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Flowers can help you to save that relationship and avoid those same mistakes, tell your story and show that you care

Beloved Flower Lover, ….He stood with the mobile phone to his mouth and looked at flowers…..” yes this morning brushing my teeth and standing next to my wife….. I tried to get her  attention because  I needed to plan who … Continue reading

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Pots and a rose. Her best days were not over, as she told us her story about how she had broken into a new path

Beloved Flower Lover, She gave us eye contact. Long deep eye contact and smiled. She realized that we co author other peoples life and so needed to tell  us her story about how she learnt to admire, love and adore … Continue reading

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Pots and a cut rose. She was looking back to let things go. Talking herself younger, beautiful and happy, to heal the resentment of a long marriage.

Beloved Flower lover, She looked down the stairs and realized that the stair lift was downstairs. Her husband had forgotten to send the lift back upstairs. She thought about him. He was now cooking for her after years of neglect. … Continue reading

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When you choose flowers its really all about your story

Beloved Flower Lover, What’s your story? I am a wife, a sister, a daughter I am a husband, a brother, a son I am more than that I am a person Why should you listen to me I am not … Continue reading

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How to love parts of the flower business we think of as unlovable

Beloved Flower Lover, We were thinking about parts of the business that we force ourselves to do and it occurred to us. We did not love those parts of the business. In fact, they were inour minds unlovable. OMG! How so? … Continue reading

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