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Discover a range of ways that flowers improve team moral and performance. Let flowers become your personal ‘natures coach’ at work.

Flowers grown in Columbia and East Africa…how can we help the workers we ask?

Beloved Flower Lovers, We have been travelling and seen how the flower industry operates around the world and have come back with more questions than answers. How do we help people achieve better wages and work conditions. We are developing … Continue reading

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Flowers for overachieving women workers and entrepreneurs – overworked, overburdened,overstressed-what next?

Beloved Flower Lover, Over-achieving women workers and entrepreneurs, this post has been inspired by you.But first, do you recognise yourself? Look at the following poll and see.   She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. She worked hard to earn … Continue reading

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Flowers for Louise Hay’s thoughts about Gratitude thinking

Beloved Flower Lover, Affirm your inner riches and notice what you have….how do you find Louise’s words.   Bless and share good thoughts about others who stand with their arms open wide and thank life.

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She was aging ten years more quickly ….curious to change, she got a floral gift of pleasure after submitting to Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn

Beloved Flower Lover, no time to love up on beauty, too much on her plate….or that’s what she percieved…. muffin top, feeling fat, frazzled, and feeling unjuicy a pre menopausal over giver…. children, work, husband….she almost dropped from over work … Continue reading

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Flowers boost your mood, says Rutgers Researchers

Beloved Flower Lover, This is taken from Rutgers magazine: Research by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, professor of psychology, and her husband, Terry McGuire, professor of genetics, both at the School of Arts and Sciences, offers convincing evidence that flowers may be potent … Continue reading

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