Day 8: Self Care BootCamp

Beloved Flower Lover,

Welcome to day 8 of your 21- day Self Care Programme…putting a smile on the face we enjoyed the early spring morning air. Our noses in our cups of Rose petal tea, smelling it’s aroma again and again, we turned our fluttering eyes upwards in our heads, and smiled broadly….gosh that was delish!


Yes, yes, yes, life is good.

Going back to the tea, we noticed that Rose tea, also sometimes known as Rose bud tea, can also be made from whole, dehydrated rose blossoms.  Today’s fragrant brew rose tea is instead made from whole petals of mature roses, which are also dried and used as the sole ingredient in the rose tea.

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We were looking at how you, we, could rewrite personal history as a way of prioritizing, the bringing together of the dark and light into ‘one’ integrated whole.


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Well-done. Your inner bank account is growing through all this inner investment. We are on day 8 and watch how your life blooms.


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

p.s. The birthing of the 21-day Self-Care Programme was jointly inspired by conversations with Core Success, Mentoring and Training for Women: Manchester

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Day 7:Self Care Bootcamp using Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Welcome to day 7 of your 21-day self-care programme. Today we are inspired by the work of Dr Mona Lisa Shultz and her work addressing each chakra and ensuring that we are experiencing joy in it.

As you are invited to answer the following, we  also invite you to surround yourself with beauty. Anything that is exquiste to you. We always suggest some flowers that captures your most beautiful imagination:

  1. Who are the groups of people that I meet each day that make me happy, or laugh?
  2. How do  I collect money each day, in a way that I enjoy?
  3. What foods do you eat each day which I enjoy? organic or not?
  4. What exercise do I do each day which I enjoy?
  5. Who or what do I take care for, each day which I enjoy (human/ nature)
  6. What form of activism am I involved with that I enjoy?
  7. What sort of spiritual reading do I do each day that I enjoy?
  8. What things did I want to create when I was a child?
  9. Who needs me to be alive now?

Take some time to think, then write. Then notice how it changes your mind about things.

Retrieve your joy

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The Team,

The London Flower Lover

p.s. The birthing of the 21-day Self-Care Programme was jointly inspired by conversations with Core Success, Mentoring and Training for Women: Manchester

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Day 6:Self Care Bootcamp using Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Welcome to Day 6 of the 21-day Self Care Programme. Today we are sharing suggestions about gratitude and appreciation of others. We are supported by a whole ‘tribe’ of help and as we near the end of the first week we want to say thank you.

We have a family of readers of this blog here in London, Manchester, and beyond these shores. And in as much as we generate creative material from ourselves, we also receive ideas from you too. With that in mind we want to acknowledge those who have helped us to bring the 21-day programme birth.

We have one company in particular who is in Manchester: UK who was very instrumental in encouraging the 21-day programme being birthed. It had already been in gestation, however like a wonderful midwife, the Director encouraged us, creating a welcoming environment to allow the idea manifested to flow outward to you. And that’s how this 21-day programme moved from gestation to it’s birth 6 days ago. The company is called Core Success, and they mentor women, and their enterprises, whilst offering short course training’s for women. They work using accelerated learning techniques, complementary therapies, and business practices you see being taught in universities.

That’s our story, over to you.

Who would you like to thank? Not who do you feel obliged to thank. Who has been in the background, of your foreground? Those who are not on the TED talks, not on You Tube, yet who make up the daily hum of who you are, we are.

We thank you. We thank you. We thank you.

Self Care Day 6

The following video provides some further reasons why gratitude is so powerful. You are invited after watching the video to create your ‘four lists of thanks’, and notice what you notice.

give thanks

Again, we give thanks for all our teachers past, present and future, those we know and those we do not know personally,those who do not regard themselves as a teachers as well as our formal teacher, all of who, have made this blog possible.We give thanks.

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Think kindness and notice how it blooms in your life

Beloved Flower Lover,

its just a thought thelondonflowerlover


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Day 4/5:Self Care Bootcamp using flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Welcome to day  and 5 of your 21 day Self Care Bootcamp.

Today we are exploring our judgement of ourselves, and how we can empower ourselves. What we say to ourselves on the inside matters.  We are looking at how to release the stress in our bodies as we break the ‘mould of should’. We are truly interested in you owning your gorgeous uniqueness.

So let’s begin.

What do I want, rather than what should I do?

  1. Take today and tomorrow to notice when you say the word ‘should’ about yourself.
  2. Write down a few of those situations. Then write down how you feel.
  3. Then write down what you really want to do.How does that make you feel?
  4. Compare the feelings of both lists.
  5. Now go ahead and do some ‘tapping’. See the video below, to help you to explore how it helps to remove the tense feelings linked to the obligation.

The London Flower Lover The self care spell

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Question your thoughts. And yes we can’t always control what comes into our minds, but we can control what stays in our mind. And perhaps what we can choose to think about ourselves can come from a set of joyful words that we can choose to use to affirm ourselves. It’s just a gentle way of feeling peaceful about everything we lived.

It all adds up to make us who we are, because what you want, wants you!


