Flowers for Saint Mother Teresa

Beloved Flower Lover,


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Flower Mandala’s for Children and You

Beloved Flower Lover,

In our minds, a flower mandala is a way to communicate with self using nature. There is a scared geometry in flowers. The ordinary flower like a daisy is  exquisite a  flower as the orchid.

Petals unfold and draw your eyes inwards to the center.

We see how, we are naturally drawn inward to appreciate the power inwardly residing.

We have noticed that when you are drawn inward through your heart center, you begin to blossom. You are further empowered and you feel the soothing sense of peace. In reality you are feeling your divine nature. Peace.

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Unfold into your own space.

This is the invitation of the flower mandala.


This work is wonderful with children, especially those who need to learn to build bridges rather than walls with their world. The invitation is there to build our personal connection with source by looking inside and creating flower mandala’s that emerges.


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Why you are needed to plant flowers that bees love

Beloved Flower Lover,

The sweet nectar in a flower is sometimes forgotten or misunderstood as we go about our lives. Yet it can be a simple topic, that as we pay attention to it, can change our lives deeply. The relationship between bees, flowers and those of us who choose to help them is the focus on today’s post .

Let’s take this really slowly now.

Some dismiss flowers because of myths around their value and importance.  Yet for bees, many flowers are essential for them to be able to do what they were designed to do. Pollinate and cross pollinate.

Their pollination activity is at the heart of the plants food producing activity. It’s at the heart of us enjoying food as well as being sustained and healed by them. Food is at the heart of our daily life. And flowers are at the heart of that activity.  But why now is this coming up as an agenda item? Because hey, it can’t be a near death experience? surely?

Well they seem to be decreasing in number in certain parts of the world and we need them. Oh gosh do we so so so need them on our globe. RHS research states that one third of the food on our plates would disappear if the sorts of flowers that need pollination from bees disappeared. Their is a fine line between letting the impacts of their destruction to just continue and just level itself out naturally or to leaving it up to someone else to be responsible for our planet. Well living fully,knowing the rebalancing of this decrease can be altered simply by deciding  to plant more flowers has tiggered us to open  up our foucs and flow because  the high conseuqences of this situion has caught our concentration.

So over the last few bank holidays in the UK, we have began to grow bee loving lavender and Buddleia into our garden and thought of you.

It might be a risk to you to actually plant flowers. Why? socially you might be a bit shy to get into the garden. The risk trigger of getting into the garden might not be novel enough. Boring, not interesting. You might notice you feel great after you face this challenge and achieve. Yes to see it from a new and inspiring point of view, makes remaining open to being a loving presence to yourself and others as exhilarating. Perhaps!

Well some of the lists we have offered in this blog might break it down into a new and inspiring way. We thought you  might enjoy a list of plants you can grow in your own garden season by season. Yes it might be new to you. That’ s exciting.Overcome that fear as you prepare to plant. You may need to adapt these lists according to the region of the world that you are in, as you use them to inspire your own planting plans for yourself and others.

pollen_&_nectar_rich_plants_for_your_garden_by_season_june_2011 The London Flower Lover

We think that really says it all. It may be your own novel, new, and very different act of love today as you consider, planting knowing  that we are a world family. Simply saying yes to the act of planting bee loving plants helps you, your family, your community, your country, your nation, your neighbors , your globe. And your beloved next generations.

…………Now that sounds deliciously yummy!

TheLondonFlowerLover yellow rose and red rose het heru love, peace joy and happiness

The Team


The London Flower Lover

Bonus list of plants that bees love that you can plant in your gardens.


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Ask your heart what it needs to be happy? Flowers are our way to experience love, what’s yours-The answer to this question matters

Beloved Flower Lover,

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself two questions.

  1. How happy am I doing what I am doing?
  2. How happy am I with the person that I am with?

Then make the corrections.

You already know the answer to these questions. Each question and its answer if far from being trivial. Yes put your hand on your own heart and answer those two questions. Then act. It might require an attitude change as much as a physical change. Nothing is missing from you, whatever you do make activating the love which is already in your heart your priority and notice your life transform.

the london flower lover quiet time flowers cake and tea

We know what we do. We give and receive flowers, ensure that we have consistent protein throughout the day, dropped the sugar, wheat and caffeine……(yes we have began a gluten- free cake journey)… and noticed how life has become even more delicious!


Do what you love?


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Stay at home mother : Was using flowers to get herself a job a trick?

Beloved Flower Lover,

the london flower lover yellow cymbidium orchid collage

Is using flowers a trick to get a job? she asked.

