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Micro mini flowers slideshow- look at the photos and find your own mini story

Beloved Flower Lover, When you look at the photos what do you see? what story? what story can you see with you in these photos You are not a carbon copy of everyone else- you are you so -what is your … Continue reading

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Beautify the way you see yourself using flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Now is the time to give yourself beautiful flowers to remind yourself of how beautiful you are, no matter what others say. Focus on changing your relationship with the world. Do not focus on changing the world. … Continue reading

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Flowers for Easter. London Florists say ” Renew your mind this Easter”

Beloved Flower Lover, The long Easter Holiday is upon us. What might you do? Perhaps… Give thanks to the divine, Perhaps… Give thanks for family,friends, loved ones, Perhaps… Give thanks for the challenges that grow us up, Perhaps… Give thanks … Continue reading

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Her bath, her flowers: Heaven on Earth, the time to rest is here

Beloved Flower Lover, Swirling fantasies unhurried insouciantly happily lagging behind running a warm bath she was taking her fullest breath swirling, splashing, smiling emerging from a wash of prettiness her own exhausted no more from emotional stridency she was taking … Continue reading

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Flowers changed her history of failure

Beloved Flower Lover, A few weeks ago a lady told us that she had a particular trauma in her early childhood that left her feeling really low in confidence in arts, maths and other things she loved. In the course … Continue reading

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