Give and Get Flowers for the Summer Solstice Celebrations and Notice their Ripple Effect

Beloved Flower Lover,

It’s a magical time of the year. It’s a ‘choose again’, time of year which we call Midsummer. The longest day  is around June 21st/22nd where you can celebrate how our joy, peace and happiness creates a rich emotional ripple effect as we identify with the exquisite abundance of life.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, the scent of the air is thick, green and juicy; it’s lost it’s spring astringency and is simply lush. The whole world is stretching it’s limbs and frolicking. The world is at it’s peak of beauty, seen through our adoring eyes. It’s Midsummer. It’s the Summer Solstice. It’s your time, our time to stop for it’s four days and re-imagine life, sweetly renewed. Teeming, swollen and fat with all the beautiful clarity of blessings we desire and request for a peaceful lovely life. We love it.

The Summer solstice is the culmination, the highest point of all the energies of the year. It’s a pivotal time of the year because we can take stock. When we look at what has come back to us emotionally. Whatever, disappointment, depression, desperation, joy, peace or fear. We just observe it and not to judge them.

It’s also a time when you can ask the heavens for help. It’s like asking a committee of helpers to enter your life. Like a joy angel, an abundance angel, a peacefulness angel, even a forgive and forget angel to clear things up.

We notice how this time reminds us all that it’s our own choice to offer acts of love and kindness. To be aware of how it creates ripple effects in all our relationships. A ripple of tone, of colour, of delicious flavour which we come from the etch we placed in our hearts again and again.

Yes, it’s every single person’s choice to recognise how a simple act of giving flowers, as a symbol of this.  How as an act of love and kindness, to self or others, ripples outward, eternally.

For us, it’s been the impact of giving and receiving flowers, to our selves first, others next and the impact of being surrounded by beautiful flowers, at home, or work that has been our focus.The love of all things feminine, including how it complements its complement.

That ripple effect is what we have loved and enjoyed over the last 6 months from the Winter Solstice until now. Midsummer is then our time to renew our love for all that we dream for ourselves, you and others.

It’s the time to reclaim and re-engender more and more extravagant images of us being victorious in being peaceful from within. Using our own imagination to express that victory in the words we use and the images we hold of ourselves.

We get to decide how valuable we are, beyond the material. Yes, we can up-scale our own value of ourselves, to ourselves about ourselves.

Our own gold standard which allows us to align ourselves with the best of ourselves can be inspired by flowers. Symbolically and materially.

Flowers, the giving, the receiving, to ourselves, and to others, can remind us of this Gold Standard and uplift our environment.   That space where you are coming from, is what matters the most. The resurgence of your real identity at Midsummer is the signficant turning point. That is it’s power, it’s importance.

We keep coming back to the fact that the earth is stopping still, for those short 4 days. It’s a time to also stop thinking you have to earn lovely things like flowers. No,  instead it’s a time for you to remember your own birthright. So even if you evaluate yourself as having fallen short of your goals, you may also realise that just because you are alive, you deserve to experience love, peace, and joy.

It’s a time for fun, joy, parties,barbecues and more with friends and family. It’s the beginning of summer a time for the beach or the park.

It’s the time to celebrate your vision, your plans, your structures, your support, your loving.

It’s the time to shift the internal world to make the external world, get high on   your brightest vibration.

It’s time to create some ‘over the top’, positive interpretation for why something ‘is not’ happening. It’s the time to totally beam in the fullness of life.

It’s amazing we began to look at the film ‘Pay it forward’, and recognised the message. It’s a message that says it’s an opportunity,  a wonderful time, a time where we can feel and see the ripple effect – from our thoughts and actions ripple outwards from the action we have taken, to impact those around us and the world at large.  It’s ultimately how we change the world by changing ourselves.  So it’s a pay it forward time.

Wow, we are full of it.

Imagine if you gave 3 people ‘flowers’, as an act of kindness. Imagine if they did the same. Imagine that ripple of love. Imagine, if you want to see more kindness in the world, the solution  sits with you to be kind, yourself, first. These good feelings in particular rub off, are contagious and just ripple out.

Today if you find a friend who is not smiling, how about offering them a pick me up. Just as Hermione in Harry Potter, who is known to be very uptight all the time, gets loosened up by Fred and George. Fred and George teach Hermione how to smile.  We often imagine the ripple effect if they gave her flowers?

Thank you for reading this, it’s a new beginning so, what ever your do, remember the solstice energy is happening.  So why not avail yourself of this opportunity to re-energise your life by imagining the bountiful, abundant, flourishing entanglement of life. And enjoy how you can pass on the love, just by a simple act of kindness.

Give Flowers.

Peace and many blessings

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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