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Value flowers as you reshape the way you explore the story you have about money, enjoy Lynne Twists ‘The soul of money audiobook’ and her take on the power of women

Beloved Flower Lover, The Team, The London Flower Lover Advertisements

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Schumann’s Resonance, Flowers in Nature ,The Internet of Things and your Natural Health-all inspired by yesterdays Eclipse

Beloved Flower Lover, This post is inspired by yesterday’s Eclipse.We slowed down to keep up with the Eclipse,which opened us up thoughts around nature and our planet at large.  We  slowed right down and ended up opening up a lovely … Continue reading

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How to use flowers to avoid rejection and get connection.

Beloved Flower Lover, This post is inspired by Marisa Peer as she talked at the TEDx Good Enough College about rejection and connection. Here are snippets from her talk “I’m going to teach you today how to be amazing at … Continue reading

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The least romantic gifts to give

Dear Flower Lover please take the test of course you are safe with flowers! from the Team The London Flower Lover

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Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena) reminds us why a woman giving herself a simple pleasure like flowers is a stand for the peace and joy of women and men worldwide

Beloved Flower Lover, Just got the children back into the school routine, just got selves back into the work schedule. Still  popping over town every other day looking after elder parents and still reminded ourselves that, we as women, flower … Continue reading

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How can you find optimism in the most desperate rock bottom time in life and then to experience the beauty of life bloom through you?

Beloved Flower Lover, The Sunflowers are still staring at us and we are still having a beautifully sunny day here in London. Many people around us are back to school. Some feel good about it. Some not. Some felt evicted … Continue reading

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Would you dare to slow down and not work so hard? to allow your purpose to unfold when it is ready to? Is that a crazy idea, as crazy as even giving yourself some flowers today?

Beloved Flower Lover, Salona Carlise, says this so well we just had to share  her words with you, Every woman I speak to is hungry to fulfill her purpose, to unleash her gifts, and to make a profound difference and … Continue reading

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Do you have a good reason for ‘postponing’ your pleasure? for life? for flowers? for joy? Even though Summer is ending and we are turning towards the Autumn?

Beloved Flower Lover, It’s a time, when we might be looking back over the summer as we approach autumn.  Some of might be counting every pleasure and desire fulfilled and noticing how satisfied we really are. Some of us  might  … Continue reading

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She was aging ten years more quickly ….curious to change, she got a floral gift of pleasure after submitting to Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn

Beloved Flower Lover, no time to love up on beauty, too much on her plate….or that’s what she percieved…. muffin top, feeling fat, frazzled, and feeling unjuicy a pre menopausal over giver…. children, work, husband….she almost dropped from over work … Continue reading

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Pleasure yourself through your nature and allow youself to notice the flowers….allow….allow….allow it Menopausal woman….allow it

Beloved Flower Lover, “Life on earth is sexually transmitted” Dr Christine Northrup And all women, all women need to make pleasure part of their lives. Especially the menopausal women, especially! Make pleasure the whole point. What ever age you are, … Continue reading

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