Autumn Optimism Friday Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Funeral Flowers The London Flower Lover

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Perhaps use Flowers and Tapping to help you to love and accept yourself rather than stressing out with sugar and alcohol!

Beloved Flower Lover,


Herukhuti cut challenges The London Flower Lover

Alcohol, sugar, mmmm this is bringing up so much… how can we cut with stress?

A stress pattern about money, health, relationships, family life, the world community…


How can we step into another pattern of self-care?

Well let’s look at this drinking culture .

Britain is among the worst countries in the world for binge drinking, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation. The research examined 196 countries and placed the UK 13th highest for heavy drinking – worse than countries such as Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary.

In total, 28 per cent of Britons were classed as having had episode of heavy drinking in the previous month – almost twice as much as the global average, of 16 per cent.For overall alcohol consumption, Britain was 25th highest, the research found, above that of Bulgaria and Kazakstan and far higher than the global average.

Herukhuti cut challenges The London Flower Lover

So assuming that all this consumption is linked to how people feel about themselves. What do we do? Or how might we choose to be?

Well we might be able to nurture another pattern within ourselves that we direct towards ourselves. Perhaps providing a simple way to tap the power within. An inspirational pathway to creating a real answer to this. Maybe comforting self with the natural powers of the feminine. The things we take for granted sometimes. Passion, nature and beauty.

We keep looking to nature and the Nature Arts to reflect back to us other ways that we can express patterns of being, that take care of us all. An integrative approach responding to the practise of nourishing and nurturing happiness.

It can’t be about faulting or chastising as that can only take us so far. Perhaps we can remain open to find a coaching process that is self nurturing, and is centred around a self-care attitude. And maybe, noticing how relaxing flowers might make your feel, whilst using other techniques to reduce the stress in your body may be part of that process.

With that in mind we invite you to settle down, take a deep breathe and take five peaceful minutes to go inside the mind’s eye to look at something beautiful. And breathe again. Yes breathe again. And again. And again. It will recharge your batteries. Just slowing down and imagining scenes of sublime tranquility.

Again, look at nature to stop you feeding your stress and instead settle down into the natural space of peace, which is already in you for just five minutes. It will be a complete system reboot.

The London Flower Lover spider plant


Cutting with stress actually requires a little bit of education.  It’s worth learning about the food and drink we injest, whilst we rebalance ourselves with feelings that can rebalance the emotions. So rather than our energy (chi, prana) being directed by fear, worry, anger, grief, or sadness patterns , we can learn to befriend those very same energies with compassion. And then because we understand what they actually represent, we can choose to be no longer be in a war with good and bad, loss and gain, heaven or hell. We can  live from a place of peace,from the inside out. Again, nature can be a reminder to purposely make that a focus. In tiny ways, in big ways. It’s our decision.

It’s not about getting more stuff, it’s about knowing how to use flowers as a stress reliever. Looking at beauty is often a way to nourish yourself. To nurture yourself. To feed yourself. It’s a small decision, to let go of old patterns that do not care for you and do something different that empowers yourself. So slowly, you may want to give yourself what you need. To help to restore and re-shift the body, by acknowledging the nurturing feelings sent towards yourself that make all the difference.

Floral Jewelry Pink Rose Ring The London Flower Lover

With all that in mind we have been creating floral jewelry and welcomed all the smiles generated by something so sublime. Those smiles reflect back to us, peace and relaxation. A theme for an autumn self empowerment programme we thought….and the thinking went further.

To release stress might also mean examining other parts of our lifestyles and releasing the stressors on the body like ‘refined – sugars’, which according to some is as lethal as tobacco and alcohol.  Tobacco and alcohol are perfect examples of obvious body stressors, but so is sugar many are saying.  A (large) spoonful of sugar can prove fatal, a leading doctor in the US has warned, as it can have the same effect on the body as poison when eaten in large quantities. And a paediatric endocrinologist from the University of California claims that high doses of sugar, (whether it’s crystallised, in a corn syrup or granulated), turn into ‘toxins’, which lead to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diet-related diseases like type-2 diabetes.


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We will always invite you to welcome more beauty from nature into your universe. We also invite you to welcome other images of peace and tranquility into your surroundings. Especially for the rough days, when you are not enjoying life much.We embrace it all whislt you breathe in and out feelings of calm composure.  That’s how we let go of the grief.

