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It’s not about the joy that flowers give you, it’s the fact that you practice joy and flowers remind you that you already able to do that- our Winter Solstice gift to you!

Beloved Flower Lover, We really thought we were not going to post before the Winter Solstice, but could not help sneaking in another gift. You are our gift. You read what we produce and because of that we are deeply … Continue reading

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Flowers and Winter Solstice preparation:experiment with self care and notice how you will feel when the green shoots of spring arrives

Beloved Flower Lover, She drew inward a deep gentle breathe…soft eyes she yawned, she yawned, she yawned looking out of the window, looking at the leafless trees she whispered… She was done with last year…and was readying herself for more. … Continue reading

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How to dress your Christmas Tree

Beloved Flower Lover, Not long now. Here are a few tips on how to dress your Christmas tree. http://youtu.be/1OPaJsVOzuA Beautification of a Christmas tree is your gift to yourself and others. It’s a simple act of kindness to share your … Continue reading

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Peacefulness, love, joy and flowers: An inquiry in the depth of London’s Winter

Beloved Flower Lover,

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Embrace Winter with Flowers and so much more !

Beloved Flower Lover, Hold in your energies for the winter. Snuggle up inside, rest so your adrenals can avoid get tired next spring. Use flowers to inspire and help nurture yourself. Slow down, to soften up,and share acts of kindness. Make … Continue reading

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