Would you expect her to pay for her dinner date and her own flowers?

Beloved Flower Lover,

She was raised to be independent,

to guard her yoni,

to be a go-get it gal,

to heat it up at work.

But when she found herself throwing up with disgust when she got home after paying for dinner with her year long date. She knew she had to be honest. It was not a pleasure.

Now she decided to re-imagine the whole feminine agenda . Peacefully. She knew it mattered.

To her,

To him.

To find her secret orgasmic power- the part of her designed ‘only’ to experience geninue pleasures.

Once she restored that knowing, the world changed.


Pleasure yourself first Collage

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Flowers for Chinese New Year

Beloved Flower Lover,

Happy Chinese New Year

chinese new year 080

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Do you choose to experience love sooner or later? Let flowers remind you of your choice

Beloved Flower Lover,

I went to sleep and dreamt that I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the one I loved and adored and who loves and adores me.

I woke up and saw me.


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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The London Flower Lover


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They decided to use their Valentines flowers as a reminder of ….

Beloved Flower Lover,

She decided to let go of what was going on outside of herself.

That included picking at her self.

Only talking about the kids, money, or work

Only watching reality T.V.


She decided to use Valentines to welcome back

her rest,

time to be quiet,

time to notice smell, touch, colour

time for honouring herself- time to reimagine herself,


that picture,

that feeling,

that emotion…

valentines flowers

He decided to use Valentines to remind himself to let go of the old picture of

guilting himself for not making ‘her pleasure his priority’.

For not knowing how to direct her, to make herself’ feel’ safe, secure and protected, when he had ‘no clue’ what she was talking about.

For working ‘too’ many hours for the family in the family business and neglecting her language of love- having intimacy time.

It was time to re-imagine himself letting go of those images because he finally got it.  He understood that he had absorbed images of himself that where not helpful and  even that was now ok…he finally understood how things worked in his heart. Despite those stories things was ‘infinitely’ ok.

valentines flowers


The greatest gift.

Pretty simple.

Their Valentines flowers were beautiful…


The energy of embracing the imagined unlimited potential of love,

they both took control ….at least for this time,

both exhaling…they chose to ‘dance’ into a state of bliss, no anguish, giggles, love, touching, caressing, just loving.

They were both right,

imagining themselves  enjoying themselves in the ocean of love .


valentines flowers the london flower lover


Sooner or later they knew love would be in their lives

They both choose sooner!


What do you choose?

The Team

The London Flower Lover

p.s. perhaps give yourself permission to place even more love into your imagination

p.p.s please share, comment,and like

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Drop Self Esteem and go for Self Compassion instead. We suggest you can do that as you go about preparing for Valentine’s and so much more!

Beloved Flower lover,

Relating to ourselves is really what its all about”.

“Forget comparing ourselves to others”.

“Be kind to yourself”.



In Mike Robbins’s short video, he teaches us that, “nothing changes until we do“.

We wonder what self compassion and self kindness can do for you during Valentine’s and beyond. We love to hear about your ideas abut self care.

the london flower lover image of yourself beautiful you tulips in bagPleasure yourself first Collage

female self love with flowersthelondonflowerlover surround yourself with beauty

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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It feels like Spring today in London…Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Flowers and what can we do with the overload of social media advice

Beloved Flower Lover,

Just seen this beautiful advertisment on UK TV inviting people to use the tradition of flowers as a way  to say “I love you” rather than using a text message.

It left us thinking….

…… really thinking about how to be quiet in this digital era were we have advice coming to us from so many more directions. An era where some of us are still working out  how to listen to another voice, the one inside that tells us what matters to us the most, rather than just blindly following what others tell us to expect of ourselves. That includes, how and when to use flowers as a expression of love for self and others.


still thinking…..because it goes beyond a business….

We choose to be able to continue to hold a space for you where you practice tuning into your own inner guidance system. And that system may or may not tell you to enhance itself with flowers. And that’s ok, it’s fine, we understand.