She had worked at all sorts of jobs in the past.  She had two babies in the last six years and compared that to work.

Today she felt sure that she was now ready to return to a career outside of the home. She really did enjoy home life, mothering, domestic life,  yet felt her husband would prefer her working outside the home, so she made it her goal. She looked at women who work outside the home, as very glamorous and was not sure about what she was now offering.

She was suspicious about how ‘parents’ went about finding work outside the home and was looking at how could she get herself together. How did they do it?

She was in the house all day and was impatient because she wanted to see him more. She felt it would be better at home if more money came into the house and he would change his mind…about what?

Why was she feeling so threatened?

Why the enmity, the rancor?

After a day of much tears and not being able to get any affection from her husband who was locked into ‘his’ very busy corporate job. She decided to stop their big battle of the wills and breathe.

Her imagination was over stating the importance of the issues to the point that her peace was in pieces. She imagined skinny women smiling at him all day as they filed invoices. She felt forced to change. She was open to removing the blind fold of her old ways and was prepared to use the job searching as her ‘metaphor’.

“The power struggle stops here”.”I put down my side of the tug ‘o’ war,no more poison darts”, she murmured before she went to bed and kissed his hand gently.

Bright the next morning she explained to her, how she was fed up of the CV lottery.  She felt uninspired by the mathematical probability of getting a job. A topic at the front of her mind especially as she was currently delivering one to one home tutoring to local GCSE Maths students about how to complete a probability tree.

Although she could see she was emotionally exaggerating about the odds of her being noticed in the London job, describing it as being  ‘like her winning the lottery’. But it felt like it to her, especially when she was being told that her CV was wrong by the local  job centre. The picture was too big, too overwhelming too gloomy. No joy!

She wanted to find another way of approaching what was be-deviling her heart and keeping her feeling bereft of her man.

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She was sitting in her front room which she had recently given a  deep spring clean and looked at the beautiful vase of flowers. She stared at them. And before you knew it she was taking out the kids water colours, paper and painting. This triggered an idea of how she could help to see herself as beautiful and wanted as the flowers she saw.

Get creative she said. She got busy.

She called each friend she knew who she felt was open for creativity and met with  them.

At each meeting she brought them a bunch of flowers and said “this is a thank you for helping me find my ideal job, get my ideal body and celebrating everything that is right with me”…their faces lit up.

Responses from “oh yes”, to “so glad to help” to “let’s start right now, thank you”

One of the friends a wonderful manly man instructed immediately.

“The first thing you do is to write down a list of your passions. Her eyebrows raised as he pointed to the pen and expected her to write.

“Relish them. Become intrigued by them. Find out how they turn you on. A full body sort of turn on. So you feel juicy. Very juicy. Only then go and interview five people in London about that job and bring them ‘thank you flowers’ like the way you have done with me.”

She wrote down his dictation in full.

“Then go into your kitchen and cook up an inspiring meal just for you each day.  It must have colour, smell and totally feel breathtaking to you . Feel your inner Nigella darling sweet heart”

“When we talk again I only want to talk about the juiciest, most succulent meal you have made. That is all.” He hugged  and kissed her and left.

She began…

….spreading the love…the juice, the sauciest energies and was out of the house most days now…Her mobile phone was ringing lot’s, she was creating.

One of the phone calls was from one of girlfriend who called her up each morning…to listen to her ten self love statements. “ok, tell me the ten today …

Another call was from a friend who asked her to dress in her most figure hugging exercise clothes and be ready for some belly dancing. She had a blast!

She was really sharing her juicy energy and so many of her friends were being real with her. And enjoying it!

She finally was allowed to interview the  people who she admired and gave them the flowers. She finally did it.  And although she did not get a job, she learnt lot’s.

She was different now anyway and  smiling a lot.

Calm  and smiley she got a phone call from one of the ‘passion interviewees’ who basically invited her to work part time for a month ‘without pay’ with the possibility of a job opportunity.

She took it.

Giving the flowers circulated a sweet currency of joy that had so much more juice.

She was at peace. Not from the many outcomes she had achieved but because she realised that peace was her nature. She was smiling at home. It was natural. That the affection challenge was never her enemy. It was a gift that opened her up intimately to her true self.

She had tapped into herself.And as she got over herself, she looked at herself and realised that ‘nothing was ever ever against her’. More reasons to smile at her  herself and husband.

She smiled as she felt she learnt to speak her own language…flowers,peace and joy

The Team

The London Flower Lover

p.s. after 3 weeks of all of this, hubby kept calling from his office, even texting to book a date with his wife, alone!