And it’s an ideal thing to do in Autumn. To accept all the parts we rejected in love.


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Autumn Optimism Friday Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

The London Flower Lover Autumn Peace

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Yippee. She is her. The Autumn equinox.

Beloved Flower Lover,

She is here! 20150917_151723

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Easy Feng Shui- Use Flowers to Create a shift in your Home and Office

Beloved Flower Lovers

Easy Feng Shui

We are so delighted you are here again!

There are many approaches to feng shui that help you to transform your home. However sometimes it is a little confusing. So here, we would like to offer you the simplest tip.

  • If you do not love it, remove
  • If it does not make you feel great, get rid of it
  • Use flowers to activate the life you want

Sometimes we have lived in a place for so long that we have forgotten how we feel about it. We suggest that you close your eyes and imagine yourself going through each room and how you feel about each room. That can give you the real clue about your feelings.  So ok lets begin.

When you take this simple tip,  we can reset our space.  We can begin to approach each room far more calmly.  Sometimes just knowing why you are doing what you are doing, makes all the difference.

Add flowers to  help reset the energy in commonly used rooms

Flowers have their own unique energetics. These beautiful, joyful, parts of nature especially when we make them the first things that you see in any room, hallway, office, desk, multiply our already  natural good feelings.

The London Flower Lover

We suggest that you use flowers often in your hall ways, as it is the most commonly used domestic and commercial space and set the vibe for the space. Decide how you want to feel and decide on what arrangements will convey that. Do you want to feel rich and abundance, or happy, or confident, joyful, welcoming, sexy, or loved. Flowers contain a message, which they transmit. This in fact is the essence that means something divine.

The London Flower Lover

Space clearing

Most experts agree that space clearing will improve the quality of our lives more effectively than any other feng shui technique. space clearing  quickly cleanses our living or working environment of the negative energies that are responsible for many of the difficulties we experience from day to day. We suggest that people use clapping, bells or, incense into the corners of the home, it will literally reshift the energy in the space. Negative energy sits in corners, so by clapping, using loud bells or burring incense into each corner of the room shifts the energy.

We are so delighted to be able to offer you all of these simple tips.

Steps 1 – Do as thorough a cleaning and organizing of the space using the following tips often as possible. Clearing is best done at after an emotionally negative time, like an argument, or depression, and at key times in the year.  The winter and summer solstices.  And the autumn and spring equinox.

Step 2 – Ok. Let’s begin. Turn off computers, televisions, radios, and as many electrical appliances as possible.

Step 3 – Breathe deeply and fully to help you get centered. Focus your mind on your divine intention to clear and energize your space.

Step 4 – Place a clean burning, preferably non-paraffin candle in the entryway, and in other key locations you sense are best throughout the space.

Step 5 – Rock sea salt is cohesive and attracts stagnant energy or “sha chi”. Sprinkle a line of salt across the main doorway and each entryway in the space.  Sprinkle a small amount in corners and cluttered areas.

Step 6 – Use your hands and begin to clap. Clapping stirs up stale and stagnant energy. Starting at the main entrance, begin clapping with hands outstretched. Move slowly around the edges of the room. You can, start by squatting close to the floor, and end with your hands over your head. Focus on cluttered areas. Be sure to clap around microwave ovens, computers, televisions, and other electrical equipment.  Focus on all corners. To be very thorough, you may open cabinets and closets and clap inside them as well.

Step 7 – Juniper, pine, frankincense, sage, are well known as a purifying herbs. Use incense sticks, and move slowly around the entire space, saturating the atmosphere with the cleansing smoke. Be sure to include the areas under tables and other furniture, in wardrobes, and around all electronic equipment. Use enough to fully drench the space.

Step 8: Put your best things out. Avoid waiting to put the nice things out. Place all your best items out and use them. And now begin to burn sweet incense. Jasmine, rose, orange blossom. Use sweet smiling aromatherapy oils and accept that all is well. Thank the divine in your own spirit.

Space clearing- Pay particular connection to the flowers you choose to create an environment that feels, like a sense of peace and calm. It is so important because some environment make you feel uneasy or sad, or anxious to leave? This is because spaces become saturated with the residual energy of everything that happens there.  So fill the house, and key rooms with gorgeous flowers.

