Flowers and Worldwide rituals: How Hindus use Flowers in Worship Fact Sheet

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Hindus offer flowers to  Gods/esses in the temple as part of the worship process. This is called ‘Pu-ja’ – Pu stands for ‘Pushpam’ or Flowers and Ja stands for Japa or chanting the Holy names of Gods/esseses.

Ja also stands for ‘Jalam’ or Water as water is sipped during the Worship while chanting the Holy Names of Gods/esses. ( This is called Aachamanam)


What do Flowers represent in Hindu Worship?

Flowers represent ‘Nature’ or Prakriti.The word Prakriti is made of three syllables – Pra , Kri, and Ti. In Devi Bhagavatam, Sri Narada describes Prakriti thus.

“The prefix “Pra” in the word Prakiti means Exalted, Superior, Excellent; and the suffix “Kriti” denotes creation. So, the Goddess, Devi, Who is the most excellent in the work of creation is known as the Devî Prakriti.

“Pra” signifies the Sattva Guna, the most exalted quality, “Kri” denotes the Rajo Guna and “Ti” denotes the Tamo Guna.

The Sattva Guna is considered as the Highest as it is perfectly clear and free from any impurities whatsoever; the Rajo Guna is considered intermediate as it has this defect – it spreads a veil over the reality of things, so as not to allow men to understand the True Reality, while the Tamo Guna is considered worst as it completely hides the Real Knowledge. Thus when we offer Flowers to the Deities , we are actually praying to the energies of that the Gods/esses  repreesent  to trigger them from within ourselves, thus eradicating our Tamo and Rajo gunas and bless us with Sattwa guna which is conducive to the “Flowering of Consciousness.”

Offering Flowers to Deities is an important part of Hindu Worship. Different Gods/esses love different Flowers. Traditionally, it is said that we should only offer those Flowers that have a pleasant Fragrance and are cultivated on good soil . Wild Flowers that spring up everywhere and those with thorns should be avoided.


When we offer Flowers to Gods/esses, we are transmitting our Devotional ‘Bhava‘ or Emotion and are literally requesting God/esses to grant us Health, Wealth and Happiness(both Material and Spiritual benefits.) Hence the expression ‘Yad Bhava , Tad Bhavet. ‘ It is the bhava of ‘Surrender’ and Faith. ( Sharanagati and Shradda)

white flowers

In Hinduism, flowers constitute an important offering made to the deities. Flowers are used while doing puja at home, temples and at sacred places. In fact, rarely do we come across a puja in Hindu religion without flowers. The image of the deity in temple and home is decorated with garlands of flowers and leaves. Flowers are also placed at the feet of deity and the idol is also showered with flowers.

Generally, flowers with strong odor are not used. Similarly, flowers without fragrance are also not used. Flowers that are not fully blossomed are not used. Mutilated and flowers eaten by insects are avoided. Flowers grown in a garden is considered apt for puja. Flowers collected from forest are also used.
Flowers used in a Hindu puja are classified into Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

The classification is based on their color, fragrance, shape and origin. Sattva and Rajas flowers are used in daily worship. Tamas flowers are avoided and some are used during festivals.
Flowers like Arka, Nandyavartham, drona, white lotus, jasmine, coral tree flowers etc are considered as Sattva flowers. The Rajas flowers include Red lotus, trumpet flowers, white thorn apple flowers etc. The Tamas flowers include ketaki, China rose, cotton plant, Kasa grass etc.

Tulasi is the most used pooja flower in Kerala temples. The name Tulasi means the incomparable one. Puranas mentions that pooja without the use of Thulasi is incomplete and hence worthless.

Durva Grass is an important offering to Ganesh.
Another important flower offered To Lord Ganesh is the Milkweed flower. It is known as Arka in Hindi and Eruku or Erukkum Poo in South India. Jilledi is the name used in Eastern India.

Another important flower offered to Lord Ganesh is Sanku Pushpam or Conch flower. Leaves and flowers of Screw Pine are also offered. It is known as Ketaki or Kedgi in Hindi and Kaita in South India. Thumba Poo , a small white bell shaped flower is also used.

white flowers

Lotus is considered to be most important flower in Lakshmi Puja.
Durva Grass (Dhruva) is an important offering to Goddess Lakshmi. The flower that is usually avoided during Lakshmi puja is Thumba poo a small white bell-shaped flower.

Tulsi, or Tulasi leaves is the most important leaf and flower used in pujas and prayers dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Nandhyavattai is another flower is used in South India. Another important flower that is used in some regions is the Parijatha or coral flowers.

Flowers that are avoided during Krishna Puja include hibiscus, milkweed and angel’s trumpets.

