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What does Christine Northrup say about Happiness and why we love Flowers and Kintsugi, the process of loving broken things?

Beloved Flower Lover, Looking through wilted lavender vintage roses and listening to the radio, we re-discovered Dr Christine Northrup, the medical doctor who is a pioneer for women’s happiness and just smiled at our selves with deep gentle soft eyes. … Continue reading

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Don’t change who you are: I am with you during sickness and health: that’s why I am giving you these flowers.

Beloved Flower Lover, I gently awoke this morning to the telly on very quietly. It was on really low. My husband was watching Team GB and had just pulled a puff on his cigarette. He is ill. He returned to … Continue reading

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Flowers for Milestone Birthdays

Beloved Flower Lover, What ever your chronological age, your best years are still ahead…       The Team   The London Flower Lover

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Guardians of the Heart: Developing Relationships and Healing Archetypal Wounds using flowers affects our mind, our bodies and our culture

Beloved Flower Lover, As part of the Dr. Mario Martinez Floral Season we have been looking at his work around the mind, the body and the culture and how we have learnt from him that we need to give ourselves … Continue reading

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Healing the Wounds of Shame, Abandonment and Betrayal by creating a new subculture of love. Create a floral support group of love and see what actually happens between you all

Beloved flower Lover, As part of our Dr Martinez season, we decided to explore more techniques to resolve embarrassment, isolation or anger with flowers as we enter the Season of peace, joy and happiness. As we have been creating these … Continue reading

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