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Tips for how to cheering ourselves up.this includes flowers and anything else that gets you to relax, smile and enjoy life. Share,comment, and subscribe.

A Heart Based approach to flowers is at the core of what we do here and now we can share with you from the famous HeartMath organisation a resource which was given to us to share with you-enjoy it freely

Beloved Flower Lover We just received an email from Heart Math it goes like this.Basically its an invitation to access their paid Heartmath resources for free for a few months. Working with flowers, focusing on appreciation, care and compassion is … Continue reading

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More good news on Easter Sunday to go viral-Amsterdam the place of flowers is about to embrace Kate Raworth’s Thrive Model to deal with COVID-19….Let’s make that go viral

Beloved Flower Lover, Lets make this good news go viral. You might be interested that Kate Raworth has developed the Thrive Model and how the place of flowers -Amsterdam is the first city to commit to taking it on to … Continue reading

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Glasgow stemmed knife crime….Love, health, opportunity and education had something to do with it…When you send flowers to London families who are victims of knife crime-remind them that change can happen

Beloved Flower Lover, Whilst delivering flowers to another family who were victims of knife crime, we got talking to a mother who helped us put out the flowers who told us that Scotland had stopped its knife crime epidemic. Paul … Continue reading

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Yes, Yes, Yes, Valentine’s day is over, and it as a perfect time to invite you to make your own new story about love in your life. Write your own love story during this valentines season and choose the flowers that will accompany you

Beloved Flower Lover, We are very open here about that fact that we talk and think about love, peace and joy all the time and valentines is a perfect time to re -invite ourselves to  re-consider our ideas about peace, … Continue reading

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Let’s play with flowers after dropping phones into water!

Beloved Flower Lover, Three member of our team just dropped their phones into  a bucket water and we all screamed for them. Everyone has told them to separate the phones, cover up the holes with sellotape and dunk into rice … Continue reading

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