It’s not about the joy that flowers give you, it’s the fact that you practice joy and flowers remind you that you already able to do that- our Winter Solstice gift to you!

Beloved Flower Lover,

We really thought we were not going to post before the Winter Solstice, but could not help sneaking in another gift. You are our gift. You read what we produce and because of that we are deeply appreciative.

peace winter solstice flowers

We found a video  by this chap in the USA called Brendan Burchard that we felt was not only inspirational, but described what we feel we is behind what we do for you. We felt he was describing the message we are serving you .

Please watch this, like really please watch it…..he describes why we are passionate about this blog, flowers and you……You will also notice that we are in Winter Solstice time. Please watch it during this time as it has a message for you, us.

winter solstice flowers  Collage

Thank you. We hope you find that this is a true gift.

It’s what we can give to you. Love you

The Team,

The London Flower Lover




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Flowers for a meaningful winter solstice: Winter solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 16:28 on Thursday, 21 December

Beloved Flower Lover,

We are preparing the biggest celebration of the year. The Winter Solstice. When the sun stands still, the spirit opens up.

Winter solstice 2017 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 16:28 on

Thursday 21 December

The winter solstice on December 21 and is the “shortest” day of the year and marks the start of the winter period.This is because the tilt of the Earth’s axis is least aligned with the sun, providing us with the least daylight of the year. After December 21, the nights will begin to get shorter as our planet rotates towards the sun.

Like each winter solstice, this years solstice is a critical moment to detox the body, detox the mind,and sow the seeds for success, peace, love and joy.  Done with attention and intention such a detox enables the fresh cultivation of peace love and joy to be planed firmly into the mind.

This year we will be focusing on peace.

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This year we will be bringing positive energy into our lives and our consciousness by focusing on. Conflicts are sustained by the notion of conflict not by the conflict itself. This approach is radical – and the key to self-liberation.

It’s amazing how we entertain subtle “micro-conflicts” – mental conflicts about making decisions. We can be so familiar with it that we think its normal. rather than we have normalised it.

We will be apply it to key aspects of life.

Invoking inner phrases such as :

“I release conflict with my body” for any distress or fear relating to the body that is triggered or arises. Again, the invocation of the release is enough (you are not intentionally attempting to a solve a health issues per se with the technique, but are releasing the very notion [of conflict] that creates and sustains the distresses .witnessed in health). Isaiah Mcgee states that it  is the adversarial nature unconsciously created between you and your body when battling the distress of an ailment that can impede healing – you nullify the conflict that sabotages your natural healing capacity using the conflict-release technique. His words seem so clear to us!


Mcgee also suggests, doing this with relationships. He states that grudges, resentments, sabotaging personal characteristics are sustained from the unconscious attachment to the “normality” of the conflict idea, preventing the grace of resolution. “De-normalizing” conflict with the conflict release statement, “I release conflict with relationship” promotes the release of the very paradigm of conflict.

Mcgee goes onto to state that whatever challenge experienced with weight obstacles creates an unconscious adversarial dynamic with the body that promotes the stress that sabotages intentions, establishing a vicious cycle of battle. “I release my conflict with weight.” When invoking the conflict-release of weight experience or any other conflict-produced constriction, you are not settling and accepting the plight at hand you are releasing the conflict that holds the sabotaging cycle in play.

As you liberate yourself from the burden of carrying the psychological and emotional accrual of the weight battle journey by releasing the conflict created from your weight distress or judgment, you come in to self-loving cooperation with your body and your intentions for it. You create compatibility with your weight goals rather than resistance to them.

 “I release conflict with my career” – relating to any unsatisfying career conditions promotes the release of the distress and sabotaging resentments, attitudes and negativity accumulated over the course of challenging career experiences.