The London Flower Lover

Clearing your living or working environment of all chaotic, negative, and stale energy will result not only in an immediate and noticeable transformation of the “vibe” of your space, but also in an increased sense of well-being for all of its inhabitants. You can do this with incense, flowers, oils, colour and pictures. Any thing that makes you feel amazingly loved, beautiful, peaceful and calm.

Use your creativity. So you may want to experience adventure. Then add arrangements, pictures, oils, objects that give you that feeling.

You may want to feel romantic, and then add arrangements, pictures, colours, and textures that allow you feel that guides that feeling within you.

If you want to experience abundance, to activate the feeling of abundance. Then focus on the farthest left hand corner of that house or room. If it is missing, then you can do a few things like adding something that represents abundance.

Denise Linn, feng shui expert, suggests  adding images like a billowing sailing ship, moving into port, -( full of treasure! ) adding little home fountains with little coins and anything else that affirms for you abundance. So if this area is congested, dirty or has a toilet, keep the lid down, clean it up and place a keep a plant there with strong upward movement


In closing, we just wanted to offer a thought about self-acceptance and self-improvement.

We are not disfigured by the negative energies. So yes, you may have had a cry, or argument in your home or office. Rather than see it as an enemy meet and greet it. Yes. As we meet and greet those negative emotions and feel them, we can get to know them. We can actually learn what treasure they have for us.

Acceptance and love, have a way of healing. its heals the space you live in to. You do not have to deserve happiness. its your true nature. so yes you have made a mistake, but at what time do you let yourself off and just enjoy. at what time do you let go of ‘mustabation’. the endless list of things you must do, others must do to be happy.When? if not now, when? if not you, who chooses to be happy now?

Happiness is not the absence of sadness. It’s the capacity to state your feelings. So, bringing acceptance to your home is the truest way of simple feng shui.

Let go of the tyranny of positive thinking. You are allowed not to feel sunny. Just meet it, accept it, its there for a reason. Be honest and listen to it.  Then, and only then, drink from the fountain of self-love and self acceptance-

Choose love, laughter and happy …. Perhaps choose flowers to help direct your intention

From our welcoming hearts


Love from the Team


The London Flower Lover

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Flowers may challenge your idea of joy

Beloved Flower Lover,

Sometimes we get scolded for speaking joyfully.Sometimes we find it difficult to affirm joy with the words we share with others.Sometimes we don’t trust joy.


Using flowers can be your challenge. If they are it’s all good.  No scolding. It’s a journey.

Flowers could help you change your perspective on why you might want to make joy a deliberate habit that you decide to nurture. have you noticed if you don’t really appreciate the true benefits of joy and beauty that you might find that sugar, alcohol or some other thing might become your default go to.

Flowers might help you to open your heart to your own joy. Unconditionally!

You decide.


The London Flower Lover


The Team

The London Flower Lover

As florists in London we guide you on how to use your flowers to avoid neglecting yourself or others. How to use them as beautiful rewards for your accomplishments, as a lovely stress relief after your achievements and as a gorgeous consolation for disappointments. Like Us, Contact Us, Subscribe!


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Autumn Equinox is nearly here

Beloved Flower Lover,

September Equinox in London, England, United Kingdom is on
Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 09:22 GMT

Funeral Flowers The London Flower Lover

Get ready for change!

The team,


The London Flower Lover


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Choosing to be joyful is a decision.How could you make it practical? Perhaps choose flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

The London Flower Lover Gladoli and Bag Collage

The London Flower Lover Gladoili Collage 1

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I Love You, I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Before we tell you about the power of forgiveness,we wanted to let you know that most people who read these posts find them really relaxing and beneficial, busy men and women alike.They get really excited about being reminded about how relaxation and forgiveness helps them make the sorts of changes that they want to and that flowers are a perfect expression of that. But some don’t get it,they would rather continue to hurt and victimise themselves and others with out of date thinking.Anyway, let us tell you how flowers and forgiveness work together for your benefit and greater happiness.

There is a deep science going around which is about supporting life affirming thoughts and images. This great science which is growing talk about the images we surround ourselves with and how they programe our reality. So it becomes very important what we surround ourselves with. So yes, we feel the power  of today. The fact that we can let go of the false assumptions we have made and upgrade our thinking. That is the power of each day. The fact that we can solve our situations with tools which suggest we actually let go of out of date ideas and honour the principles of life. Yes, flowers can help remind us to clear emotional blockages within yourself or  between us.


