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The Triple Bottom Line at The London Flower Lover

Beloved Flower Lover, We always wanted a way to talk about our values and the triple bottom line is a way to provide the necessary business seriousness to our social awareness. We came across this non academic Wikipedia definition and … Continue reading

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Nancy Levin talks about ‘Boosting your inner worth to boost your net worth, we invite you to notice that using the beauty of flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Reclaim your assertiveness and self worth using flowers is a core theme in this blog. We felt Nancy Levin is in alignment with this message. We are sharing.    

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Open your throat and let your creativity flow this spring day: We choose to do it with flowers-how do you express your creativity?

Beloved Flower Lover, Congratulations, you found us-Welcome to the London Flower Lover,  your florists for your soul. Today may be the day that you notice that the spring energy has really grown stronger, higher and brighter. We notice it as an orangey juicy energy of creativity,lying … Continue reading

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Monica Lewinsky’s Ted Talk on Shame, Cyberbullying and Compassion, Reminds us to Spring Clean our beliefs and fill that space with beauty. We choose flowers as one gentle way to make a difference between how we feel!

Beloved Flower Lover, We have a shared interest with you… Who is in whose gang? This thought was prompted by Monica Lewinsky…well we pondered as we were playing with colours on the colour wheel. Monica is helping so many to make … Continue reading

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Wedding Flowers:The meaning and ‘poetic’ legend of Orange Bloosom

Beloved Flower Lover, Wowwe! Congratulations, we are so happy, we received another wedding announcement. They are coming through and joyfully remind us of how we are all changing from the inside out.  Coupled with the images of peaceful, affectionate vital … Continue reading

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