When the very prospect of your career fulfillment is not undermined by unconscious conflict from the career journey, you permit availability to the qualities within you that serve your career progress rather than characteristics (from the conflict idea) that would perpetuate continued career struggle. And finally, Mcgee states that any distress, concern, frustration or limiting experience regarding money reflects conflict. When you are faced with any worrying or constricting money matter, invoke (initiate) the, “I release conflict regarding this.” (Remember, you are reprogramming so repeat the process as frequently as the money concern is triggered as you nullify the grip this fear has on you).

He says, at first use of the conflict-release technique the question arises, “Ok, I’ve said it, now what?” This question reflects how ingrained our collective hypnosis is regarding acceptance of conflict that it compels wanting to “do” something about conflict. We so get that- that’s why we had to share he words with you!


He reminds that we are not trying to solve a conflict with this techniquethat is buying into the false idea that conflict is natural; wanting to do something about it – but rather, you are releasing the very idea of conflict that a particular matter represents.

He reminds us that the natural consequence of your moment-by-moment decision to release the concept of conflict is that organically, constructive thoughts, qualities (such as courage) become available to you. He reassures us that you find yourself participating in the actions and thoughts of conflict release with a particular matter precisely because the conflict-sustaining concept of conflict is released.

Conflicts are sustained by the notion of conflict not by the conflict itself. This approach is radical – and the key to self-liberation. A radical way to spend the winter solstice. Not really. Seems to be the ideal gift to ourselves and others, which will allow all sorts lovely seeds to emerge as beautiful flowers.


That’s what we will be focusing on with our flowers during the Winter solstice.

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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What would it look like if you bought flowers for yourself or others to empower your identity, what would that look and feel like?

Beloved Flower Lover,

As you know there are few florists that talk about the empowerment values that enable people to link the happiness and joy that we experience from giving and receiving flowers. We are those florists who make happiness and joy a core focus of our creation of flowers for giving and receiving.

TheLondonFlowerLover silver grey pearl basket and white roses
We recently been inspire by Isaiah McGee,who invites us all to talk to build  self from an Empowered Identity – he suggests that begin to talk to yourself from your “healed” self’s perspective. Instead of communicating self-hate, doubt, and fear about yourself or actions, intentionally begins communicating words of self-encouragement, uttering statements of confidence to yourself as you address pursuits and activities.

He says that this preparation way is not merely positive self-talk; its potency stems from appreciating the context that you are speaking to yourself from: your healed (unconditioned) identity. Typical positive self-talk emanates from an anxious state speaking to an anxious state! Here, the subtle but paramount difference is that it is your ‘healed self’ speaking to the anxious state of the mind.

McGee states that whenever the mind negates a desired intention (through negative mental rhetoric), compassionately “coach” the mind – not attempt to convince – but coach the mind with self-communicating thoughts of support, “You are worthy to express this (whatever the) intention.”, or something like, “You are accepting more and more confidence in yourself.”

McGee, says you are not trying to “convince” – you are coaching yourself. The difference is about recognizing that coaching implies guiding your capabilities – rather than trying to gain capability. The former – coaching – is about capacity acceptance and the latter – convincing – reflects the false perception of lacking capability.


We wonder a lot about this and say, mmmmmm how can we apply this to our lives as we consider giving and receiving flowers?

How would sound like, look like, be like if we were buying and giving flowers from an empowered point of view.


The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Prevent harming yourself by betraying yourself. Remain in harmony with yourself and see yourself flower Part 1

Beloved Flower Lover,

Stay in harmony with yourself.

See yourself flower.

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The Team,


The London Flower Lover,

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Flowers for Mne·mos·y·ne \ni-ˈmä-sə-nē, -zə-\ noun :the Greek goddess of memory and mother of the Muses by Zeus Origin Latin, from Greek Mnēmosynē

Beloved Flower Lover,


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“We do know the answers , but its the doing” she went and got the flowers to bring her back into her flow

Beloved Flower Lover,

Today she called because she was in tears. She said she had never had a job like this before . it was awful. No brightness, no happiness.