Many scientists are talking about what they call a deep truth. That  we are at a pivotal time. The are major issues facing the us.Economic, social, environmental, and so on. Our choices over the next 18 months become our collective answer to our time here on earth. And by repeating this famous forgiveness prayer, over and over again until you have cleared the old energy, we create the opportunity to tip the scales back into peace and joy through the theme of forgiveness.

If you haver an open mind, please then only use the  gentle Ho oponopono prayer if you want to. Please remember that none of us have the right to force  opinions or beliefs onto anyone else–even if we “think” someone should do it. Let others  follow their joy and you yours.

“I Love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you”

Say it in any order to yourself, when ever you think of that person, yourself or the situation.

Once you are clear, you can use your imagination,  and the words you say to yourself to create your strongest lovely feelings ever. Really get into it.  Create this space  within yourself often

Actually create a container for the good energy you want to live in  now.  Create that yourself. Love it, sit in it and smile.

Now is the time to give and recieve flowers. Now you are in the ideal place to come to us to talk flowers. Now is the time.

And that’s it, what will be easier for you today?


The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Avoid letting your self appreciation fall through the cracks. One way she found to cherish herself was by using flowers as she stopped smoking ciggies!

Beloved Flower Lover,

“Guess what just happened to me?”

Breathless, one of the girl’s  who had just popped out the to local supermarket for some afternoon snacks had come back with a big excitable smile and a bunch of white, purple and pink gladioli which she said had been going really cheap. Our eyes looked at their quality and then we carried on with our work.

A kind sigh filled the air.

What? came back as our plummy reply

“A lady saw me looking at the gladioli and began telling me that she has stopped smoking.”

the london flower lover gladioli and yellow vase

She was still breathless, and excitable from running back into the studio. This created a beautiful sound as she continued to describe all this action to us in her honeyed London tone.We carried on with our tasks and chuckled.

“She stood behind me and had made me jump. She quickly said sorry in a very fruity and plummy voice and then explained to me that she was on Day 12 of her non smoking. She said that she was in the supermarket to buy herself flowers to inspire herself…She saw the way I was studying each pack of gladioli and recommended that I take the fuchsia pink.”

“It was so funny. I did not tell her that I work with flowers all day. We carried on caressing the flowers and selecting the best ones. Looking at which packs were freshest. Then she said that she had used flowers over ten years ago to help her to drop weight from 15 stones to her current 9 stone, and now she was doing the same to help her to appreciate herself for coming this far with her non smoking.

” Don’t you think that’s a sign girls?… She was following her joy guides”

Our heads had been down. Working for so long, that maybe we too had failed to notice, or spot the beauty of the day.

We thought about it and smiled.

“Wow, check that out. She went on. There was someone out there who was acknowledging herself using the natural beauty of flowers. Was that not our message too?” Her arms reached up into the sky.

“Rather than neglecting herself, or being unrealistic about what it takes, she was appreciating just where she was today.”

This is just our story, but we saw an everyday woman who had stepped away from her past troubles and into her bright future . She was lighting up her own path with flowers.

So we have questions for you, but before that we wanted to say this…

Being in service, sometimes we need to know that we are needed and she reassured us that everyone has a real inner guidance that tells them exactly what to do to. The bigger message for us was this.

There is no need to rescue. No need to sacrifice oneself. No guilt to say oxygen mask over self first. It’s not taking away from anyone else.

We smiled as we looked back over a very small portion of our work and celebrated it’s value to the world.


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What’s your story?

  1. What makes you happy?

  2. What are you doing when you like yourself the most?

  3. What are the six things that you cannot stop doing because you enjoy them so much?

Write it down and if maybe share with us in the comments. Just by doing that helps so many others who pop by.

You want to help others in the world. Then don’t be unhappy. Do what makes you happy. That is your purpose.

Coming from your true inner happiness and using that to face your problems is your way of serving us all. That service will then leave a sweet fragrance on your own hands as you perfume our lives with your gift.

We offer you our joy, our happiness, our beauty. And our flowers are our love offering!

The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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