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Use flowers for your key life occasions

Flowers and Winter Solstice preparation:experiment with self care and notice how you will feel when the green shoots of spring arrives

Beloved Flower Lover, She drew inward a deep gentle breathe…soft eyes she yawned, she yawned, she yawned looking out of the window, looking at the leafless trees she whispered… She was done with last year…and was readying herself for more. … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers and the Marriage Bond

Beloved Flower Lover, Heart pumping, tummy churning, tense. This wedding has our attention. A wedding is a wonderful time when we get to celebrate the outflowing of love between two people and their family and friends. It’s a time where … Continue reading

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Give and Get Flowers for the Summer Solstice Celebrations and Notice their Ripple Effect

Beloved Flower Lover, It’s a magical time of the year. It’s a ‘choose again’, time of year which we call Midsummer. The longest day  is around June 21st/22nd where you can celebrate how our joy, peace and happiness creates a … Continue reading

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Wedding Flowers and the Conscious bride and her Wedding preparation taboos.

Beloved Flower Lover, Just being willing to explore the fear and then the transitions linked to marriage whilst you prepare for you flowers is the best investment we can suggest you can make.   The Team   The London Flower … Continue reading

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Wedding Flowers Checklist as you deal with the biggest Wedding taboo ever. Part 1

Beloved Flower Lover, We so know it’s not all about the flowers on your wedding day…. infact that’s why we started this blog.  To help move you away from anxiety to serenity. To help consolidate, to integrate the beauty of … Continue reading

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