Some of us can only take ‘Joy’ in small dosages says Dr Mario Martinez. Simple little flowers could be used as part of those very small measures

Beloved Flower Lover,

The holiday season is apon us and symbols of love and happiness  are all around us. However we find that for us they can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t feel like your own reference group allows for it.  Dr Mario Martinez talks to us about how the cultural groups that we belong to affect affect our thoughts about how much love peace and joy is allowable for us to experience.

We have learnt through our floristry practise that we can tell ourselves lots of lovely words but do we really believe them. Some of us would rather hang onto our pain and suffering rather than change and enjoy peace, happiness and love.

Not for everyone, just some of us. This post is for those who might like to change their approach to recieving and enjoying love. And we see how the symbol of giving small tokens of flowers can help us increase our sense of worthiness.

The sason of peace joy and love is upon us right now and we really invite you to listen to Dr Martinez  in these videos. He teaches us to let go to things that feel comfortable but are not useful to us now. Love is an act of courage for us all and during this time of peace and joy we may want to find more and more ways of expressing it, that fits with our own sense of who we really are.

The London Flower Lover Autumn Optimism and harvest


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein: Perhaps we wonder if the real power is through pleasure? We invite you to use flowers to help you to imagine yourself as who you really are

Beloved Flower Lover,

They say that the real key to turning imagination into reality is acting as if the imagined scene were real and already accomplished.


We added one more massive secret.

You must enjoy it. Love it. Feel blissed by it. Yes it’s about the pleasure you attach to this image.

That’s the real engine of imagination. The joy part!

So instead of pretending it is a scene from the future, imagine it as though you are truly experiencing the pleasure in the present.

mmmmm yes allow it……

…………………….yep…..breathe and see it as a really joyful event in the now.

It’s a practise, it’s a skill. It’s something to cultivate.

Vision needs nuturing!

Have the courage to nurture your pleasure!

The greats of antiquity have told use through the ages that whatever you imagine through the feelings of great, intense pleasure is the source of making things happen.

We found that this makes sense when you, we, I allow ourselves to appreciate that this is based on natural laws. Like the law of gravity. Its reliable. So perhaps if you imagine and enjoy the picture of you in the now, giving and receiving the best of you, irrespective of whats going on on the outside world then  you will direct the energies of life to make things happen from a place of joy and peace. That in itsefl may be what you,and we are here to  learn from keep that picture of ourselves based on the truth of who we really are.


Ok…we are moving with this idea….and may then the challenges become a gift to make us feel smoother about ourselves and our situations rather than to imagine the impossible. I am possible becomes revealed to ourselves.

OK…take a little time and breathe to digest this if you are new to this blog or digest it more so if you are a regular reader. Are you up for it?


Allowing pictures of yourself enjoying yourself in your minds eye, especially if you are in a challenging situation right now.

Is that the real gift of this truism?

Well we are in your service. Service to beauty. Service to peace. So we will continue to be inspired by this pracitse and by using flowers express this over and over again.

Now that sounds like something to recieve and give!

Using our imaginations to actively imagine who we really are  and to re imagine peace and joy even when life is challenging us is what we have the gift of life to do.

Beauty then is our guide to reorientate our compass is we get lost and keep us on track!

It can be a legitimage place to  recieve the enjoyment of ectasy!

Yes, the imagination is the place where we enjoy the solutions and experience the ‘pleasure’, of the beauty that surrounds us. This is the tool to draw for especially on the most difficult times in our lives because we are so much more.

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Perhaps flowers can be a simple guide. Natures signpost to guide our natural life force. Maybe that’s what we are unlocking when we use beauty to affirm ourselves and flowers can help us to affirm and cultivate our vision.

Mmmm, flowers are like that what we are. Beautiful, becuase I am that, which I am…

We appreciate you, we so do.Thank you for reading, sharing and liking this post.