The most Sacred 8 types of Flowers that can be offered to any God are
(1) Ahimsa (Non-violence),
(2) Indhriya Nigraha (Control of senses),
(3) Sarvabhootha Dhaya (Compassion towards all beings),
(4) Sathyam (Truth),
(5) Dhyaanam (Meditation),
(6) Shaanhti (Peace),
(7) Vinaya (Humility),
(8) Bhakthi (Devotion).”

white flowers


Sincerity in the struggle to improve, is enough it seems. “Offer in the Pathram of the Body, the Manopushpam fragrant with Humility, the Hridayaphalam ripe with Tapas and sweet with the Rasam of Daya, Danam and Damam, and the Thoyam of Tears, welling out of Ananda are at the heart of this floral ritual.

Flowers constitute an important article of worship. The image in the sanctum is decorated with garlands flowers and with unstrung flowers. The flowers are offered to the deity at in worship. Flowers gladden the heart and mind; and confer prosperity. Flowers offered with devotion gratify the Lord. The devotees who visit the Gurudwara also offer flowers as token of love and devotion.

The Vedic arm of hinduism states that flowers represent,” SOUND OR SHABDAM”. Flowers are offered not for fragrance. They represent that you, we, I ,  are involving all the parts of our being and the flowers represent EARS.

In summary Hindus  offer fresh flowers to deities as a symbol of love and devotion, and the presence of flowers is abundant in the portrayals of the arms of God.(Deity) .

What Indians call the Hindu worship ritual, puja, literally means “the flower act,” and it often calls to attention the high place within our persons. Hinduism uses the lotus to reflect that high place within us all. Those practicing Hindu in India, and across the globe, acknowledge the lotus as absolute beauty, purity and prosperity and the symbol of eternal life.

white rannuculus and white vase

Wow,  enjoy the power of flowers to acknowledge beginnings, endings and all the stages in our lives.

Peace and Joy

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Flowers needs bees, they need you to plant bee friendly flowers

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Its summer and we are used to an abundance of beautiful flowers. However their presence is  dependent on being pollinated by bees. In fact 1/3 of our food comes to us as a result of bee pollination. No bees, less flowers and food.

Real talk.

If you want to  help check out the following plants that help bees resources.

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Peacefully using flowers to honor the space of, no longer and not yet, after her divorce

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“Honor the space between no longer and not yet” Nancy Levin.

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She ran in beaming,

“I got inspired to get myself flowers to day because they turn me on”, she said. “The more turned on I am, the more I own that I am my own power source.”


She continued to consider the flowers that inspired her the most and considered how although she was now divorced and was being told that she could do anything because she did not have children, everything just felt overwhelming. She really did not know what she wanted. Some women had scolded her for loving her former husband too much. Others hissed as they explained that she did not have children, so she had nothing to worry about. Where could she could. She felt she had no space to tell her truth. That no one would digest her just as she was, unprocessed and natural.

Flowers invited her to bring a phase of her live to an end, so she could have a new beginning. Flowers invited her to decide what was it that she wanted to focus on. The beauty of flowers was helping her to decide what to evoke in life.

As she consider all of this today, she decided that she needed a place of self expression. To find a way to meditate in a creative way. That was how she was going to address her  belief. She was using those flowers to remind her to honor the space between no longer and not yet that a belief is not fact and that she could be loved just as she was. Expressing herself using flowers. She focused on natures beauty and allowed it to grow and spread!

She was already healed.


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Summer Flowers and the Marriage Bond

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Heart pumping, tummy churning, tense. This wedding has our attention. A wedding is a wonderful time when we get to celebrate the outflowing of love between two people and their family and friends. It’s a time where we witness letting go of power plays and instead experience the outflow of love, love, love. We get excited because we get the chance to prepare flowers for this normal and beautiful ritual.

leah happy in car and bouquet We talked in our team about marriage and the general sense was how none of us had had any preparation at all. Working on wedding flowers, we are very aware of the divorce rates and because we really do love what we do and who we work for we wondered what we could do next. Why? Well we really do want the very best for you, and that has led us to explore a path about making our love bigger than our fear around marriage, love, marriage and power.

To be honest there is a feeling of helplessness when we consider the divorce rate.  Sometimes when we feel we can’t help, we just feel speechless.  well today, it’s a time for us to grieve. To grieve that sometimes we can’t help or save someone. Today is a day to make it ok to cry. To cry some old tears. Tear that come from a place when we realised that we can’t save someone, or save something.

Flowers found us. This work found us and like it or not, this work gives us the opportunity to help this feeling transform into peace by having to work with wedding flowers through this season. Having wedding flowers constantly in our face gives us the ideal space to not just change the energy of this and to let it come out. But to transform that energy,  and to let the love flow fully by doing flowers for others. This work has allowed us to re-develop a relationship with self around marriage and  rather than being hyper vigilant about marriage, to become hyper loving. How?

