible through peace

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Prediction 2: You know exactly what area of your life you can change right now, using positive prediction for your life and flowers-Use self fulfilling prophecy for your own good!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Now we are in winter and heading towards spring, we will open up to the truth of more love in our lives and enjoy it more and more.

Let’s go back to this topic of self fulfilling prophecy.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief that comes true because we are acting as if it is already true. The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” (SFP) was coined in 1948 by Robert Merton to describe “a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true” (: 477). He illustrated the concept with a run on a bank (a fictitious “parable”); his main application was to racial discrimination. The term has since entered social science and even everyday English, a rare feat for a sociological neologism.

The concept has been subsequently rediscovered or renamed as the “Oedipus effect” (Popper 1957), “bootstrapped induction” (Barnes 1983), or “Barnesian performativity” (MacKenzie 2006).

SFP has been discerned in a congeries of processes (e.g. Henschel 1978): within an individual, as with placebo response; in relations between individuals, such as teacher and student; in relations between collective actors, like states; underlying institutions, such as banks and financial markets; and, most provocatively, between social theory and social reality.

SFP is a particular type of dynamic process. It is not the truism that people’s perceptions depend on their prior beliefs. Nor is it the truism that beliefs, even false ones, have real consequences. To count as SFP, a belief must have consequences of a peculiar kind: consequences that make reality conform to the initial belief.

In other words, causing something to happen by believing it will come true

Positive or negative expectations about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a persons behavior toward them in a manner that he or she (unknowingly) creates situations in which those expectations are fulfilled.New Agers call this The Law of Attraction  but there’s really nothing mystical about it.

Our expectation that we will see a particular outcome changes our behavior, which shapes the way others see us. In turn, others provide the feedback we’ve set ourselves up to get, which serves to reinforce the original belief.

What are some ways you see self-fulfilling prophecies operating in your life? Where are they holding you back?

Perhaps select one beautfiul flower to remind you that you are more than that and you have a new prediction for yourself. use flowers functionally to help create health. To invest in yourself. To remind yourself that you are beautifully equipped on the inside  and outside to achieve. To remind yourself that you have the correct lens to look at yourself.  This is like using flowers, helping you to inspire you to consider  what thought is the cause of you enjoying yourself.

Daffodils  and vintage radio



The Team,

The London Flower Lover



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Valentine’s Season Q: How to love yourself? Ans: Use words, use images of loving yourself no matter what and perhaps boost it with flower power!

Beloved Flower Lover,

As we approach Valentine’s day we might want to check into our self love meter and give it a boost before we go and give anyone flowers. With that in mind we found the wonderful work of Louise Hay and offer that as way to assist you with that wonderful responsibility. Loving You!

female self love with flowers


The Team,

The London Flower Lover


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Alternative Valentines: Flowers are information-Caveat: Do not read this unless you have a real dream and passion for yourself. Warning: If you are just mucking around-do not read this article at all.

Beloved Flower Lover,

We are so exicited for you!

We see flowers as information. Meaning, they can help turn on different parts of your brain.  We were reminded about what we mean as we re read our strap line and we

As Florists in London we guide you on how to use your Flowers to avoid neglecting yourself or others. How to use Flowers as beautiful rewards for your accomplishments, as a lovely stress relief after your achievements and as a gorgeous consolation for disappointments. Like Us, Contact Us, Subscribe!

We keep learning and love it. We notice that what we talk about is a little like functional medicine. Its like knowledge is power when you get to grips with  key principles of health and happiness and how flowers might help us take back our energy, focus and our lives.

If you are interested in learning how to enjoy a life of vitality,then you have to have  a broader vision for yourself. Of love, happiness and peace. To know the connection between your dream like and flowers.

We attempt to provide that bridge here and  show you how flowers can help redirect your attention to  the love, peace and joy within yourself and share it with others.

We are not being transient, we are true consistent believers of you. The experience of love, peace and joy. You have to know what you want from your life.What you wnat your life to be about.Until you know that, then you will just drift.

