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Explore, discover and enjoy tips that encourage you to give time to yourself.

sometimes we have no time to be by ourselves, to think of ourselves, or even allow ourselves something as simple as the beauty of flowers around us. We invite you to trust in yourself as you allow yourself time, beauty and something as simple as flowers. Comment, share and subscribe.

Her crown of flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Worth living for.   Flourish lady, flourish.   The Team,   The London Flower Lover

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Spread your own love with flowers

Beloved Flower, Use flowers as a method to spread your love then . Your love is invisible, but we can feel it. Use flowers to open up the channel. No attachment, no agenda. Just spread your love.   The Team,   … Continue reading

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The flowers act as our connection to what ever is possible

Beloved Flower Lover, We all need to find a connection to what knows more than us. Some of us use flowers, others will use something else to find meaning and direction. Flowers for us act as a flashlight, a navigation … Continue reading

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The Kindness Economy is more than just sending flowers, you need to touch your heart and listen to what it is saying

Beloved Flower Lover, Heart Math, Robert Holden, David Hamilton and so many others have researched the way we use our hearts to communicate kindness.Boiling this all down,  we have learnt is that its a choice that we make. Its an … Continue reading

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Mary Portas is talking about ‘The Kindness Economy’, we know that giving and receiving Flowers can be a part of sharing true messages from the heart

Beloved Flower Lover, We so get this sort of conversation and wanted to share with you what others are calling the Kindness Economy. The key question they are asking is- How do you connect human kindness with commerce? With the help … Continue reading

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