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After we have accomplished a task, we need a way to acknowledge the stress and reward ourselves for coming through. It’s called relief. Learn tips and techniques, which sometimes include flowers that help you to open up to stress relief.

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Mary Portas is talking about ‘The Kindness Economy’, we know that giving and receiving Flowers can be a part of sharing true messages from the heart

Beloved Flower Lover, We so get this sort of conversation and wanted to share with you what others are calling the Kindness Economy. The key question they are asking is- How do you connect human kindness with commerce? With the help … Continue reading

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You are not alone Minneapolis-we send flowers and prayers of peace

Beloved Flower Lover, We hear you , we got the call. We know what to do here. We are going to sit down and envision a brighter future. That is what hope is all about.Our activism is by going inward, … Continue reading

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A Heart Based approach to flowers is at the core of what we do here and now we can share with you from the famous HeartMath organisation a resource which was given to us to share with you-enjoy it freely

Beloved Flower Lover We just received an email from Heart Math it goes like this.Basically its an invitation to access their paid Heartmath resources for free for a few months. Working with flowers, focusing on appreciation, care and compassion is … Continue reading

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Flowers can help you to save that relationship and avoid those same mistakes, tell your story and show that you care

Beloved Flower Lover, ….He stood with the mobile phone to his mouth and looked at flowers…..” yes this morning brushing my teeth and standing next to my wife….. I tried to get her  attention because  I needed to plan who … Continue reading

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learn about reducing too much one up manship and bullying- one option could be to sit quietly with flowers to destress and learn from Kristin Neff-self compassion expert

Kristin Neff, Ph.D. is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on self-compassion, being the first one to operationally define and measure the construct over a decade ago.  Continue reading

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