Once you have set out your personal dream.It may be your valentine, then you can set flowers in that context. To live more openly and enjoy love more deeply.

If your personal dream is about love, peace and joy with your valentines  and that is part of your dream life, then you will be open to learn and grow mastery in love.Self love first perhaps and then sharing it.If you are not mastering enjoying love right now, being excellent at loving yoruself and others now, then you might be mucking around! Real stuff

No mystery.

Today, we believe that we all need to re-imagine flowers as information. Flowers are far more than superficial beauty, they are instructions to trigger the beautifying hormones in our lives.Flowers,beauty, caring and sharing are synonymous. and because we find that the hormones that make us feel happy and cared for are triggered. By giving them to yourself, sending them to others, and having them around you send messages to hormones in your body.

Again, decide what your real desire is.Your real passion. What you want your life to be about. Then find a way to immerse yourself in all things love, peace, and joy. If you think you want some feedback  about your current view of love, then you can enjoy the rest of the article. So let’s go on.


Flowers are  more than  simply petals, buds, leaves, they are in fact an instructional control panel. By sending or receiving flowers we feel more cuddly, which triggers  oxytocin,which is a feel good hormone often called the “cuddle hormone”. Oxytocin is released when we feel love, trust and comfort. It can be even more powerful than serotonin. If you need a lift, remember the power of simply spending time with your significant other or family members and friends and sharing something beautiful with them, like flowers.  By being up front about you wanting to grow more love in your life, then you can, you can upgrade your life.

We found this from a wonderful chap called Isaiah McGee and just felt it was in keeping with The London Flower Lover Valentine season. Yes, we do want you to remind yourself about the problem you have but no longer want, or the result ou want and do not have yet.We are assuming that this is about valentine love, so we changed his headline to Top Ten Ways to Sustain Your Resolve for  Love from the New Year and Beyond

  1. Let the Past be the Past… Decide within yourself that your history primarily serves to bring you to your present. Resolve to be present to the Now moment; rather than unconsciously living from your past associations about yourself and life. 9.  Constantly reaffirm… “For every dollar/Pound spent, TEN MORE return! We are always unconsciously subtracting the money spent from the money remaining; whether its deducted from a 20 dollar reserve or two million reserve – we tend to think in terms of subtracting RATHER THAN EXPANSION. Constantly imagine and consider that when money is being spent ten-fold is returning, this shifts the mind out of a fear-based relationship to money. 8. EVERY MORNING to START your day, spend seven minutes identifying the benefits you desire your day to contain. Do this EVERY DAY; it aligns your thought process with the possible rather than the probable. (“I am looking for my day to be filled with … and … and …”) 7. Resolve to release DOUBT … the default assumption you WILL NOT behave outside of currently habituated norms is acquiescing to victim-hood. You are not a victim of how the brain has been wired as you have the ability to re-wire with every thought! 6. Replace self-criticism with self-compassion. Resolve as you are reading this to replace the habit of criticizing your acts or behavior with self-compassion by understanding that the brain is very impersonal; it does things out of conditioned associations, not necessarily out of wisdom or intelligence. This appreciation shifts your relationship with yourself from one of an adversarial nature to that of comradeship with your own being. YOU and your being are best buds! 5.  Love rather than loathe. Steadily increase your outlook for things and aspects to love about yourself rather than focusing on the things that are “wrong.” The more your increase your lookout for things that empower your well-being the more those kinds of elements are compelled into your experience.  4. Change routine. Begin to engage normal, routine behaviors in a different way or order of processing. As you change up the route, wired way of doing simple matters it prepares the brain to be more receptive to new, positive developments to occur. Change the order in which you bathe or shower (start by washing different extremities then the habituated method and dry off in a different order; take a different route (but just as efficient) when participating in routine errands as grocery shopping, the cleaners, etc.). Changing habits changes possibilities! 3. Assume Life is Greater. The brain has a tendency to define life based on what it is exposed to; if you inundate your brain with the News reports, you’ll have a tendency to think the only thing going on in the world is what makes the news (primarily violence and conflict). Limit your brain’s exposure to negativity not out of fear or delusion but out of empowered CHOICE; you are choosing to feed your brain a diet of balanced environments – exercise, contemplation, arts, Nature outings, etc. – the kind of environments that expand your brain’s perception of possibility in the world. 2. Non-participation confidence… demonstrate the confidence to not participate in conversations and activities that commensurate/confirm negativity. Sometimes we gossip or go along with trains of thought at the water-cooler, at church, with industry peers, just to feel a sense of belonging to the group or activity. When belonging itself becomes more valued than what you are belonging to, then you can find yourself “belonging” to ideas, attitudes and processing that interferes with well-being rather than contributing to it. 1. Forgiveness… Decide what you are going to be for. Be for giving to yourself. Be for giving self thoughts that provide peace of mind, be for giving self compassion, be for giving the self release from past pain, hurt and misunderstandings. Be for the joy that informs your actions with an uplifting spirit of action. Be for giving to your self.

