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A Rose is still a Rose- even if you had problems-Aretha’s message to you today

Beloved Flower Lover, Aretha Franklin has a song for every part of life to help you to transform. Here is our choice today.

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Kristin Neff teaches us to be more self compassionate, we add flowers to remind you to be more open hearted with yourself-especially when things go wrong or you make mistakes!

Self-compassion entails three basic components: 1) extending kindness and understanding to oneself rather than harsh self-criticism and judgment; 2) seeing one’s experiences as part of the larger human experience rather than as separating and isolating; and 3) holding one’s painful thoughts and feelings in balanced awareness rather than over-identifying with them. (Neff, 2003) Continue reading

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Musing about our mission- which we have noticed is really about helping you to discover how flowers or other related technologies can assist you to be more you!

So in fact we do find that we are here to help you to discover ideas to transform your life and do what you love. We just curate our ideas which can help you to transform  e.g. using flowers. Continue reading

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What is your own relationship with pleasure? Prioritize your sweet spot and let flowers take you on that journey

Beloved Flower Lover, Honor the space between no longer and not yet- Nancy Levin “Focus on what lights you up….. Cultivate the most important relationship with yourself between you and you.” She had heard all these phrases from her Aunt, … Continue reading

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I have to do this or else- the argument opens up between the brothers & which flower would you choose to help you to take your time and remember

Beloved Flower Lover, The brothers were in conflict. The younger brother would not remove the clothes from the settee and even though he was also a grandfather he stated clearly to the elder brother that he was not willing to … Continue reading

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