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Day 3:Self Care Bootcamp using flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Welcome to day 3 of your 21 day Self Care Bootcamp. First of all we are so excited and beautiful, just like you and before we get into today’s self care tip…let’s take a nice letting go breathe, and begin to relax… already taking a deep letting breathe, go deeper and relax the top of your head,  your forehead, smoothing out any creases, relax your jaw, relax the tiny muscles next to the eyes, then let your jaw hang loose and slack. Relax your arms all the way through to the finger tips, relax your shoulders and take another breathe, letting any tension and stress melt away and drop off your body. Without any judgement notice how you are breathing. Good.

We feel so good……mmmm

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Just by simply paying attention to something as natural as breathing, or by paying attention to how good you feel about yourself when you are around someone you adore, thinking about them past or present and then just allowing that feeling to spread and allowing that happy glow to bring your smile out..helps you and others to ride to wave of discomforts…. and it comes from that experience of love….and it sends out that messages to others….so even as you choose beautiful flowers for yourself or others, you may notice how your connections with others are improving… and now you know how just by a little focus on self care and self love, that you help others.


Day 3 Self Care Questions

  1. What improvements did you notice you did today?
  2. What actions did you notice you stopped taking, that no longer serve you?
  3. When you caught yourself doing them, what did you do?
  4. If you replaced them with positive action what were they?
  5. What actions did you do today that you have not taken for some time?

Now take a little time to go back to bathing yourself in the feelings of that warm happy glow that you feel when you recall someone very dear to you… cannot stop loving this person, the more, or the less you think about them, the more you fully feel love…honestly….mmmm….now turn your own attention back towards yourself…..and smile….and notice your own good connection towards yourself…..and enjoy it.

Take a deep breath, and review your list. Say thank you to yourself for every positive self-care act , thought or feeling you had . Go ahead and write now.

Well done, you did an excellent job. You are already making improvements all because you are taking responsibility for your self care. We trust you are looking forward to tomorrow with joy.


With love,

The Team,

The London Flower Lover



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Day 2: Self Care Bootcamp Using Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Take a deep, cleansing, relaxing breathe and allow a smile to come across your face. Wonderful, you have completed day 1, now it’s day 2 of your self care journey.

As you know, this is called the 21-Day Self Care, Self love, Self Pleasure Bootcamp because it takes approximately 21 days of consistent focus to create a new habit. It takes far longer to break an existing habit, however, which is about 90 days. We decided to start with the 21 day programme, encouraging us to focus on inner joy, inner beauty and inner happiness. The source of wealth and health in all we will for ourselves and others.

We are suggesting that you use flowers as a way to help you to guide,direct and steer the energy in your imagination. The imagination is our personal tool that is guided by our willingness to allow it to play. We suggest you use flowers for that playfulness. Choose ones that you love as a way to help you to connect up to your inner joy, beauty and happiness. And as you do this, notice how it begins to melt away any frustration in your life. Well done.

Quick Recap

We had invited you to list out 21 things that you adore to do that reflects joy,beauty and happiness. Things that make you tingle just for you.We then invited you to put them into an order and begin to action them. Keep a diary and then come back here often and share with the community so you can get positive reinforcement.

Very Important Secret Tip:

If you feel that you need resources, like people, money, or time, and you feel that they are lacking at the moment, we suggest that you feel the feeling of them done first for the next 21 days instead. Do this as a way of you building up the energy for them first. 

 Our Team feedback:

Well, we went out and about throughout Chelsea today and found some great classic floral books by Jane Packer. On an individual level, we each found a film, two key books, and got some pink roses as part of our individual list of 21 self care,self love,self pleasure activities.

The film was, Eat, Pray, Love: a journey of self love, The books, Bridget Jones Diary , and 50 Shades of Grey.

Later we looked at Marie TV, who supported the keep going approach to connecting to passion.  Then after a full day, soaked our feet in magnesium flakes after being on our feet all day long.

Next step: Day 2 Self Care Exercise

Ready again to engage, we invite you to answer these four self care questions.

  1. What actions do I do that no longer serve me?
  2. What actions do I do that have never served me?
  3. What actions am I not taking that would serve me?
  4. What actions that I can take that I have never taken, that would serve me?

Take a deep, letting go breathe. Write your answers. Then  review the list, doing your best to see it as separate from you.  When you are ready, interview this part of you.

What do you believe you are gaining from each of the four answers?

Write down what ever comes to you. It is perfect.

Excellent. Just ponder and allow that insight to feed your imagination. Be sure to have something beautiful around you. Flowers, clothing, a photo of someone, music, candles, essential oils, crystals, knitting, painting, sewing…the list is as long as  there are people on the planet. Surround yourself with anything that you alone link to self care.

thelondonflower tulip roses pink PicMonkey Collage

The extent to which you see results is of course entirely up to you. Show up everyday, complete your 21 days of joy, beauty and happiness, jot down what you notice, and the sky is the limit as to how much improvement you can see in just three weeks. If you don’t manage it, that’s perfect too, just pace yourself. It’s all about self care which is really self compassion. Again, this is a primer for your uniqueness to show up in it’s most lovely way. So we will for you the best, and see you tomorrow.