The Team

The London Flower Lover







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He asked for pink roses from us to use for today’s full moon. He had a plan….we wondered what

Beloved Flower Lover,

He came in and asked for pink roses…..he was quite sure about it. We asked him for what purpose. He then said he was opening himself up for love.
It occurred to us that he was doing a ritual to help to more deeply awaken his spiritual self and help him to connect with his inner core, other people, nature, and everything in the world. At its core, a ritual helps us acknowledge the important moments in our life and to give these moments meaning.
His focus was love and having fun with it too!


So here it is, here’s a full moon  and he is focusing his whole energy on feeling loving, being loving towards himself and others on this full moon and we pondered on how he was using the pink roses he got from us.

Known as the Beaver Moon, this full moon is often associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi who brings to us love, beauty and wealth.


We pondered and paused.


We also got a message from a woman who sent us a message about this time. When she spoke to us, she began to talk more about what it meant. She suggested that its a time to take a Love Bath an hour or two before the moonrise.

Surround your tub with pink or red candles and some roses.

Add a little rose oil and if you will you can also add a few drops of:

  • Ylang Ylang – to balance your male & female energies.
  • Sandalwood -great for attracting love.
  • Jasmine – said to be a favorite of Cleopatra’s and very seductive.
  • Soak in the tub while focusing your attention on your heart and imagining the joy and fulfillment of being in the arms of your soulmate.

Then, go to the most romantic place in nature you can get to – a place that you want to someday take your soulmate to.

Plan to be there just before the moonrise time.

Bring a crystal, charm, or piece of jewelry with you to hold in your hand to charge with these full moon energies. Once charged, you can place this on your altar.

Also bring a blanket or pillow to sit on (ideally pink or red) and bring a favorite celebratory beverage and a champagne flute.

You will need a journal, a container of sea salt and a bell (if you have one).

Find a comfortable place to sit and before you sit, place your blanket or pillow on the ground and then make a wide circle around it with sea salt, then sit down.

Ground yourself by imagining your energies connecting deeply with the earth.
Write in your journal what you are most grateful for about the life you now lead, and what you are grateful for that is soon to come with the arrival of your soulmate. Then close your eyes and say a prayer of gratitude and meditate for awhile.

When you are ready, open your eyes and gaze at the moon, drawing the energy and the light of the moon into your body, mind, spirit and heart.

When you are done, pour your drink and raise a toast to your soulmate and tell him or her (in your heart) that the welcome mat is out.


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Pleasure yourself through your nature and allow youself to notice the flowers….allow….allow….allow it Menopausal woman….allow it

Beloved Flower Lover,

“Life on earth is sexually transmitted” Dr Christine Northrup

And all women, all women need to make pleasure part of their lives. Especially the menopausal women, especially!

ancient wisdom beautiful flowers Collage

thelondonflower tulip roses pink PicMonkey Collage

Vintage Roses Posy Het Heru100_8115 The London Flower Lover

Make pleasure the whole point.

What ever age you are, know that orgasmic burst of pleasure,  that orgasmic joy blisses you out, and enjoy the delight of life.

Take care of your deepest self. Love up who you are. Give that joy a place to manifest itself.

Perhaps give and recieve flowers.

The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Flower and Flourish in November: Reclaim the true picture of who you are by making your enjoyment of beauty your focus today!

Beloved Flower Lover,

It’s as simple as that. You allowing yourself to recieve a clear and strong picture of beauty. Enjoying it and knowing it reflects back to you, who you really are.

That’s the gift of flowers this November.

Vintage Roses Posy Het Heru100_8115 The London Flower Lover

Reclaim the true picture of who you were always imagined to be…..beautiful!

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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Perhaps use flowers and Tapping to help you to love and accept yourself rather than stressing out with sugar and alcohol!

Beloved Flower Lover,


Herukhuti cut challenges The London Flower Lover

Alcohol, sugar, mmmm this is bringing up so much… how can we cut with stress?

A stress pattern about money, health, relationships, family life, the world community…


How can we step into another pattern of self-care?

Well let’s look at this drinking culture .

Britain is among the worst countries in the world for binge drinking, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation. The research examined 196 countries and placed the UK 13th highest for heavy drinking – worse than countries such as Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary.