“I am the one who normally brings light and happiness, but today I felt awful- I am fed up , and I need to get back to my inner and outer beauty-now” She said through gritted teeth!

She was in a foul mood. She felt she had gone backward in her finances. She was in a temporary job and being given lots and lots to do. She had to keep the job to pay bills, but wanted to leave. With a heavy heart she complained.

As she did that we thought about this wonderful time that we are in right now. A celestial time where we can focus on generating our own energy of beauty, listening to music you love, dancing, socializing, smiling and having fun. A delightful time in the year where it’s about focusing on those we love and love us back. To focus on  beauty, the arts and everything lovely. It’s about appreciating our life and our ability to use our imagination to reshape a situation in our imagination.

We thought about things we had been reading recently that in many cultures there are deities (goddesses, angels, spirits) that are associated with this energy. They have names like Het Heru, Oshun, Venus, and Aphrodite, all of whom are the embodiment of love, joy, beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Associated with this energy are the color combination of yellow and green ~ yellow roses, peacocks, rose quartz stones and rose oil. (source-Anu

We all stood around listening.

Do we continue with this story about being upset or do we do something else?

Well as we were in that place,  she decided to buy a yellow rose, based on our recommendation and go home and play some  favorite music and dance. She was twigging that this would be  getting her flow moving again. She realized  for herself that her energy of joy, happiness and creativity kept things moving.  She  realized  joy is an energy that flows,  and therefore to using your imagination, beauty, dance and music actually moves you enough to get you to  go with the flow. Joy and beauty becomes the power that helps us to move around obstructions, obstacles, and defuses conflict and combativeness. The  energy of upset becomes an energy of manifesting  being stuck and stagnant.

Gosh… that’s the power of beauty and joy……the flow of all things harmonious- well it’s super welcomed in our lives!

Embrace your flowers and what ever makes you feel joyful- its all coming from you!

The London Flower Lover Yellow Rose PicMonkey Collage

The Team,


The London Flower Lover

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Selfies and Flowers-The more beautifully we describe our lives, the more truthful it is. Do you agree? Add flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty-Keats

The more beautifully we describe our lives, the more truthful it is.Do you agree?

We add flowers to help you begin to describe that beauty.

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The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Flowers and Winter Solstice preparation:experiment with self care and notice how you will feel when the green shoots of spring arrives

Beloved Flower Lover,

thelondonflowerlover surround yourself with beauty

She drew inward a deep gentle breathe…soft eyes

she yawned, she yawned, she yawned

looking out of the window, looking at the leafless trees she whispered…

She was done with last year…and was readying herself for more.

the ears of the earth recieved her pausing

was she running away or was she running toward her vision?

whatever her choice, it was perfect


just like winter, her winter,

she had withdrawn inward

into her longest night

into the holy place

that perfect place inside


soft eyes


her life was at that place too


winter inside

she was also


singing….and getting down to some serious living room dancing,

her body was holding her still

a deliberate act of quiet patience

holding her there in place, so she could rest.

in winter

her longest night

her shortest day


she recognised the beauty of the flowers that she had surrounded herself with during the year

and now

during her winter

her shortest day

in winter


her longest night

her deepest nourishment emerged

the purpose of winter

kissed her

She took time out




To listen

to the winter


kissed five more times she knew her epiphany was due

she knew she only happened when she released and let go

of ambitions of last year

totally open and free


patient, gentle, pause button on

during the longest night

she was now a blank sheet

during the shortest day

and allowed winters activity

out of sight

away from view

behind the scenes…

maybe for 40 days like the ancients….

to just be



She decided not to try,

to not do anything,

to just be

calmed herself right down. 


everyone else did the same

for the longest night

and appreciated taking time out of the rush,


and running around of the other world…that other world.

Again she looked at the simple white flowers in her hallway.

