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Ordering flowers for the Spring equinox today and our intuitive self care spring cleaning

It then turns out to be  the vernal spring equinox today. We decided to look it up. March 20th, 16:15 UT ** (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT.All systems, have movement. In and out. If we do not have movement in our lives, then things build up in the system. If we do not have movement then we have stagnation in our lives. 

This leads us onto where we are now. Rather than attempt to clean ourselves by suggesting we are not good enough, we have decided to cleanse ourselves by acknowledging we are good just as we are today. Continue reading

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Writing love letters to herself using flowers to help her figure out how to add happiness to her life

Beloved Flower Lover, Medicating herself with cup cakes, wine and the occasional smoke, she realised she had been pushing her anger down.  She was swallowing her frustration. She began to write,  but found sadness instead.She wrote a love letter to herself. … Continue reading

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Happy at home- spring cleaning with the energy of flowers

Beloved Flower Lover,

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London Florists suggests,spring clean your clutter, give thanks, then welcome the new opportunities with flowers!

Beloved Flower Lover, Can you feel the spring a coming?  Well it’s here in London. The weather here is stunning. Apparently we Londoners are in for a heatwave and so we are encouraged to listen to this change in our … Continue reading

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Monica Lewinsky’s Ted Talk on Shame, Cyberbullying and Compassion, Reminds us to Spring Clean our beliefs and fill that space with beauty. We choose flowers as one gentle way to make a difference between how we feel!

Beloved Flower Lover, We have a shared interest with you… Who is in whose gang? This thought was prompted by Monica Lewinsky…well we pondered as we were playing with colours on the colour wheel. Monica is helping so many to make … Continue reading

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