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Tips for how to cheering ourselves up.this includes flowers and anything else that gets you to relax, smile and enjoy life. Share,comment, and subscribe.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Valentine’s day is over, and it as a perfect time to invite you to make your own new story about love in your life. Write your own love story during this valentines season and choose the flowers that will accompany you

Beloved Flower Lover, We are very open here about that fact that we talk and think about love, peace and joy all the time and valentines is a perfect time to re -invite ourselves to  re-consider our ideas about peace, … Continue reading

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Let’s play with flowers after dropping phones into water!

Beloved Flower Lover, Three member of our team just dropped their phones into  a bucket water and we all screamed for them. Everyone has told them to separate the phones, cover up the holes with sellotape and dunk into rice … Continue reading

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Happy and awake to greater possibilities that flowers can open up for me!

Beloved Flower Lover, Awake to greater possibilities in your life. Give and receive flowers as you enjoy and boost your own uniqueness, your own accomplishments, your own self trust.   The Team,   The London Flower Lover

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ssssshhhh……it’s a secret- Flowers taught her to swap the anxiety of selfies and looking in the mirror and to learn how to create her own inner happiness instead!

Beloved Flower Lover, Anxiety rules the world for some of us as we live a world of selfies, having to achieve another goal, needing friends to like us and needing to achieve social status. Although some us make the effort … Continue reading

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How to have a tea party with your fear and give it flowers?

Beloved Flower, We were inspired by Ed and Deb Shapiro’s work around fear. This first quote drew us into exploring and helped us make the analogy as  having tea and giving flowers to our fear in our process of embracing … Continue reading

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