It’s so easy think we have the best ideas and to just run off in a direction we believe is correct for you. And that’s ok. We get it. We understand. No one is at fault here…so we are re telling ourselves that we know that it’s all about fostering a community of support which fosters our own inner wisdom.

Just being quiet for a moment in the presence of beautiful flowers, can lead us to learn how to befriend that part of us within, that already has all the answers to what ever we are looking for outside of us.

The London Flower Lover I Love You

in quietude….


The team,

The London Flower Lover

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Happy New Year and Welcome to your most enjoyable year yet

Beloved Flower lover,

Back to school. Back to work. Back to assisting you to enjoy your life more…..and perhaps if you choose using flowers as a beautiful guide for your life force to follow.

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One question family.

Imagine it’s one year from today and you’ve had your most enjoyable year yet…

What’s happened? What have you done? What’s different in your life now? What qualities did you cultivate in your garden of life? With who? With what parts of yourself?


Just notice what you notice about enjoying life.

Peace and joy…

The Team, 

The London Flower Lover

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Readymade today to be impressed by her seed of intention

Beloved Flower Lover,

The whole room relaxes as she put the last vase of flowers up…… every one breathes out in relief.

She has arrived. The Winter Solstice. That time of year when every part of her is wide open and ready to be impressed with the some times awkward joy of desire.

TheLondonFlowerLover silver grey pearl basket and white roses

She invites you to take off any pressing pressure to succeed… to look good or to perform even to your own ridiculously silly standards. She invites you to feel the fire of pleasure now.

Who are you doing that for she asks?

You are not on the line. You do not have to prove your importance to her. Take the pressure off as she asks you to plant the seed of what ever you desire deeply into her. The desire may be one foot, or one hundred feet tall. It’s perfect. Your desire does not have your self worth riding on it. Pleasing yourself does.  Be quiet now.

She is here for the next four days.

the london flower lover cool monochromatic flowers  Collage

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

P. S.

…. what is the greatest floral gift you that can give to yourself?

It is the gift of reflection. Forget new year resolutions for now, look over your shoulder and see how far you’ve come in 12 months…the good, the bad and the missed opportunities… this is the intentional gift of solstice.

The wreaths are up. The flowers are done. The candles are burning….immerse yourself.. . now….  turn inward and see how even the bad or missed opportunities can become your gateway to peace.
What promise are you going to make to yourself this solstice? Not really a resolution, but what loving commitment you could make to yourself, that will inhance how you look after yourself in 2016?

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Flowers brought her back to look life

Beloved Flower Lover,

Bored with each other. Bored of amazing gift giving. Just bored. Her thoughts bored.

The text messages were looking tantalizing.

Eyes down she realized she was bored of herself.

Solstice lovers and their flowers showed her that it was time to make the impossible possible. That it was time  for her to experience what she truly wanted.

Could true pleasure become her new norm?

She caught her breathe as she allowed some gourmet chocolates and strawberries to meltdown.

She decided to take the pressure of. If you can’t win, you can’t lose. So you don’t have to take yourself out of the game of life. So she could just play.Zero pressure. Just play  her ‘A’ game of brilliance. The one that she brought to all her clients projects. The one that she did so effortlessly .

No stress. There projects were always playfully successful. Not because it was a big deal. It was just about creating what they wanted. Not what others believed was important.

Another piece of dark gourmet chocolate.

Who was She trying to impress?

She realized what she wanted was the importance.

Rather than impressing others. What impressed her about her simplest wanting, that even seemed weird to herself, was now being made visible.Frustrations melted away. Another piece of dark gourmet chocolate.

Simple did not mean it was not floral coated.  It meant the pleasure of making the smallest or biggest of her wantings important enough to impress her was the source of her tingling pleasing pleasure…..her tide rippling…

No longer selling herself out the to duty or obligations of someone else’s idea of success.

She had climbed through the boredom window into her lovers chamber and found she was ready made from the inside out for pleasure.

She was now in accord with her solstice invitation of making the invisible visible.

The Team,

The London Flower Lover


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