The Team,

The London Flower Lover


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Happy at home- spring cleaning with the energy of flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

thelondonflowerlover yellow spring flowers Collage

thelondonflowerlover yellow flowers Collage thelondonflowerlover the london flower lover love spring time flowers the london flower lover happier at home flowers

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Self Love, Self Care, Self Pleasure Bootcamp: We are curious, would you like to start a 21 day programme today that uses flowers?

Beloved Flower Lover,

It’s a magical time to explore love!

….. and we keep finding that it starts with self love. This is relevant for men as well as women. It’s really special.

The London flower Lover

Invitation to your joy!

Well, we are dancing around here to late 70’s music jams, spreading joy in our floral studio.  Looking at roses, peonies and other flowers and wondered, would you be interested in spending the next 21 days focused on joy?

We know it’s really sort notice, but’s it’s a new moon today and we wondered would you like to take advantage of the energies of joy and happiness which are strengthening today around?


An aside thought!

In the northern hemisphere of the planet it’s a time when plants are popping up. And we are feeling the energies of regeneration so much that we just had to share this late 70’s song with you, our blog family.

And as part of our focus on joy and peace during this time of regeneration and rebirth and after playing another 70’s track,  the topic of relationships came up. Hardly unusual for us here. And we recalled a dear family member called ‘Marie’, in North London.  She writes a blog now and we are so proud of her. She reminded us of family joy…dancing with biological and non biological family alike, and how as we focus on what we love and dream of, how that heals us and others alike.

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Anyway back to the 21 day invitation.We suggest that you find 21 things you want to focus on to help you to bring forward your own joy. Your own power. Your own magic.

Mmmm,so with that, how about taking a deep relaxing cleansing breathe, close your eyes, and see the word calm written on the back of your inner eyelids. Don’t try to fight it, relax your mind, lay back and notice what you notice about your joy/s. Breathe again and again and let that feeling wash all over you from your head down to your toes….like a bright light, like a smile and then do it again….yes that’s your unique feeling…beautifully personal to you…

Practical Tips

We suggest two routes into the 21 days if you choose to follow it with us.

Route 1: Not so sure about self love and self care but curious…

It might be that you need to begin by focusing on being self compassionate, or giving yourself permission to be just where you are. It might be that you just begin to forgive yourself and others. You might need to do all of this before you really start to notice what you love and adore about yourself. If so acknowledge that.

It’s like choosing to make friends with someone you need to get to know but who you felt were really different to you. Or someone who you may not have thought wanted what you wanted for yourself. Today you may begin to find out how much of an ally they are. That part of you. Important why? Well when you do have your bolder external expressions of joy and bliss, you will find co operation, and harmony with your shadow self. And you feel whole and alive.

Choose flowers, real or faux to represent that process and place them in an area that helps remind you of self love and self care.

Then make a list of things you want to enjoy and celebrate about yourself, and your life shared with others.( you could invite friends in to help you with this too)

We will have tips for you over the next 21 days to love up on yourself if you are a bit sceptical, cynical, doubtful but still open to remain curious.

Or you may choose

Route 2:

List out all the enjoyable things you want to do, put them into an order of 21 days. You can repeat some things of course. Then do them.

Again, we will have tips for you if you take this route.

Community and  Family Feedback.

We can all benefit from help from others, regardless of how independent we are. Having others around who are ‘willing for you’, the best on this journey helps us to maintain our focus of joy. To maintain our determination.

With that in mind, we suggest you keep a journal of gratitude for each day of joy. We also suggest that you leave comments here. Leave your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Comment on what you are noticing and were you can reinforce each other positively.

Do all of that plus, choose flowers, real or faux to remind you of your beauty and joy and place them in a prominent place.


Ok, that’s our Self-care, Self-love 21 day Bootcamp invitation in a nutshell. RSVP us, as this is where the magic begins.

Whatever you choose to do, know that we are doing this programme too and  we will be offering more posts to help you as you are re-invigorating yourself during this time of regeneration and rebirth.


Next step:

  1. Decide to do this. Join in on the fun!
  2. RSVP us. If not just do it privately
  3. Relax, close your eyes smile and imagine 21 ways you would like to enjoy joy. Allow the images in your mind’s eye to be delicious. Allow, allow, allow.
  4. Write them out in a journal. Notice how you are feeling.
  5. Collect any bits and bobs you need to keep yourself focused. e.g. flowers, a vase,a journal, and create a focal area for this 21 Self Care Self Love Boot camp.

If you are feeling a bit unsure of yourself, begin with route 1. If not choose route 2. Keep popping back and share your feelings and findings. Notice what you notice about making joy a priority in your life for the next 21 days.

…..We are still dancing and off to the flower market in a bit, to see what they have got to delight us today

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Enjoy good times because they are here.


Thank you for sharing your love with us.


The Team


The London Flower Lover

Het Heru: British Museum-The London Flower Lover

Het Heru: British Museum-The London Flower Lover

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A song about flowers empowers our self love, self care story

Beloved Flower Lover,

“We hold the key, to the world, using our powers of love“, goes the words of this classic song…


your muse the london flower lover


How do you sing about love?


The Team

The London Flower Lover

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