Flowers and the Ultimate love affair: 1 way to use flowers to experience it!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Look outside….go outside….look at us through google maps even….London is stunningly sunny today and we are looking at flowers once again on this full moon of love and everything romantic and affectionate!

Flowers can help us to embrace and celebrate the natural and permanent love within ourselves and others. Flowers then become what we call, an ‘eyes open meditation’. Where as we gaze at beauty, we are actually inviting ourselves to enjoy giving more attention to it within our self right now. To be present enough to experience it right now. And by having filled our inner movie screen up with that attention to love, we then overflow it out to others.

The London flower Lover embrace love within your heart

Love is only experienced now. And since experiences are had on the inside, then we can choose to switch our attention to the place where it is already.

Seems simple enough!

Well, let’s look at nature to help explore this truth.

Yes we can think about how birds and bees are interdependent etc, however only thinking about things like that, only creates thinking about it. Love is actually walking the talk, it is the experience of it. So maybe its about experiencing the fact that we are in a cycle of give and take and to acknowledge that, to give attention to that, to feel appreciation for that, may move us away from just talking about it. which only keep us one step removed from experiencing it. Perhaps!

Let’s turn to romance, affection and passion in a love affair. All the thinky, thinky thinking…. Like ” the person is not quite right”, or “I have not found the right one yet” or ” they are going to leave me”, etc. keeps you, I ,we, us, one step removed from the actual experience of love right now.

So again, maybe we need permission to go and just experience it now. Perhaps. You decide!

…If not, you are postponing it, I am postponing it, we are postponing it, it feels postponed….




waiting and delaying




…We invite ourselves back, to lean back and rest back into the presence of our own being, and as you do,you, we I, us  discover the intimate resting space of that full embrace of love.


TheLondonFlowerLover peace


The Team

The London Flower Lover

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The Daffodil Fact Sheet

Beloved Flower Lover,

One of the girls recalled her primary school teacher who was Welsh who would call every child ‘daffodil’ or ‘poppet’. We smiled and said, let’s create a daffodil fact sheet, so here it is:

Daffodils  and vintage radio

Daffodil Fact Sheet

The strong association of the Daffodil with Easter makes an association with “Re-birth” and “New beginnings” more obvious.

 Giving daffodils mostly say, “You’re the only one. The sun is always shining when I’m with you.”

As a spring flower that blossoms when the sun begins to shine, it expresses the joy one has when in the presence of one’s partner, signifying love, regard, and respect.

A woman giving daffodils to a man has noticed that he is chivalrous.

Plant lore tells us that daffodils bring good fortune to the person who avoids trampling on them, so watch where you step!

The daffodil is a featured flower of Spring because it is one of the first perennial blooms we spy with our searching eyes in the spring. This is appropriate on a symbolic level because the daffodil has a trumpet-like look, and so it announces the procession of spring in a bright, trumpeting manner.


There are different breeds, but traditional daffodils have six petals. Six is a harmonic number. In fact, Venus is the governess of the number six and conveys a sense of love. The numerical energy of six also expresses: Temperance, Calm, Truth and Balance.

With innovations in growing floral hybrids and variations the Daffodil can come in many colours now, but its traditional hue is yellow. Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and therefore speaks to us about: Radiance, Centrality, Vitality, Energy, Core issues, Life and even Community. Yellow is also a sun-associated colour, which reminds us of life-giving attributes.

As mentioned, the daffodil looks like a trumpet. Symbolic daffodil meanings encourage us to ‘toot our own horns,’ so to speak. This is a time (spring, when the Daffodil is neigh) to announce our souls-growth after a long slumber. Let the music of your spirit ring true through the ethers, make a joyful noise unto the world, and let your inner orchestrations reverberate clear-joy into the realms of awareness.

In ancient herbalism and medicine, the scent of the daffodil was used as a kind of intoxicant. It is absolutely enchanting, and relaxing. For those with overactive minds, or anxiety disorders, the smell of the daffodil was said to stupefy the mind – allowing one to mellow out a bit after a stressful experience.

The daffodil had been related to “Esteem”. There is also an old Language of Flowers series circa 1905 that attributes “Regard” to the daffodil.

The Greek myth of Narcissus, the beautiful boy who became enamoured with his own reflection and therefore a connection to “Egotism” and “Vanity”.

So yes, Daffodils symbolizes faith, honesty, clemency, and candour.

 The word “Daffodil” didn’t come into the English language until the 1500s. The old name for daffodil was “Affodyle,” believed to originate with the Old English “Affo dyle,” meaning “that which cometh early.” It ultimately derived from Dutch de affodil meaning “the asphodel”(of Greek mythology).

And it is in asphodel-covered meadows (Homer) that the souls of the dead wandered, and thus the Greek related the flower with death.

According to this legend it was here that Hades captured Persephone after she had strayed from her companions to pick some daffodils.

 Persephone, down in the land of the dead, wore a crown of the flowers.  She wore this crown for ” it is symbolic of the one flower (life) that comes back in the spring, (often the first ‘bulb’ flower to do so besides snow crocus) whose leaves while laying fallow in winter, have actually fed the rhizome under the cold ground, thereby ” increasing the root” while “looking dead.” Persephone IS the return of the light (sun’s longer days that signals that the time of seeming deadness is over….) The little flower she bent down to cup in the field  was likely signalling that it is time for the darkening, the underground time, to begin.” ~

Never give a single daffodil, as bringing a single daffodil into the house will bring misfortune.

Always give a bunch to ensure happiness.

In Wales finding the first daffodil of spring is expected to bring more gold than silver to your life and home during the following 12 months.

  • The Egyptians often hung wreaths of narcissus during funerals.
  • In medieval Europe, it was believed that if a daffodil drooped when you looked at it, it was an omen of death.
  • The daffodil was accepted by the Druids as their national flower, symbolizing purity.