In total, 28 per cent of Britons were classed as having had episode of heavy drinking in the previous month – almost twice as much as the global average, of 16 per cent.For overall alcohol consumption, Britain was 25th highest, the research found, above that of Bulgaria and Kazakstan and far higher than the global average.

Herukhuti cut challenges The London Flower Lover

So assuming that all this consumption is linked to how people feel about themselves. What do we do? Or how might we choose to be?

Well we might be able to nurture another pattern within ourselves that we direct towards ourselves. Perhaps providing a simple way to tap the power within. An inspirational pathway to creating a real answer to this. Maybe comforting self with the natural powers of the feminine. The things we take for granted sometimes. Passion, nature and beauty.

We keep looking to nature and the Nature Arts to reflect back to us other ways that we can express patterns of being, that take care of us all. An integrative approach responding to the practise of nourishing and nurturing happiness.

It can’t be about faulting or chastising as that can only take us so far. Perhaps we can remain open to find a coaching process that is self nurturing, and is centred around a self-care attitude. And maybe, noticing how relaxing flowers might make your feel, whilst using other techniques to reduce the stress in your body may be part of that process.

With that in mind we invite you to settle down, take a deep breathe and take five peaceful minutes to go inside the mind’s eye to look at something beautiful. And breathe again. Yes breathe again. And again. And again. It will recharge your batteries. Just slowing down and imagining scenes of sublime tranquility.

Again, look at nature to stop you feeding your stress and instead settle down into the natural space of peace, which is already in you for just five minutes. It will be a complete system reboot.

The London Flower Lover spider plant


Cutting with stress actually requires a little bit of education.  It’s worth learning about the food and drink we injest, whilst we rebalance ourselves with feelings that can rebalance the emotions. So rather than our energy (chi, prana) being directed by fear, worry, anger, grief, or sadness patterns , we can learn to befriend those very same energies with compassion. And then because we understand what they actually represent, we can choose to be no longer be in a war with good and bad, loss and gain, heaven or hell. We can  live from a place of peace,from the inside out. Again, nature can be a reminder to purposely make that a focus. In tiny ways, in big ways. It’s our decision.

It’s not about getting more stuff, it’s about knowing how to use flowers as a stress reliever. Looking at beauty is often a way to nourish yourself. To nurture yourself. To feed yourself. It’s a small decision, to let go of old patterns that do not care for you and do something different that empowers yourself. So slowly, you may want to give yourself what you need. To help to restore and re-shift the body, by acknowledging the nurturing feelings sent towards yourself that make all the difference.

Floral Jewelry Pink Rose Ring The London Flower Lover

With all that in mind we have been creating floral jewelry and welcomed all the smiles generated by something so sublime. Those smiles reflect back to us, peace and relaxation. A theme for an autumn self empowerment programme we thought….and the thinking went further.

To release stress might also mean examining other parts of our lifestyles and releasing the stressors on the body like ‘refined – sugars’, which according to some is as lethal as tobacco and alcohol.  Tobacco and alcohol are perfect examples of obvious body stressors, but so is sugar many are saying.  A (large) spoonful of sugar can prove fatal, a leading doctor in the US has warned, as it can have the same effect on the body as poison when eaten in large quantities. And a paediatric endocrinologist from the University of California claims that high doses of sugar, (whether it’s crystallised, in a corn syrup or granulated), turn into ‘toxins’, which lead to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diet-related diseases like type-2 diabetes.


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We will always invite you to welcome more beauty from nature into your universe. We also invite you to welcome other images of peace and tranquility into your surroundings. Especially for the rough days, when you are not enjoying life much.We embrace it all whislt you breathe in and out feelings of calm composure.  That’s how we let go of the grief.

And it’s an ideal thing to do in Autumn. To accept all the parts we rejected in love.


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Tuesday, September 23 September Equinox 2014, Happy Autumn, Happy Flowers Day

Beloved Flower Lover,

Tuesday, September 23

  • The London Flower Lover Autumn Optimism and harvest

The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Flowers for Scotland’s vote for Continued Peace and Interdependence

Beloved Flower Lover,

thelondonflowerlover in Britsh flag


 55 per cent of Scotland voted to remain in the 307-year-old Union

This is a landmark moment, morning, day. A beat in the heart of the UK. A beat in the heart of Britain. The heart was pumping hard.  Filled with blood. Revitalised with answers, solutions found. Such a pure mirror. the heart beating listening to the lesson, message and gift of this time. Now, it’s a time to be still and reflect with this result. And look at the beauty of this time. Look at beauty. Maybe flowers. Anything that is wordless but reflects the peace of this time. Anythng that mirrors our relationship to ourselves.

