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How you might help your sick or stressed friends and family by using flowers and nature-a stress antidote

Beloved Flower Lover, Yep we get it. We know. In modern life, our sympathetic nervous system is triggered constantly because sustained, directed attention is required to properly carry out everyday tasks from parking to checking email,phones, laptops, notepads. Yep we … Continue reading

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Downtime for a workaholic who decided to move through a state of flowers to feel relaxed

Beloved Flower Lover She was actually on holidays. Time off. Downtime.Imagine that. Everyone else was sorted. Children, hubby, colleagues. The house was clean, Clothes washed and ironed. ¬†The car had been valeted. The garden was immaculate. She had it all … Continue reading

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Would you dare to slow down and not work so hard? to allow your purpose to unfold when it is ready to? Is that a crazy idea, as crazy as even giving yourself some flowers today?

Beloved Flower Lover, Salona Carlise, says this so well we just had to share¬† her words with you, Every woman I speak to is hungry to fulfill her purpose, to unleash her gifts, and to make a profound difference and … Continue reading

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Perhaps use Flowers and Tapping to help you to love and accept yourself rather than stressing out with sugar and alcohol!

Beloved Flower Lover,   Alcohol, sugar, mmmm this is bringing up so much…..so how can we cut with stress? A stress pattern about money, health, relationships, family life, the world community… How? How can we step into another pattern of … Continue reading

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Flowers and perfume bottles in London

Beloved Flower Lover, She knew it. A man cannot resist an irresistible woman. So she spent time liking herself and loving what turned her on. Perfume bottles, flowers and colour. She turned herself on by turning herself on to what … Continue reading

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