 The Arabians used this flower as an aphrodisiac.

Medieval Arabs used the juice of the walk daffodil as a cure for baldness.

Prince Charles of England is paid one daffodil annually as rent for the unattended lands of the Isles of Scilly.


 We call them daffs and know how good they feel around us when we give or receive them.



The team


The London Flower Lover


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Include yourself in the processes of life. Receive flowers from others or from yourself

Beloved Flower,

We are really embracing this seasons subjects of sensuality and receptivity. A simple question to remain open to.

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How do you receive complements? on a scale of 1-10. 10 being really comfortable and 1  not being comfy.

That might tell you where you stand with receiving the wonderful gifts of life…

Is  receptivity valuable enough to you to change the way you approach your life? Is it worth listening to? A taker has a receiver, what do you want to take?


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Busy parents schedule sex with each other and maybe bring the flowers along too

Beloved Flower Lover, A Netmums website survey found 60% of couples need to plan for lovemaking. It seems that they schedule for it by putting a date in the diary so they lock in their sexy energy between each other. Our breath sped up, in and out, in and out, in and out, like a breath of fire. We felt gripped by the practice. Our breathe of fire began. What a deep honest breath of air, we said here! Before we knew it, we began talking about some setting the alarm clock for early morning loving, some organising a specific  night every week, like every Friday night. Or some writing onto their calendars a love heart symbol to remind each other that that was the time when they enjoy each other intimately. TheLondonFlowerLover togetherness het heruWe kept deepening the breathing. Rapidly. The things we resist the most are the things we need the most. So we kept it going, it felt great, taking a deep breath in, as we talked about how to bust through the busy schedule and make intimate connections again, and again and again.We had to amp it up. So yes some say that it lacks spontaneity yet others say by time-tabling sex that it keeps it alive in more ways than just the physical. It keep you talking about, thinking about and looking for ways to improve it. So far from being unromantic, planning just adds a whole lot more spice to something that could be best become bland, or at worst fall of the list all together. Connecting to the breathe for the passions in our life is what keeps us so turned on. So switched on. So sparked. The energy lifted and shifted happens as we make the space for sex. To receive it, to welcome it, to enjoy it, despite the other things in our busy business. We receive it healing, soothing gift. So schedule sex in our life and find other ways to predict how you will have a great sex life, by keeping a deep juicy connection with each other. Sex is the glue that holds a relationship together, even if in your diary initially and prophecy a sexy story in your head of time that sets you up to enjoy each other.

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So when you do that which seems so difficult right now, that way of keeping the connection going with your beloved, how do you beautify it. Maybe by bringing some flowers into the story. For the men, how about predict how giving her some flowers, or just by setting the mood with the flowers in the room will amplify the enjoyment between each other. For the women, how about looking at flowers and receive the message that is sends to you. That you are so beautiful and magnetic just the way you are. Mmmm, these are all simple people tools that keep each other readily open to receive each other warmly and in love.


So what’s your story? How do you keep the intimate side of your life alive? How do you shift the stuck sexy energy moving into a juicy flowing glow? How? we are so wide open to hear from you.



peace and joy


The Team I receive love The London Flower Lover

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What do you know about receiving? how might that affect the way you receive flowers?

Beloved Flower Lover,

Fed up with giving and not receiving? caring and not feeling like you get anything back? at work, at home, within yourself?

…..maybe being the change you want to see in the world may come about from changing your internal focus away from giving more than you receive.


Today receive and enjoy it!

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antique rose bouquet count on what counts

Open, receptive, listening….still in this state,  how can you treasure and relax into just being that for a little longer?

How might it affect the way you receive flowers? include yourself in all the universal reception energy and enjoy it!


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Flowers for the Miracle Question answered for the Modello housing project, and how it transformed the community

Beloved Flower Lover,

Preparing for a children s workshop in London and after reading “The Miracle Question: Answer it and Change Your Life” by Linda Metcalf, Ph.D, we came up with a picture about changing communities in London by using flowers.

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The miracle question is a type of therapy that focuses less on problems and the past and more on solutions and the future. The loveliness behind this question is that it opens you up to stop thinking about why you can’t achieve something and allows you to imagine how your life could be if something miraculous occurred.

“Suppose tonight while you sleep, a miracle happens.  When you awake tomorrow morning, what will you see yourself doing, thinking, or believing about yourself that will tell you a miracle has happened in your life?”

We dreamt and dreamt and dreamt and then guess what. We saw this wonderful work about the Modello.  Yes we felt guided to the true story from beginning to end of how Dr. Roger Mills and staff accomplished the “miracle” in the Modello and Homestead Gardens Housing Projects applying the inside-out approach based on the Three Principles discovered by Sydney Banks.

So looking forward to the children s floristry workshop in a London community, we decided to explore the three principles and see  how they along with the miracle question makes all the changes we have started to see.

One harmony childrens workshops flier


Love you,


The Team


The London Flower Lover

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Are you a giver or receiver? Why answering that matters for flower lovers

Beloved Flower Lover,

receptive to my desire mixed  flower bouquet

Most of us, especially women, have been taught that it’s more “blessed to give than to receive.” Close your eyes and pick a number from 1-100 to represent the percentage of the time that you are giving vs receiving. What was the number? Lets guess.

Maybe 90%,  80%, …. Now imagine that you are your own heart. What would happen to the heart muscle if it pumped your blood most of the time but received only 10-20% of it back into the upper chambers? You wouldn’t live very long. And the same is true of the lungs. How often do you truly take a good full deep breath– saturating your system with life-giving oxygen? Receiving is the completion of giving.


The London flower Lover Willing and receptive call lillies and more


The Team

The London Flower Lover

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