Happy New Year… Happy New You!


We are really exicted about is how you are growing more love in your life. And  we have put together two quesions for you to  answer  if you want to enjoy more love in your life today.The questions are:

1.) What is the problem you have in love that you want to avoid?

2.)  What is the result that you want and do not have in your love life?

Answer those questions, and then choose a love flower to help you reinforce your answer as you grow in love during this year.

We  recognise your love and know that life is here for you.

We are excited for you!

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Prediction: The peace and joy inside you flowers every time you think of yourself as the best you are today!

Beloved Flower Lover,

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to come true due to the simple fact that the prediction was made. This happens because our beliefs influence our actions.

For example, if a woman thinks that her husband will leave her for another woman, she will act in ways that will directly or indirectly cause her belief to come true. She might get jealous easily and make a fuss about him being friends with other women. She might pick fights whenever she suspects that he is cheating on her, or she might go through his personal things to look for evidence of cheating. Eventually, her actions will put a strain on their marriage, and her husband just might leave her, causing her prediction to come true.

daffodil in bag with cat

Have you ever been asked to do a task, such as maybe you’re starting a new job, and you believed before you started that you wouldn’t be good at it? Maybe you thought to yourself, ‘I’m not going to be able to do this,’ only to try it out and realize that your fears were correct? This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A sociologist named Robert K. Merton created this term in 1948 to describe a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior, which makes the originally false conception come true.

In other words, the prediction we make at the start of something affects our behavior in such a way that we make the prediction happen.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Action

Going back to our earlier example, let’s say you’re starting a new job as a receptionist but have never done that type of work before. You may have a strong belief that you won’t be able to handle the responsibilities. As you begin your job, you can’t think clearly, you keep saying negative things to yourself about the work you’re doing, and you’re in a lousy mood, so the customers dislike you.

Three weeks later, you lose the job. In this case, your negative expectations at the beginning of the job have affected your behavior to the point that your prediction comes true. Once that happens, we believe that our prediction must have been correct, which only encourages our confidence in future predictions, thereby perpetuating a reign of error, as Merton put it. Self-fulfilling prophecies are not limited to affecting only ourselves; we can also make predictions about other people that create the same type of results.

So let’s think about flowers, love, friendships, work, your health, your finances.

Where might you need to be radical to think you have real hope, real energy, to solve real problems? Where might you want to use flowers as your signpost symbol to remind yourself that you are flowering into that very wonderful thing you  predicted?


Just a thought


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

p.s. what else do you predict for yourself today?

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Don’t wait for Valentines to be perfect for love-Self love can be affirmed now with flowers and the words we use to describe ourselves today!


Beloved Flower Lover,

Our internal dialogue and our mental pictures has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. They definitely affect our lives. Let us use loving words to describe ourselves first for at least 30 days and then notice what we notice.


We offer you Louise Hay’s affirmations as a easy way to allow love to permeate your mind.

Pink Peonies for self loveThe London Flower Lover

The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Valentines Season: Affirm your good now with words and flowers of love

Beloved Flower Lover,

Affirming your good with words is essential to you wellbeing. Poems are an easy way to start to affirm the good that you are bringing to another because you are aware of the love you have for yourself, and want to share.

