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Claim your pleasure – you are the flower, we surf your wave-thank you!

Beloved Flower Lover, The truth is your nature is luscious. Your joy uplifts us all. Your overflow of pleasure turns us on. We are flowing on your wave. You are the wave, we surf on your pleasure. Thank you for … Continue reading

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What is your own relationship with pleasure? Prioritize your sweet spot and let flowers take you on that journey

Beloved Flower Lover, Honor the space between no longer and not yet- Nancy Levin “Focus on what lights you up….. Cultivate the most important relationship with yourself between you and you.” She had heard all these phrases from her Aunt, … Continue reading

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Still feeling blunt-Would you give yourself or others flowers if it helped you to solve problems or find creative solutions?

Beloved Flower Lover, Still feeling a bit blunt we have been exploring the writings of Isiah Mcgee an amazing therapist in between our exploration of art, gardens and more specifically flowers. The girls have been exploring different ways of making … Continue reading

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What do women do when they think their partner is cheating on them… or think their opinion does not matter to their significant other? Pick on themselves. We invite you to fill that space with beautiful flowers that celebrate your true value!

Being cheated on or not listened to can create a sense of overwhelm and lead to picking on our own selves or others that look like us. Continue reading

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Ordering flowers for the Spring equinox today and our intuitive self care spring cleaning

It then turns out to be  the vernal spring equinox today. We decided to look it up. March 20th, 16:15 UT ** (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT.All systems, have movement. In and out. If we do not have movement in our lives, then things build up in the system. If we do not have movement then we have stagnation in our lives. 

This leads us onto where we are now. Rather than attempt to clean ourselves by suggesting we are not good enough, we have decided to cleanse ourselves by acknowledging we are good just as we are today. Continue reading

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