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21 Days of Self Care using Flowers: What next?

Beloved Flower Lover, So much feedback has come to us and we feel honoured that we have been able to connect with you this way. We feel so lucky to recieve emails from you and we thank you for staying … Continue reading

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Doing wonderful things but making no money! Flowers for loving you just as you are-so you can believe differently about making money today!

Beloved Flower Lover, Doing wonderful things and making no money! Doing wonderful things and no resources! Doing wonderful things and change…. just because you do something beautiful does it even mean if it will support you….. why are we talking … Continue reading

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Curious Cat and Orange Gerbera

Beloved Flower Lover, Remain curious, experience one picture and enjoy how rich just one picture of a curious cat and flowers can be. Slow down, settle down and be satisfied.  The Team, The London Flower Lover

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The more you play, the more successfull you are? question or statement of truth?

Beloved Flower Lover There is always one, two or many people to thank and express deep appreciation for. Before they die, whilst they live, whilst others can hear and witness their talents. Well we have someone in our team that … Continue reading

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Not sure about passion- take 15 minutes a day for a month sitting and listening to your heart

Beloved Flower Lover At this occasion, just sitting and listening to your heart is what might be needed. When things are unclear or uncertain.  Or perhaps going just how you like it and you are content. Just sit and listen … Continue reading

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