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Yes, Yes, Yes, Valentine’s day is over, and it as a perfect time to invite you to make your own new story about love in your life. Write your own love story during this valentines season and choose the flowers that will accompany you

Beloved Flower Lover, We are very open here about that fact that we talk and think about love, peace and joy all the time and valentines is a perfect time to re -invite ourselves to  re-consider our ideas about peace, … Continue reading

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Alternative Valentines: Flowers are information-Caveat: Do not read this unless you have a real dream and passion for yourself. Warning: If you are just mucking around-do not read this article at all.

Beloved Flower Lover, We are so exicited for you! We see flowers as information. Meaning, they can help turn on different parts of your brain.  We were reminded about what we mean as we re read our strap line and … Continue reading

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Valentines Season: Affirm your good now with words and flowers of love

Beloved Flower Lover, Affirming your good with words is essential to you wellbeing. Poems are an easy way to start to affirm the good that you are bringing to another because you are aware of the love you have for … Continue reading

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All is well the Day After Valentines Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Laying together, her eyes were fluttering as she smelled under his arms.   And even though he was oblivious to his natural charm, he found himself  staring at the flowers he had given to her, now put into the vase. He … Continue reading

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Lovers in Manchester UK meet to discover their love language as they explore flowers as a their way to invite more love into their lives

Beloved Flower Lover, Take the following quiz to learn how you and your lover best experience love. http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

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