Beauty.  Light sitting in light. At peace with the darkness of all!

We are now meeting our shadow, our provocative anger, our fear deeply buried in this exercise of Scotish Independence that we have allowed to come up and become rebalanced.  Anything we have overlooked has been reviewed. So now we can just sit still and consider it all. No more resisting.

Have we  changed?

We have  called the grace of our oneness into a clear focal point. The beauty of this time has flowered.  The beauty of our hearts, shifted by oneness is contagiously beautiful. We have undertaken the exercise and separation, that optical illusion has been reviewed. And oneness, the expression of who we really are has come up as our thought for the day. Bloomed as it is today.

This process has been so earnest. And now it’s time to just let it happen as we open up to the new day. In peace.

The Better Together campaign, demonstrated that today with the voting results coming out of Scotland last night. The value of Sterling rose dramatically in the early hours as results were being declared in favour of the Better Together campaign.

Speaking at 6.30am, Mr Salmond accepted the verdict of the people as he conceded defeat in the referendum on Scottish independence.

However, he said that the people of Scotland had only rejected independence “at this stage”, suggesting he believes that another referendum is possible in the future.

Addressing supporters in Edinburgh, Mr Salmond said: “I accept that verdict of the people and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland.”

He added: “We have seen a scare and a fear of enormous proportions…at the heart of the Westminster establishment as they realised the mass movement of people that was going forward in Scotland.

“Today of all days, as we bring Scotland together, let us not dwell on the distance we have fallen short; let us dwell on the distance we have travelled.”

With national turnout expected to reach around 85 per cent, Unionists celebrated overwhelming victories in their traditional strongholds such as Orkney, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

Edinburgh voted against independence by 61 per cent to 39 per cent.

Better Together also had huge victories in East Lothian, where they had a 24 per cent lead, Stirling, where they won by 20 per cent, and Midlothian, where the margin of victory was 12 per cent.

Alistair Darling, the leader of the Better Together campaign, said the victory was a “momentous day not only for Scotland but for the United Kingdom as a whole”.

The London Flower Lover Maat conversation  Collage

Both sides had their say:

We are grateful for the energy of a discussion, where people weighed up what they felt was important.

Let’s continue to take that energy of balancing the issues that are very dear to our deepest heart. Let that guide us into the autumn, winter and beyond. Only now looking for the peace that always sits in side of us. Whatever happens next, let’s remain unified in peace. Why?


The London Flower Lover maat  sunflower Collage

For peace to come into the world it needs you in order, for you to come into balance. Fulfilling that need is the highest act of love, and only through your love can you fulfill your love for others. Turn to your inner peace, as you are in the world, for the protection of the world. Because,if we are one then the good I do to you I have done to myself—is this not the key to wealth and health?

shifts happen!



The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Tu mut guapa: London Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

Two women met in London today, one thought one was beautiful, the other wrote down on a sheet of paper, guapa, guapa, guapa….

They both lit up, illuminated!

What do you say to that beautiful woman you see today? that gorgeous woman you sat next to each day? that stunning woman who is your friend?

What’s your choice? what’s your reponse?

….pay it forward, pay it forward, pay it forward.


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The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Steve Harvey says ‘Jump’, We say use flowers to remind you of the joy of who you really are !

Beloved Flower Lover,

Steve Harvey was homeless at 26 years old however now in his 50′s he is one of the greatest motivational speakers. To complement his words of wisdom, we gently invite you to receive and enjoy your own happiness. To enjoy the fact that you can even imagine calm even as the challenges of life is going on.  Just walking that as the talk makes for the abundance of life.

TheLondonFlowerLover Autum Sunflower



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The Team


The London Flower Lover

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