Roses and her Stronger Heart. The Story

Beloved Flower Lover,

It’s raining right now in London. It’s cold.

We are wrapped up. Relaxed, we get on with the day. Cleaning, putting vases away, organising wires, putting props away and generally being useful. The mobile rang and a little voice cooed so softly “thank yoooooooooou”.  

“You are welcome”, was the reply.

A little later on in the day, the same voice reappeared but now as a little head poking out from around the door, beaming, “the  roses are so working. Thanks for the tip”

She ran off. The day went along and she returned after the school run. She walked in

” the roses and those heart chi kong exercises you suggested have made my heart stronger I think. I am not so distracted by him and I am just allowing myself to be happy about the things I am happy about already.

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She continued.

“OK, update”

We all perked up.

“I have had two old boyfriends returned into my heavenly orbit. No not that one, the other one.  And also I have not seen my ‘boyfriend’ for three whole weeks. He has been driving friends and family around every night after work to all sorts of places all around London.  And then he gives me  what he calls air play. Which amounts to two second phone calls. My heart was heavy. But you guys kept on insisting on me doing my chi kong and getting roses in.

“I was feeling tense, tired, ignored and dismissed but I have been listening to you and now I am feeling so much better. I still get a little distracted but felt better enough to go for a job in a local school. I did not even get an interview, but I feel ok. Also, I am only just getting paid for work that I did in the summer.  That money got spent ages ago and I have bills mounting up yet somehow I still feel great. I would have been crying before, but doing those chi kong heart exercises and making sure that my hall has flowers is making me remember I am a lot more than all of that. So I am  just calling to say thank you and that I am carrying on with the tip you gave to me.”

We carried on, cleaning vases, tidying up the space which had got over run with clutter. Putting away secateurs, ribbons, and wires. We listened…

“I was just about to go into feeling sorry for myself,  and begin to tell everyone the story that my life is so not working out. That I am in limbo, then I realised that I did not have to substitute anger, fear, or upset for happiness because I was not getting what I wanted.”

Yes, I looked at those roses. They seemed to follow me around the room.

“Then I remembered Byron Katie’s four questions from her book Loving What Is, and tried them out on myself again. And again, and again. Aren’t we funny creatures.”

she went on a little more

“Thank you for being an oasis,  my cheerleaders and for helping me to put together a set of thinking that got me to appreciate that.So, yes, I am not lacking anything. I am happy the way things are. If I cant be happy now, when will I choose to be happy. I f I  cant be peaceful with this situation which one would I choose to be. I love myself and I love my roses. They remind me of me. Thank you.

With the speech now finished. She beamed and as she turned her back , we looked at each other and chuckled, happy that someone felt listened to today.

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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