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Pots and a cut rose. She was looking back to let things go. Talking herself younger, beautiful and happy, to heal the resentment of a long marriage.

Beloved Flower lover, She looked down the stairs and realized that the stair lift was downstairs. Her husband had forgotten to send the lift back upstairs. She thought about him. He was now cooking for her after years of neglect. … Continue reading

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Valentine Flowers of Choice – The Red Rose or not the Red Rose?

Beloved Flower Lover, Are red roses unimaginative? You decide. For some, the red roses has become unoriginal and lacklustre.  Which might even feed into other ideas about a dull, boring romantic life.  It takes away the idea of an inspired … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde says,“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” We will add the flowers, the moon and you!

Beloved Flower Lover, Yes we are in Oscar Wilde season and were entranced by this quote. “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”   

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Summer Flowers and the Marriage Bond

Beloved Flower Lover, Heart pumping, tummy churning, tense. This wedding has our attention. A wedding is a wonderful time when we get to celebrate the outflowing of love between two people and their family and friends. It’s a time where … Continue reading

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Roses and her Stronger Heart. The Story

Beloved Flower Lover, It’s raining right now in London. It’s cold. We are wrapped up. Relaxed, we get on with the day. Cleaning, putting vases away, organising wires, putting props away and generally being useful. The mobile rang and a little … Continue reading

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