Well by applying a lot of the tip and techniques we share with you to ourselves to help make sense of the complex internal conversations that affect the way we show up in relationships. So shifting from being unclear about the mixed feelings that can be deemed heavy or hard.

Heart racing, tummy churning. Yep  this wedding got our attention. It does. Anything that gets us looking at the real issues can create the hyper vigilance to save others, and ourselves.  But is can also create the agenda to make agreements. So to shift from pushing down the complex internal conversations away and instead having honest conversations that create an opens door.

We are not afraid for this emotion anymore. We acknowledge the need to grieve. Who for?  For us, for sure, but for others too. This an old soul stuff. Grief about mistakes and can prevent us from being leaders in the world today. Deep grief, asking for forgiveness for anyone we felt we could not heal or save. It’s an amazing thing. we find that we are more detached, becoming less insistent that others heal because we have gone deep with this. Some of you might have noticed that this is a repost, but its been rewritten to acknowledge this shift.

Many times, the fear we had, came from another time. We have been working with them so they did not kidnap our joy.Thank you , every reader who has held this space with us because our relationship with fear is what this post is about. So we loving thank you for helping us to open up even more to this journey.

So we have offered more summer flower tips and combine it with a video to offer some guidance because the time is now to prepare for a good marriage. The time is now. So let’s begin with the flower tips and then go to the marriage suggestions in the brilliant videos we have collected for you.

Ordering flowers that are currently in season is not only the most affordable choice, it’s also the most environmentally friendly option. Think about it, flowers that are not in bloom right now (i.e. tulips) must be grown in a greenhouse or shipped from a foreign locale, which leaves a smaller carbon footprint. We suggest that you go for the lilies, gardenia, alstroemeria and carnations becuase they are in season.

Please click onto this  highlighted link: Here is a list of some of the flowers in season right now the months of June, July and August here in the northern hemisphere.


red rose bouquet on grass mat wedding w9


The Team


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Use the colour of flowers to decide what kind of person you want to be

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We say choose the colour of flowers to help you choose the sort of energy you want to experience. This was further inspired by the work of Dougall Fraser who says that it’s true that we often take on the energy of those we spend the most time with. Dougall Fraser explains the emotional connections we have with our friends and how choosing an uplifting community is crucial to maintaining our best selves. We add that its also essential to surround yourself with beauty and colours that inspire you so that you can be the person you want to be.


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You dont need to look for Mr or Ms Right, instead make yourself the right person for you- we do it with something simple like flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Oprah and friends teach us how to use our own energies to make ‘you the right person for you’.

We do this with flowers.

You decide how to do that for you!


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Have a relationship with colour, then ingest the colour of the flower around you

Beloved Flower Lover,

We are really inspired by Dougall and suggest that you can use the colour in flowers in much the way that Dougall is suggesting here.


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We would love to find out your results.


The Team,

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No such thing as bad energy-be inspired with flowers

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Dougall Fraser  say there is no such thing as “bad energy.”

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In his own words he says this

“You know, in my world, everyone’s like, ‘You’ve got to sage the house and this crystal will keep you clear and you’ve got to protect yourself from other people’s energy,'” Fraser says. “Oh, phooey.”

Energy isn’t something you can take or absorb, he continues. You simply observe it.

“We’re observing energy,” Fraser says. “If we go to a museum today and we look at a beautiful Picasso, I might want to take that painting off the wall and take it home with me, but I can’t do that because it doesn’t belong to me. I can observe it, I can learn something from it, I can be inspired from it and move forward. It’s the same thing with energy.”

If you’re around someone who is grouchy, for example, you don’t have to let that person’s energy become mirrored in your own.

“Don’t let them ruin your day. Think to yourself, ‘I don’t really want to be grouchy. I don’t want to be around people who are grouchy. Where am I grouchy in my life?'” Fraser suggests.

On the flip side, Fraser says that positive energy can’t be taken, either. But it can still be incredibly powerful to be around.

“If you’re around someone that’s really inspiring and their energy just motivates you, use that as inspiration — you can’t take their energy from them, but you can be inspired by it to mirror or model that energy in your own life,” he says.

Ultimately, Fraser believes that all energy has positive and “shadow” aspects to it. The important thing is understanding how to utilize it when you experience it.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s no ‘negative color,'” he says. “All energy and vibration offers us an opportunity to take a look at our own being.”



We suggest you surround yourself with uplifting beauty that inspires you.

The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Flowers for loving yourself ‘Ama te ipsum’

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‘Love yourself’ is  ‘Ama te ipsum‘.

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“Bestow the greatest good upon you yourself”: Give yourself Flowers-“da sibi ipse maximum bonum”

Beloved Flower Lover,

“Bestow the greatest good upon you yourself”:

da sibi ipse maximum bonum“,

In a sense that the greatest good that you can get is what you give to yourself (i.e. self-acceptance).

The London Flower Lover

The Team,

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