She stroked the freesias

They smelt wonderful

she realised others problems were not hers,

she had head space


realised she had been giving herself permission to acknowledge herself warts and all and now the winter solstice,

the ultimate time for self care


she was there again.

she was fabulous!

in winter

better at reducing her levels of stress this year than last

in winter

peace winter solstice flowers



her flowers

his flowers

their flowers

all reminded her of that magical time

again for withdrawal

for the winter

shortest night into winter

soft eyes and a yawn

allowed her inner processes to do their thing

soft eyes and a yawn

to look at life through nature

soft eyes and a yawn

rejuvenatination  for next years green shoots time.

she valued herself

at her seed time

Dec 21-24th

she held herself in this place

to recieve the seed


she was at the stillest point of her worlds conception

soft eyes, and a yawn

reflecting on the green shoot time

renewed tonight to come around again, and again and again

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She read  the email that advised her to drink plenty of the cleansing melon drink during this withdrawal time. She got the recipe and prepared it for the winter solstice:
1 x Cantaloupe
Dandelion (use Chicory as an alternative)
1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper
She smiled.
This drink a rich source of the Super Oxide Dismutase/ SOD and recieving it’s anti-ageing properties was also part of winter solstice time .
Yes, taking lots of Vitamin C, and other anti- oxidants/ anti-‘rusting’ of the body caused by the free radicals was also part of the direction for the winter solstice period. Obeying direction she got in her extra supplements like
Glisodin –  making sure she would take 1000mg on an empty stomach.
A gentle green fast, she ate spinach,Broccoli Sprouts and took in Bromelain Enzymes, and Chlorella & Brown Algae/ Kelp to make a little broth. They were all designed to reduce all body stress and build her up.
She loved her family and herself and took time out to do the mental work to contemplate the values of peace, joy, unity and how it had impacted her life last year. She made it real to herself by considering how to keep happy in the face of adversity. Her debts, her health challenges, her romantic challenges, her parental issues, how had just focusing on her identity as a peaceful person by nature turned her around.
How, how, how?
She began to write out a script for her new vision for her green shoot time. Filing up the pages with pictures of what her new life in all its green shoots would look like as she behaved differently in the face of her triggers.
Yes, she was spending time to write a new script for her life. From a dislike of her life, to images of peacefulness in her life. From a dislike of inquiry and fighting life, to one where she could actually write about how she could behave differently in the face something that used to make her feel stressed before.

Still quiet and taking 5-10 min breaks five times per day to relive her scenarios she became pregnant with these images of peace.

 She prepared for the green shoot time of spring surrounded with flowers. Soothed, she was quiet.

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Value flowers as you reshape the way you explore the story you have about money, enjoy Lynne Twists ‘The soul of money audiobook’ and her take on the power of women

Beloved Flower Lover,

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The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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Thank you…with flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

We support anyone who is giving thanks today. We give thanks for all those who have helped to make this blog and today’s post possible. That includes WordPress, the many great speakers we share with you on video, who express what we value in an eloquence that dazzles.

thank you white flowers Collage

We thank you for being part of our conversation, about flowers and more. We thank ourselves for the ability to value what we value. Love, peace and joy. To value something as ground breaking of using flowers. A dream. A dream that makes us focus on changing our dream. To be focused on nurturing the earth that we live on and have within. To re dream our ecology as we look at the way we live and the choices we make everyday can determine the future of life on our earth for the next thousand years.

thankyou London flower lover Collage

So what does it mean to change the dream- at the London Flower Lover, we began to see we are in a deep trance. Not to make ourselves wrong for it. But to wake up. It needs a kinda of courage which invites us to look within and know we are love, peace and joy as we consider our ecological relationship with the earth.

Thank you from the london flower lover

We enoble you and are inspired to have you as a reader, friend and companion on our journey as we re nurture our planet, as we midwife the birth of a new approach to our earth.  All acts of love and witnessing!

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We thank the part of ourselves that liberates us and others. And it with that understanding we say,


Happy Thanksgiving.


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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