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Tips for how to deal with disappointments.

Tips include how to use flowers, and other whole person techniques to deal with disappointments and learn the great value hidden in an obstacle.

Life needs you and maybe delivering flowers to that funeral may remind you of how something as simple as flowers transmits the power of love for our community

Beloved Flower Lover, London is experiencing more and more murders and delivering flowers to the next one always makes us think about life. It needs us! What to do ? That question will mean different things to different  people. for … Continue reading

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Delivering flowers to a Dead Yard in London has become more common- what do you think we can do to change this?

Beloved Flower Lover, ‘Dead yard’ is a Jamaica term used to describe the house of a deceased. We are finding that we are delivering more and more flowers to the homes of young people who have been killed. Deaths are … Continue reading

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Delivering flowers in London to families who are victims of the knife epidemic means that we get into thoughts of how to comfort – what are your ideas about what you can do?

Beloved Flower Lover, As we prepare more flowers to deliver to another sad situation, we came across an article in the Independent newspaper in the UK written by a politician -Chukka Ummana that went like this. Knife crime rose to … Continue reading

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Glasgow stemmed knife crime….Love, health, opportunity and education had something to do with it…When you send flowers to London families who are victims of knife crime-remind them that change can happen

Beloved Flower Lover, Whilst delivering flowers to another family who were victims of knife crime, we got talking to a mother who helped us put out the flowers who told us that Scotland had stopped its knife crime epidemic. Paul … Continue reading

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Despite reading London killings 2019 – latest news on knife crime, attacks and statistics we decide to bring joy to the journey of life using flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover, How else can we serve you we said to ourselves as we have been so busy designing with funeral flowers, yes, London is going through lots of stabbings.  LONDON’S knife crime epidemic has reached an unprecedented level … Continue reading

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