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Spread your own love with flowers

Beloved Flower, Use flowers as a method to spread your love then . Your love is invisible, but we can feel it. Use flowers to open up the channel. No attachment, no agenda. Just spread your love.   The Team,   … Continue reading

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The flowers act as our connection to what ever is possible

Beloved Flower Lover, We all need to find a connection to what knows more than us. Some of us use flowers, others will use something else to find meaning and direction. Flowers for us act as a flashlight, a navigation … Continue reading

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Giving and receiving flowers is our way of supporting Mary Portas call to action on how the time for ‘The Kindness Economy’ is now

Beloved Flower Lover, In some ways the kindness economy  must go beyond giving and receiving flowers, but it can  also start there for many people. a) because it deals with how we produce the flowers in the first place i.e. … Continue reading

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Claim your pleasure – you are the flower, we surf your wave-thank you!

Beloved Flower Lover, The truth is your nature is luscious. Your joy uplifts us all. Your overflow of pleasure turns us on. We are flowing on your wave. You are the wave, we surf on your pleasure. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Flowers for self care

Beloved Flower Lover,   Experience truth by cultivating and listening to inner wisdom.   The London Flower Lover

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