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Flowers needs bees, they need you to plant bee friendly flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Its summer and we are used to an abundance of beautiful flowers. However their presence is  dependent on being pollinated by bees. In fact 1/3 of our food comes to us as a result of bee pollination. … Continue reading

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Peacefully using flowers to honor the space of, no longer and not yet, after her divorce

Beloved Flower Lover, “Honor the space between no longer and not yet” Nancy Levin. She ran in beaming, “I got inspired to get myself flowers to day because they turn me on”, she said. “The more turned on I am, … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers and the Marriage Bond

Beloved Flower Lover, Heart pumping, tummy churning, tense. This wedding has our attention. A wedding is a wonderful time when we get to celebrate the outflowing of love between two people and their family and friends. It’s a time where … Continue reading

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Use the colour of flowers to decide what kind of person you want to be

Beloved Flower Lover, We say choose the colour of flowers to help you choose the sort of energy you want to experience. This was further inspired by the work of Dougall Fraser who says that it’s true that we often … Continue reading

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You dont need to look for Mr or Ms Right, instead make yourself the right person for you- we do it with something simple like flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover, Oprah and friends teach us how to use our own energies to make ‘you the right person for you’. We do this with flowers. You decide how to do that for you!  

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Have a relationship with colour, then ingest the colour of the flower around you

Beloved Flower Lover, We are really inspired by Dougall and suggest that you can use the colour in flowers in much the way that Dougall is suggesting here.     We would love to find out your results.   The … Continue reading

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No such thing as bad energy-be inspired with flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Dougall Fraser  say there is no such thing as “bad energy.” In his own words he says this “You know, in my world, everyone’s like, ‘You’ve got to sage the house and this crystal will keep you … Continue reading

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“Bestow the greatest good upon you yourself”: Give yourself Flowers-“da sibi ipse maximum bonum”

Beloved Flower Lover, “Bestow the greatest good upon you yourself”: “da sibi ipse maximum bonum“, In a sense that the greatest good that you can get is what you give to yourself (i.e. self-acceptance). The Team, The London Flower Lover

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The music of Taurrus Riley got me to ask her to marry me, finally

Beloved Flower lover, Relaxing, because it’s a hot London day and we could not help standing outside the office to cool off, whilst we are just soaking up the London sun rays. We love it. Breathing slowly, gently and concentrating … Continue reading

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Allow yourself to enjoy the high season of summer flowers and friendships!

Beloved Flower Lover, Take summer into every part of your body. Act like a child. Or remember what it was like when we broke up for summer holidays and it felt like the summer lasted for an entire year. Imagine … Continue reading

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