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Value flowers as you reshape the way you explore the story you have about money, enjoy Lynne Twists ‘The soul of money audiobook’ and her take on the power of women

Beloved Flower Lover, The Team, The London Flower Lover

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Flowers and Money

Beloved Flower Lover, What’s your money story? If you feel brilliant with money and buying flowers then this material is not for you. However if you want to enjoy more intimacy around money and the pleasure of flowers then you … Continue reading

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Power, Money, flowers the intimate conversation begins

Beloved Flower Lover,

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Flowers for Louise Hay’s thoughts about Gratitude thinking

Beloved Flower Lover, Affirm your inner riches and notice what you have….how do you find Louise’s words.   Bless and share good thoughts about others who stand with their arms open wide and thank life.

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Stop being ‘so nice’ to each other and making each other miserable. Turn it around and regain the possibility of truly loving each other and perhaps choose flowers to symbolise your love!

Beloved Flower Lover, Ok it’s a bit of a Tony Robbins advert but it kinda offers a few reminders This video is a bit more to it, it’s about nice people who just make each other miserable. It’s a bit … Continue reading

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