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Musing about our mission- which we have noticed is really about helping you to discover how flowers or other related technologies can assist you to be more you!

So in fact we do find that we are here to help you to discover ideas to transform your life and do what you love. We just curate our ideas which can help you to transform  e.g. using flowers. Continue reading

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You dont need to look for Mr or Ms Right, instead make yourself the right person for you- we do it with something simple like flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover, Oprah and friends teach us how to use our own energies to make ‘you the right person for you’. We do this with flowers. You decide how to do that for you!  

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Summer Fire Bouquet- Share your Heart with others

Beloved Flower Lover, The Team,   The London Flower Lover

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Even As You Order Your Flowers, Never Believe Marriage Will Make You Happy

Beloved Flower Lover, Myths about marriage are everywhere. We looked at one today There is a  belief that being married will somehow complete us. Just having that belief can put a lot of pressure on married life being the key … Continue reading

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Getting children ready for the new term, and still had to have flowers around!

Beloved Flower Lover, How many of you are sorting out school uniforms, getting the ironing done and entertaining the young ones all at once! How many of you are still looking after yourself with flowers, perfume and more! Allow yourself … Continue reading

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