Summer London sunshine, recapping her wisdom reading, her flowers, her vintage tea set

Beloved Flower Lover,

Oracle Tehuti Aurasoma



The London Flower Lover flower bouquet tea and teacup

SKy blue Handbags and Oracle  the londonflowerlover Collage


Sitting in her garden, she began reading her aurasoma reading. She sat looking at her aging flower bouquet and just smiled. Her summer wisdom told her to be peaceful and happy no matter what. Everything that you want to experience comes from natural source of life. Peace.

The wisdom was telling her that when you connect to the natural energy source of everything. Then you notice what comes to you from out the blue.


The London Flower  Lover  Blue skies in London


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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As UK heads for heatwave with 30C for the next two weeks. They decided to do the sensible British thing and go and have a picnic with flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover,

She brought the pasta with broad beans, tomatoes and feta, he brought the grilled mackerel with new potatoes, strawberries, lavender and flowers.  She remembered to bring the  tea and cake.

They had their picnic in London’s heatwave.

summer lavender cake The London Flower Lover

“Wow…..what are we going to do for the next two week?”

They both smiled, that magical smile and said nothing else. The air sizzled with possibilities.


picnic red peony bouquet the london flower lover

The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Midsummer Poetry from London Florists with Solstice flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, white peony on cake stand the london flower lover  026 blinking eyes wide open

the heart

waking up  and feeling welcomed by life lit up


eyes cast over to the huge open window with dawn light flooding


it’s really early

from outside of this open window the scent of midsummer wafts in

jasmine, honeysuckle,  mock orange hang in the air

we are co-authoring life

through the window, the sounds of birdsong vibrates

into our ear vibrates in our head

the green leaves have deepened to a deeper shade of green

we are co authoring this time

an ocean of roses and peonies  flood our eyes

the eternal cycle can be seen in the neighbour’s gardens

gently rolling the tongue along the teeth

tasting our natural sweetness

we always know we are co- authoring this time

the air feels humid in London

breathing  in

it’s cool

breathing out

it’s warm

our life force feels good to us

we are here now




feeling the desire for peace manifest today in the face of confronted challenges

fear, guilt, stress, worry falls away

breathe in


breathe out


breathe in


breathe out


breathe in


breathe out


we have our place in the world

we give thanks

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The team

The London Flower Lover

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Mid-Summer Flowers healing a couple of Senior lovers and their daughter in London

Beloved Flower Lover,

summer solstice peace

We got a text yesterday from a client who said she had been in her garden collecting all the wild flowers she could for her summer solstice vase .

She had been listening to us talk about how anyone can celebrate the fullness of this midsummer’s time despite the humidity and rain in London. And that it’s the ideal time for  giving thanks for what’s around in nature. Including  the challenges too, because they help to shape us into the beauties we are.

She said she was calmly and quietly inspired.

Since then she said she had been going into the  garden of her parents home and cutting fresh flowers. Roses, sweetpeas, irises and more.

She was putting the flowers in the empty vases in the usually empty living room….

Well it was not technically empty. It had every picture of the children and grandchildren smiling from all the windowsills. Every ornament, Every modern electronic gadget turned on, but with no one watching anything or talking to each other.

Believe it or not she had noticed that her elderly parents who where usually in two separate rooms. One watching  another  tiny TV,  the other sewing, where now coming into the living room and sitting together.


She had noticed this happening ever since she had been putting flowers in there.

Last night her senior mother blurted out

“I used to do what you are doing….It was my chore to do it in the family …My dad used to make me do that every day after sweeping  and shining the floor before I went to school. That was my job too.”

Now in reflection that was nice enough but what was even more powerful was considering this in light of the situation that this grown woman was speaking from.  She herself had had to return back home with her daughter after having her own home repossessed and  having had no money to pay for her divorce. She had returned home to an angry elderly mother who would criticise her for the way she raised her granddaughter and for working outside the home

Disappointment in her daughter had turned into outrageous hostility and anger. Anger that did not instruct or elevate or inform.

You see she had moved seven times in the last eight years and refused to take government monies because…..well….