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I am the best thing my mother produced: Flowers for Mothers day!

Beloved Flower Lover,

The London Flower Lover Hydragena Mothers Day I love you


The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Flowers for ‘Bad Mothers’


Beloved flower Lover,

Hello ‘bad mother’ have we got your attention! “Apparently confession is good for the mothers soul”, this according to , made us smile as we began to prepare our Flowers for Mothering Sunday blog post.

OK, the way we humbly see it, is that the good/ bad mother’s question is unique to our generation.

We are gripped by the terror that we’re not Good Mothers. That so-called Good Mothers can be so bad for their children that we need to be punished.  Over-anxious and over-ambitious for their offspring, ‘bad mothers’, can risk making themselves and their family feel like failures. It’s like, good mothers don’t just want the best for their children: in their minds, if their sons and daughters are not super-brains with armfuls of certificates, then what have all their maternal sacrifices been for?


Some of us mothers are trying to find fault with each other. We openly police each other, wanting to find a mother who’s not as good as us, so we won’t feel so bad.

How does it feel to admit that being a bad mother, on Mothering Sunday, isn’t always the greatest job in the world. Does it make you a bad parent?  Because we know what we believe, we experience, we wonder what women of today actually want to create energetically and see reflected back into their lives.

Well we were reminded by the energy of a conversation about a mother who quit her job recently to stay home because she thought it would be so great. Yet guess what. To her shock and horror,  the feeling of joy at being a stay-at-home mum lasted barely a nano second. Even though she’d opted to leave her job, she was consumed with guilt.

Energetically, she felt she’d betrayed her mother, feminism and her self. She explained that her mother’s generation had sacrificed so much to give her opportunities they never had, and she’d thrown them back in her face. Her mother also made no secret of the fact that she couldn’t understand her decision. She still can’t.

But, most unexpected of all, she found being a full-time mother dull and mega boring. And she realised that one of the darkest, deepest shames so many of us mothers feel nowadays is our fear that we are ‘Bad Mothers’, that we are failing our children and falling far short of some indefinable ideal.

We felt a hush and quiver in the room as we read the draft of this blog post to the team. Denial was now revealed, the elephant in the room was now seen!

A Good Mother is never fed up, is she? She is never miserable. A Good Mother doesn’t resent leaving her telephone chat to coo over her child’s drawing.

We are convinced that this obsession about being a Good Mother has its roots in feminism, that knew little of the energetic difference between ‘man-made’ and ‘divine laws’.

We’ve realised that the workplace isn’t conducive to being a working mother. We’ve either quit to become full-time mothers, or we’ve carried on with our careers compromised by the pull of children at home. Either way, we experience emotional stresses, experiencing the ups and downs of fear, anger, grief, sadness, worry and anxiety.  Either by quitting or being torn two different ways , that we feel we’d better be Good Mothers and have perfect children. Otherwise what was it all for?

We’ve know that fearful energy around trying too hard to be a Good Mother and overloading our children, work, relationships with unfair expectations.

We are interested in stimulating creative energy which changes the dynamic of that energy so our visions are experienced. We learnt quickly that  a parent can allow their delight and pride in their children to be spoiled by disappointment, by frustration when the children fail to live up to expectations formed before they were even born . Expectations that have nothing to do with them and everything to do with the parent’s own energetic dreams. Quite simply, trying too hard to be a Good Mother can be bad for our children. Here at the team, we wanted to change that energy dynamic.

We have found that Motherhood can become stressfully competitive. Even down to the cards and flowers we get from our children. Instead of supporting each other, some mothers love to beat each other up. Some of us feel that if we can find a mother who’s more selfish than we are, that makes us a better mother. We are interested in how to use flowers to change that energy dynamic.

What is it about parenting that allows us to be so nasty to each other?  We have all made mistakes, like from forgetting to invite the ‘Tooth Fairy to visit’, to failing to turn up at school when the children are putting on a show. Yet the real scoop is that all of this is really supporting us to open up to change our focus. To dialogue with our emotions and learn how we can step back and relate differently to our feelings.

Infinite love and gratitude for that.

So, what’s the solution? What could we get excited about? What is the focus of what we want to experience in our hearts? Joy, peace, happiness maybe?

The London Flower Lover

We are simply interested in how we can be inspired, to feel  joy,peace,appreciation of motherhood,especially during the times when we are not openly cherishing ourselves.

It feels to us that it’s time we all accepted ourselves for who we really are: mothers who do our best, and for whom that is good enough. Even if, in the end, our best turns out to be, simply, not bad.

