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Genuine insights of poverty and food banks flower a range of feelings

Beloved Flower Lover, Yes we are looking at poverty. Its a little series we have been inspired to look at. We are not suggesting that anyone feel guilt and stop joy in their own lives. That would never change anything. … Continue reading

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His povery truth flowers in his story

Beloved Flower Lover, This Scottish man talks about the simple truth of poverty as told by Denis Curran of the East Kilbride charity, Loaves and Fishes, and told to the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee. The truth told simply is … Continue reading

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Her story about ‘Poverty Truth’, flowered in our heart

Beloved Flower Lover, We are happy to look at the contradictions in society. The  branding work of  Harvard Douglas Holt encourages us to do that. We consider that it is a privilege to work with flowers and that means hearing about … Continue reading

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Flowers for Louise Hay’s thoughts about Gratitude thinking

Beloved Flower Lover, Affirm your inner riches and notice what you have….how do you find Louise’s words.   Bless and share good thoughts about others who stand with their arms open wide and thank life.

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