Our client however had chosen to build the value of her precious relationship with her ‘one time miserable mother’, with peace and sweetness instead. She had accepted that peace and sweetness has it’s own intelligence and would be using that now as her guide.

‘Mindshift flowers’, she called them.

She was using them to help her plunge headlong into letting go of ‘her bellyfat’ of doubts and let go of her ‘hips’ of  humiliation and  ‘arms’  of shame, all having had come from desperately wanting to impress her family.

She had more to offer the women, the men in her family.

After acknowledging that she was no longer going to live that way she decided to change. Educating herself and those around her through her own practise of peace,happiness and pleasure on what ever monies she had…

She used a simple flower as her game changer.

The team

The London Flower Lover

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Summer is here in London, it’s official!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Summer is here, it’s official it’s summer!

It’s here.

We are so surrounded by the energy of love. Let’s use it!

So take some time to do something different. Something that reflects the sun, summer and warm loving connections with yourself and others.

white ranuculus summer solstice flowers The London Flower Lover


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Summer Wedding Flowers Checklist and Marriage Bond Tip 2

Beloved Flower Lover,

We love the way flowers open up and bloom. Especially in summer after the solstice, we see so many open in beauty. The art of being that open to recieve is just as important as putting together the best of the floral season like…..

Hydrangeas, Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Peonies,  Bupleurum stem, Salal Leaf stems, or Feverfew stems.


Summer flower Tip

Ok you are planning what to do at the wedding like assigning someone, like your Mother-in-law or your Chief Bridesmaid, to save the top tier of your cake before the wedding ends. because you will want to store it properly in a freezer. Properly means removing any edible flowers (they will rot) or other non-food details and wrap the box in clingfilm followed by a layer of tinfoil.

On your one-year anniversary, you can enjoy it together with much joy and happiness in your heart….. and as part of our season of offering marriage bond tips we invite you to learn from this great teacher.


In keeping with this season, we  have collected marriage experts who can help prepare you now because really what you are about to embark on is  really about loving someone beyond just the summer season.

It’s no shame to need help, it’s a shame to need help and not get it when it’s offered freely. You decide for yourself. So these videos are simply about loving your mate through season, after season, after season, after season. We invite you to open up to some of the tips and have a life which moves from peace to pleasure and pleasure to peace instead of please to pain. We offer you the best that we have here.

I am happy shoes and flowers

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Summer Flowers for Summer Marriages: Tips about flowers and the marriage bond

Beloved Flower Lover,

Summer is here and it’s time for summer weddings so we thought we could offer a season of summer flower tips as well as marriage tips from great experts that you, and we can all benefit from. So here goes…

Great Tip

Summer brides may want to avoid oversized bouquets. A smaller, hand-tied bouquet will hold up in the heat better than a full, cascading one.

The London flower Lover Maat Truism Love

Listen, we figured out that listening to clients is core to success to gorgeous flowers its also core to a marriage.

The wedding ceremony can last for 30 minutes and we say I Do. But what are we saying I do to. Listening?

Yes, cliches like loving each other through all the seasons, comes from knowing  that marriage is based on listening, learning from each other and is not all about sex, it’s about connecting and being committed together. We invite you to listen to this amazing lecture which has so many ‘ aha moments’, that you and your generations can be enhanced with more peace, happiness and joy through the thick and thin days of marriage.


leah happy in car and bouquet

The Team,


The London Flower Lover,

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Give and Get Flowers for the Summer Solstice Celebrations and Notice their Ripple Effect

Beloved Flower Lover,

It’s a magical time of the year. It’s a ‘choose again’, time of year which we call Midsummer. The longest day  is around June 21st/22nd where you can celebrate how our joy, peace and happiness creates a rich emotional ripple effect as we identify with the exquisite abundance of life.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, the scent of the air is thick, green and juicy; it’s lost it’s spring astringency and is simply lush. The whole world is stretching it’s limbs and frolicking. The world is at it’s peak of beauty, seen through our adoring eyes. It’s Midsummer. It’s the Summer Solstice. It’s your time, our time to stop for it’s four days and re-imagine life, sweetly renewed. Teeming, swollen and fat with all the beautiful clarity of blessings we desire and request for a peaceful lovely life. We love it.

