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Ask your heart what it needs to be happy? Flowers are our way to experience love, what’s yours-The answer to this question matters

Beloved Flower Lover, Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself two questions. How happy am I doing what I am doing? How happy am I with the person that I am with? Then make the corrections. You already … Continue reading

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Doing wonderful things but making no money! Flowers for loving you just as you are-so you can believe differently about making money today!

Beloved Flower Lover, Doing wonderful things and making no money! Doing wonderful things and no resources! Doing wonderful things and change…. just because you do something beautiful does it even mean if it will support you….. why are we talking … Continue reading

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How being annoyed with the play, fun and good life of other people, may help us to draw beautiful flowers into your life

Beloved flower Lover, We were thinking about the Facebook phenomena, where people post happy smiley faces,a wonderful life with all their successes and achievements. Knowing that that is often fake we began to think about how sometimes we reject the … Continue reading

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Give yourself permission to recieve something you love

Beloved flower lover, You recieve as much as you give yourself permission to recieve.What ever your story, let flowers into your life. The Team The London Flower LoverClick Here for The Alignment Factor

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