Sit in the darkness of the Winter Solstice and allow the seed of love to bloom into the most beautiful flowers of your life, as you grow,evolve and breathe life into the coming year… this is just part of our flowery poem for you today!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Our words are poetic today as we welcome you….so sit in the darkness of the Winter Solstice and allow the seed of love to bloom into the most beautiful flowers as you breathe life into the coming year…our flowery poem for you.

The London flower Lover  oness and maat pink flowerthe london flower lover be still one single yellow tulip

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May we invite you to take a deep breathe as you appreciate that every one of us on this planet that is animated by life is a part of who we are.

And in that recognition, the idea of Otherness is released.

And the idea of Oneness is welcomed.

And as the idea of Oneness is welcomed the reality of connection is realized.

We, you, are connected to everything on the planet in a meaningful way.

And as we grow and evolve, so does everything that we are apart of.

Grows and evolves.

And so on behalf of individual evolution that impacts Universal evolution we are embracing the Oneness of us, the transformation of us, the remarkableness of you, of us, the beauty of you, embracing it, the ordinariness of you and us, the self compassion .

We are simple, ordinary and One .

And  as each breathe takes us deeper into that dark space, of the deepest dark, we let go of all  ideas of separation.

We are One

We are One

We are One

We are already in that insularity of animated action.

We all come from that one breathe, that one breathe, that Oneness…


It’s a time for deep sleep,

It’s a time for deep sleep,

It’s a time for deep sleep,

Self care is Universal care

As we care for the intimacy of our own being,

We are then caring for that part of us that is in us all.

Your self care is Universal care

And the more that it is prioritized,

your self care,

nourishes everyone.


So self care is in fact the most selfless thing you can engage.

And in your self care,

You find that you are more and more comfortable with the unknown.

As you allow it to increasingly represent the vastness of possibility

You are more and more comfortable, as what appears to be the unknown, is in fact the vastness of possibility.

So you move through that vastness of possibility,

in that vastness of possibility, confident, strong, beautiful and purposeful.

And so public eyes registering as your own eyes,



Increasingly comfortable with public view, the universality

Embracing of it,

Recharged from it,

In agreement with it,

Self care and comfortable with the unknown

And the public recognition is in fact you own internal recognition as you accept and embrace through each breathe….

It get’s clearer and clearer and clearer,

You and  the other fellows of life are one,

Expressions of one life,

As we notice ourselves relaxed,

Our lashes fluttering,

As we take another deep breathe,

We come to appreciate that this seed of an idea only grows into the beautiful flower that our life is,

and becomes,

For the coming year

You are welcomed, connected and loved

Happy Solstice


The Team,

The London Flower Lover


the london flower lover be still one single yellow tulip

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It’s a golden time to slow down to stand still for the coming sacred four days and sleep and allow yourself to flower

Beloved Flower Lover,

It’s a sensitive time now.

It’s a comforting time now.

It’s a mothering nurturing time now.

An energetic shift is about to happen.

As Above so Below.


All Holy days and Sacred days in all religions acknowledge the energetic shifts in our calendar . The Winter Solstice is a time when there is a stand still energetically and then on  December 25th that momentum forward has officially started. During that standstill we are sensitive and are fully open and receptive whether we know it or not.

So in terms of the Winter Solstice….

It’s ripe now to slow down to a stand still for four days and more. It’s a perfect time to decrease activities, eat less, slow down and increase our creative visualization. Start to clean up your inner house now. Perhaps do a detox to the level that you can manage. Also increase our rest, our journalling, our intention setting, our reflection of the past year and then project into the new year. How do you see it going for you. This is the month ripe for this. Its a golden time to detox, rest and rejuvenate.

thewintersolsticestandstillthewintersolsticesandstilland map your new direction forward

Avoid indulging in the stresses that come with this time from certain quarters.

We would miss the opportunity for something great. We hijack our new year as well as we have not created the rejuvenation for this new time. Its like staying up all night partying and not being able to perform the next year.

Surround yourself with beauty. Project using your imagination, beauty, joy and happiness into the new year. Take advantage of this golden time. Take advantage of sleeping, eating less, and slowing down until you are at a place of stillness.  Then prepare to project out your radiance into the new year.

As above, so below. Our calendar is so key to our life. A rhymn that has been set. Move inward now so you can on 25th begin to move forward. Reborn.

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In the next six to eight weeks we can choose to rest and sleep as much as we can so the flowers can come back vigorously in spring

Beloved Flower Lover,

Nature is preparing herself for her winter sleep. Look outside. In the North Hemisphere we can see her closing down preparing for a sleep. She will sprout out with a vigor in spring. But right now we must start to take our proper sleep.

If we are doing to much partying we will be undoing that rejuvenation time.

sleeping couple In 2 Me I c

The London Flower Lover

It’s time to dial back. Notice what the trees are doing. Align ourselves with them. As we do that our organs get revitalise. So rest, sleep, get cosy now. If we go against things that go against our nature we then hurt ourselves.


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Beloved Flower Lover, Thank you for choosing to us during this last year!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Thank you for choosing to connect to our content during this last year.

thelondonflowerloverwintersolstice (2)

You may have noticed that we are currently on the winter solstice as our floral theme. We do that because we know how important it is in preparation for the holiday season and the coming new year. And yes we are inviting you to see yourself as a gift . A bit like when flowers are given and received. And as flower lovers, you know exactly how much that makes anyone’s lips turn upwards, smile with their eyes and radiate.  Energy  cannot be destroyed only transformed.

Thank you for transforming us here.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be in your world.Transforming us, The London Flower Lover Team.

transformer thelondonflowerlover

Thank you for your energy which you have shared with us from your heart. You have no idea how over the years just being able to share with love, joy and happiness from our hearts has softened and recharged us here. The blog is not simply just a space to share bits and pieces about flowers. At times it has felt like we have been hard wired into one main source supply of creation and experienced a multiplication and amplification of the oneness of the love in the lives of people we are in contact with.

thelondonflowerloverwintersolstice (2)The London Flower Lover Set up next year during the winter solsticeTheLondonFlowerLover winter Solstice

Thank you for turning to us when you receive our content. Liking it, sharing it. Embracing it. Thank you for making love feel more familiar in our lives than anything else.


Thank you.


The Team,

The London Flower Lover,

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Turn inwards for four days, smile like you have given or received flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

thelondonflowerlover 476

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