The Summer solstice is the culmination, the highest point of all the energies of the year. It’s a pivotal time of the year because we can take stock. When we look at what has come back to us emotionally. Whatever, disappointment, depression, desperation, joy, peace or fear. We just observe it and not to judge them.

It’s also a time when you can ask the heavens for help. It’s like asking a committee of helpers to enter your life. Like a joy angel, an abundance angel, a peacefulness angel, even a forgive and forget angel to clear things up.

We notice how this time reminds us all that it’s our own choice to offer acts of love and kindness. To be aware of how it creates ripple effects in all our relationships. A ripple of tone, of colour, of delicious flavour which we come from the etch we placed in our hearts again and again.

Yes, it’s every single person’s choice to recognise how a simple act of giving flowers, as a symbol of this.  How as an act of love and kindness, to self or others, ripples outward, eternally.

For us, it’s been the impact of giving and receiving flowers, to our selves first, others next and the impact of being surrounded by beautiful flowers, at home, or work that has been our focus.The love of all things feminine, including how it complements its complement.

That ripple effect is what we have loved and enjoyed over the last 6 months from the Winter Solstice until now. Midsummer is then our time to renew our love for all that we dream for ourselves, you and others.

It’s the time to reclaim and re-engender more and more extravagant images of us being victorious in being peaceful from within. Using our own imagination to express that victory in the words we use and the images we hold of ourselves.

We get to decide how valuable we are, beyond the material. Yes, we can up-scale our own value of ourselves, to ourselves about ourselves.

Our own gold standard which allows us to align ourselves with the best of ourselves can be inspired by flowers. Symbolically and materially.

Flowers, the giving, the receiving, to ourselves, and to others, can remind us of this Gold Standard and uplift our environment.   That space where you are coming from, is what matters the most. The resurgence of your real identity at Midsummer is the signficant turning point. That is it’s power, it’s importance.

We keep coming back to the fact that the earth is stopping still, for those short 4 days. It’s a time to also stop thinking you have to earn lovely things like flowers. No,  instead it’s a time for you to remember your own birthright. So even if you evaluate yourself as having fallen short of your goals, you may also realise that just because you are alive, you deserve to experience love, peace, and joy.

It’s a time for fun, joy, parties,barbecues and more with friends and family. It’s the beginning of summer a time for the beach or the park.

It’s the time to celebrate your vision, your plans, your structures, your support, your loving.

It’s the time to shift the internal world to make the external world, get high on   your brightest vibration.

It’s time to create some ‘over the top’, positive interpretation for why something ‘is not’ happening. It’s the time to totally beam in the fullness of life.

It’s amazing we began to look at the film ‘Pay it forward’, and recognised the message. It’s a message that says it’s an opportunity,  a wonderful time, a time where we can feel and see the ripple effect – from our thoughts and actions ripple outwards from the action we have taken, to impact those around us and the world at large.  It’s ultimately how we change the world by changing ourselves.  So it’s a pay it forward time.

Wow, we are full of it.

Imagine if you gave 3 people ‘flowers’, as an act of kindness. Imagine if they did the same. Imagine that ripple of love. Imagine, if you want to see more kindness in the world, the solution  sits with you to be kind, yourself, first. These good feelings in particular rub off, are contagious and just ripple out.

Today if you find a friend who is not smiling, how about offering them a pick me up. Just as Hermione in Harry Potter, who is known to be very uptight all the time, gets loosened up by Fred and George. Fred and George teach Hermione how to smile.  We often imagine the ripple effect if they gave her flowers?

Thank you for reading this, it’s a new beginning so, what ever your do, remember the solstice energy is happening.  So why not avail yourself of this opportunity to re-energise your life by imagining the bountiful, abundant, flourishing entanglement of life. And enjoy how you can pass on the love, just by a simple act of kindness.

Give Flowers.

Peace and many blessings

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Celebrating Father’s Day

Beloved Flower Lover,

Fathers Day Flowers Collage The London Flower Lover

Which sort of gift is your father to you? What sort of gift is the father figure in your life? What masculine qualities do you admire? what masculine qualities do you wish to encourage in your life?

