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Pots and a rose. Her best days were not over, as she told us her story about how she had broken into a new path

Beloved Flower Lover, She gave us eye contact. Long deep eye contact and smiled. She realized that we co author other peoples life and so needed to tell  us her story about how she learnt to admire, love and adore … Continue reading

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Why give flowers when there is corruption in the World?

Beloved Flower Lover, To those who are new to us, we want to let you know that, what we are going to talk about today is a different way of relating to the world and ourselves with flowers.  We use … Continue reading

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What if you got more Flowers, more Touch, more Hugs, more Kisses, how would your life be? Oxytocin Papers 2

Beloved Flower Lover, What if what ever I did today had more hugs,touch,kisses and flowers and it was always reciprocated,what would I, you,we do? How would I, you, we feel? The same, better, different, worst? In her book, The How … Continue reading

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Bruce Lipton: The Honeymoon Effect and perhaps why practising your own good vibes with the stimuli of flowers, matters

Beloved Flower Lover, She knew that the brain has two sides . The unemotional and emotional side. And inspired by flowers she found that she was open to focus on using the whole of her brain, both sides, to look … Continue reading

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Congratulation flowers for Britain’s Got Talent, Malaki Paul, his Mother and Alesha Dixon: Oxytocin Papers 1

Beloved Flower Lover, Britain’s got talent has been a lovely tear jerker. What we saw happening between 9 year old Malaki Paul held by his mother’s tenderness and then soothed by Alesha’s gentle kindness, touched  our hearts so deeply we wiped … Continue reading

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