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Dreading the first day back at work and decided to use the love for flowers to clean up our energy before we walk into 2018’s office

Beloved Flower Lover, Dragging our feet about the first day back at work tomorrow. Talking to others in the team about the ton of¬†encouraging messages flooded into our various emails for 2018 and wondering, now what? We thought about all … Continue reading

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Flowers and Vegetables for this gorgeous Bank Holiday Weekend: Turning a Facebook Fantasy into reality by digesting the real beauty of the challenges we hide behind those pictures

Beloved Flower Lover, We are in the business of presenting the best of ourselves to the world. We love to see beauty, ¬†joy and happiness. We share in it and spread love that way. But, but but… we hear you … Continue reading

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Stop being ‘so nice’ to each other and making each other miserable. Turn it around and regain the possibility of truly loving each other and perhaps choose flowers to symbolise your love!

Beloved Flower Lover, Ok it’s a bit of a Tony Robbins advert but it kinda offers a few reminders This video is a bit more to it, it’s about nice people who just make each other miserable. It’s a bit … Continue reading

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