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We have been considering flowers for Father’s day and decided to consider the main masculine archetypes as our start point. We used them as our compass point so we could really clarify our bearings. The archetypes we looked at are, the King, the Priest, the Sage, the Warrior and the Lover.

As we considered the King, we noticed a consistent theme  about his strength of character to unite people’s. Enemies and friends bonded under one guiding theme  of peace as he rules  the kingdom with his wife, his Queen as his equal partner. He brings order, harmony, optimism and safety into the world and acts as a stabilising force. Kind hearted knowing that there is nothing to fear. He encourages joy, happiness and peace. His kingdom changes as he brings peace to challenging situations in his kingdom.

The priest looks inwardly and upwardly as he focuses on enlightening others by facilitating the space between the personality and the spiritual. He is not pushed or pulled around by what’s going on in the world and offers that space for nurturing the relationship between the personality and the spiritual.

The Sage also has a focus on the inward and upward world, however he adds to this by manifesting this wisdom in the world. He is practical. He is a doer of those wisdom’s. So the wisdom he has channelled he puts into action because he chooses to. He is wise and harmonious because he chooses to live a life on earth to which he is connected to.

Warrior: He is a protector never an invader and makes you feel safe, emotionally and physically. He challenges his own self to ensure that he protects all. He disciplines himself more than he disciplines others. By those actions he has a major impact on others.

Lover: His heart and wisdom are joined by the urge to bond ,unite and engage in sensuality with no shame and appreciate beauty in all her forms. He can be a husband, a father, a company leader, he can appear anywhere. He has great respect for the feminine.

the london flower lover fathers day flowers

We wonder which masculine qualities do you see in your life? what male energies are you surrounded by? who do you want to honour today? Who do you want to be surrounded by?

We invite you to use the flowers of your choice to honour that Father figure and enjoy the peace they offer in your life.

This is your Father’s Day.

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Flowers for your Midsummer’s Night Dream: June 21st -24th

Beloved Flower lover,

white peony 023

We feel it…

the lushness of summer

we feel it…

the creative hum of this time

we feel it…

The Summer Solstice is upon us, Midsummer’s Night magic is here… June 21st to the 24th.

Full of it… full of her…

We feel it… we feel her

We surrender to it… we keep coming home to her

the earth…

our home

we feel the impact of all those flowers  who dress her and who keep talking to us… with beauty

and flowery words

We feel them…

We hear the beautiful whispers of nature getting gently louder as we look at the green lushness of nature, turning deeply green


she is full of it…

we love her..

being  full of it!

thelondonflowerlover flowers for midsummers night

Right now its a time of  fecundity [fɪˈkʌndɪtɪ] meaning


1. fertility; fruitfulness
2. intellectual fruitfulness; creativity
Today is a time of fe·cun·di·ty  (f-knd-t)

1. The quality or power of producing abundantly; fruitfulness or fertility.
2. Productive or creative power: fecundity of the mind.

Today is the time for that marriage…The marriage between will and grace….yin and yang, night and day, winter and summer. Husband and wife…

Equal parts of the whole are made equal right now.

Each part as an equal partner,  married as one harmony instead of two…

Full of it

We feel the passion…

We decided to look at Shakespeare and his classic gift to us all about this special time.  The play.

He was telling us so much more than what some say is just a comedy, a play that makes us giggle and feel tickled . His play has relevance for modern day life.

In this story of a young woman who flees Athens with her lover, only to be pursued by her would-be husband and by her best friend. Unwittingly, all four find themselves in an enchanted forest where fairies and sprites soon take an interest in human affairs, dispensing magical love potions and casting mischievous spells. In this dazzling comedy, confusion ends in harmony, as love is transformed, misplaced and ultimately restored.

Midsummers night flowers Collage
As well as our flowers we offer you a very short version of the story.
We also offer a much longer version too.
thelondonflowerlover flowers for midsummers night
So what next…
well we invite you to open up to those beautiful dreams of what you love the most and open up to receiving the abundant energy that is pouring out into the world right now.
To dream, to dream, to dream
…in peace
we say sweet dreams…
The Team
The London Flower Lover
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