Introducing new energy, through flower energy, helps to change our focus. Giving and receiving flowers has led us to discover ‘the laws’, that govern life.  Giving flowers can even feel like a beautiful ‘life-line’. We give thanks for being able to use their beauty to charge up our imagination to create feelings of peace,joy and happiness.

We give thanks for flowers because they taught us how just by giving and receiving beautiful flowers that we trigger biochemically, feelings of calm, peace and relaxation in the body. Just by getting into the movie theatre of our minds to rehearse good feelings, we then know through genuine feelings of something we would prefer to focus on. Peace, love and joy. These are then released as associated hormones in the sender and receiver’s body.

Sharing floral images of beauty will only help us release health promoting, stress eradicating hormones into our lives. Thus changing their life.

We can guarantee that when you want to celebrate mothers and you want to know what flowers to choose, That by connecting to your heart, that you will experience the full immersion of their loveliness.  As you return to that calm place and connect with the heart of your subconscious core, you will make a heartfelt choice.

We give thanks for the opportunity to enjoy Mothering Sunday everyday, because you are perfect right now. Right now.

The Team

The London Flower Lover


We hope you too can laugh at confessions from , as much as we did.


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The London Flower Lover- Cultural Editors

Beloved Flower Lover,

Anything you read has a theme, the authors have a message. A story.

You may notice that we talk about flowers and we equally talk about revising the way we see and feel about ourselves.

The sorts of people who love to read what we have to say are those with an interest in self improvement. And perhaps who are hard on themselves.

We are reminding both our selves and others like us, not to indite ourselves for our humanness. As we cry, get shy, mess up during our days . Why, well even though we are told it makes us beautiful and dynamic, we don’t always believe it because of social pressure.

So this is where we become your cultural advocate. Your cultural revisionist. Your editor who looks at  that which is real.

That is our corporate social responsibility. Its that which makes us smile and  allows us  to listen to each others story. The story of diversity. Yes, underneath it all we are all perfect, but above that all we have our stories.

And as we allow ourselves to witness the wrong thoughts we absorbed from our adults. And allow ourselves to put our hands on our hearts and forgive ourselves. Not to beat ourselves up into perfection, but to have compassion for ourselves, perfect as we are right now.


We are our own cultural editors and we use flowers because we are gentle women!

The Team,

The London Flower Lover


Our current playlist as we arrange beautiful flowers!

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Happy Mothers Day-USA

Beloved Flower Lover,

For biological mothers, step mothers, would be mothers, and earth mothers.

Happy Mothers Day!

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Tips for turning an adversary into a friend with floral power

Beloved flower Lover,

Sometimes we need to learn how to turn an enemy into a friend. Including if that enemy is ourselves.

We need to turn hostility into peace. Into harmony, into being able to work in union.

Sometimes we need to be reminded how to become friends with ourselves.

You know what it is like. We can make conscious decisions to do something, but somehow it does not happen. Another part of ‘us’ has another agenda. This is the part that we need to be friends with. The part of us that we need to be in harmony with. The part of us we need to inspire to work in harmony, rather than see it as our enemy  or as it’s victim.


Joseph Clough an expert in these things suggests the following.


First thing in the morning

  1. Connect with ourselves through some gentle breathing. Just noticing our breath.
  2. Get back into resourceful state by recalling a situation or person who openly appreciates us
  3. Then to pre teach the mind by hallucinating ourselves behaving in harmony with the part of us that is doing something else. Seeing it in agreement with your conscious direction and being openly willing to peacefully be friends with each other.
  4.  this is an essential stage  because the mind cannot figure out whats real or not, so its an essential aspect of the process of turning an enemy into a friend. The pre teaching process is in fact based on the fact that the body works in sync with the vivid picture or as Clough calls it, “hallucination” that we feed it with words and pictures in the inner movie we call our imagination.

Clough also suggests we do the following routine last thing at night:

So as you go to sleep at night ask

  1. What can I learn from the day?

And then to allow our dreams to do the rest.


Clough states that by connecting to ourselves like this, growing new ways of behaving in the pre learning phase and then taking time to learn from our results, means that we are all  always growing in the process of turning an enemy into a friend. And as we said, this includes being friendly to parts of our own selves that seem to  behave in opposition to what we have directed.


practise being friendly with ourselves, within ourselves, towards ourselves first.


Now is your time to totally thrive,


The Team,

The London Flower Lover,

p.s. perhaps give flowers during the pre teaching, pre learning phase and notice what happens.

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