As part of our Valentine season, we decided to compile a few poems as you begin to think about affirming love within yourself and others.


A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

– Sheelagh Lennon


If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine…
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

– Courtney Kuchta –


A stranger you were once.
Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and I held both your hands.
Now that decades have passed,
ours souls have indeed become one.
How fortunate we are
that we have found the love so true
that everyone dreams about.

– Laura Veronica Merodio –



Rose posy The London Flower Lover


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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People like us dream like this. Using peace, love, and flowers during 2017!

Beloved Flower Lover,

A lot has been going on in our lives and we are sure it has for you too. We thank you for allowing us to come into your life during 2016 and  enjoying the magic in our agenda. And as Seth Godin, says, “People like us, dream like this”. So we see you as family!

As you know, we at the London Flower Lover, use peace, love, and flowers to express the joy of who we are. We  share our stories along with pictures of flowers to perhaps provoke, perhaps just dream. And that will continue for 2017. So  perhaps this post is just to invite you to remember to go beyond being competent and instead to do what your dreams are telling you to do in 2017.


So where do we start.

Well we thought about imagining 2017. We thought about the fact that it might not work out the way you want it to. You know. In the mass market sort of way. It might work out very differently.

Imagine if you do not win the lottery and have no wind behind your back. Know you are still loved.

Imagine that you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth and might not even get flowers, or even send them. Know you are still loved.

No, we are not letting anyone of the hook. We are not saying, do not focus on your goals. No that would not exciting. It will be a boring 2017, with no change. No, instead, we are inviting you to consider how to more deeply commit to your dreams.

Thats what we see for 2017. A  year where there is a deeper commitment to what you love. No shame if it’s weird, no oddness because you stretch yourself more than the others around you because you care so deeply. None of that.

  • no shame


you are not a fraud


do not be scared

no begging


Perhaps that is the focus on  in 2017.

It’s ok to screw up.

We are clear about that, so no hype for 2017. No pressure.

Perhaps, do something where you can be off the chart and be remarkable.  Or even create more connections between people, that create more and more value.Built into 2017 is the fact that there are no guarantees.

 And we say,

“people like us, do things like this”.

We are not just a bunch of interchangeable people who can be forgotten if you do not show up tomorrow. We are not just a bunch of people who go to school to learn just to be obedient- to fit in, so we can ignore them!- All Godin’s words not ours. We are people who care.

We are interested in a 2017 where we can  make a difference in our lives in  an artistic way. Not the museum way. But the art of doing something different. What ever way that might be.  And, the very fact that we have an internet connection often means we have more leverage than ever  before to connect through our art.We all want to be seen, heard, respected and loved. Why not make that part of the art of 2017. So when we think about 2017 we invite you to  figure out what we dream about.

Yes, dream, dream, dream about making things that we care about.Dream about your art. Not just being a cog, but making things that matter, that might be a bit weird to someone else, but comes from your heart.

At the London Flower Lover, we are dreaming of making designs that you have never seen before. That we have never seen before. We are looking forward to caring more about our dreams and using flowers to express that.

We  invite you to take more responsibility for designing more from the heart. To giving more credit to those who influence you and continue to share what you love. We admire our readers. We love how different you all are at  doing things. We love the connection.

In 2017, we are looking forward to looking at what we are scared of. And, we are looking forward to the things we ‘should’ say yes to and instead, just say yes to what’s needs to be expressed from our deepest hearts, using the flower, its branch, its bulb, its stem.


People like us,

do things like this

Dream like this,

People like us,

dream like this

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you for coming back during 2016.

Good morning, it’s 2017.

We love you,

because people like us,

do things like this and  dream like this.

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

 p.s. For those who are feeling that the tide is out in your industry. That it is going through a state of flux, we would like to remind you that, it does not mean there is no water. It just means that there is  a shift in the market place. Perhaps as a famous person once said, it is instead an invitation to connect to the art of the real joy in the heart.

That’s the value of 2017.

Love you-thank you for your attention-thank you!



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