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Giving and receiving flowers is our way of supporting Mary Portas call to action on how the time for ‘The Kindness Economy’ is now

Beloved Flower Lover, In some ways the kindness economy  must go beyond giving and receiving flowers, but it can  also start there for many people. a) because it deals with how we produce the flowers in the first place i.e. … Continue reading

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The Kindness Economy is more than just sending flowers, you need to touch your heart and listen to what it is saying

Beloved Flower Lover, Heart Math, Robert Holden, David Hamilton and so many others have researched the way we use our hearts to communicate kindness.Boiling this all down,  we have learnt is that its a choice that we make. Its an … Continue reading

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Feelings about Personal Body Issues and Being Soft With My Self Using Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, She said, “I had been feeling the rolls of fat on my body and felt today is the day ‘to be’ with the uncomfortable emotional feeling, instead of managing it with food. Today was a I am … Continue reading

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London Florists find research about how to stay out of divorce and in love

Beloved Flower Lovers, As you might know we are in the wedding and self love business. We post pictures about flowers and how they relate to our everyday lives. We are of use to our community because we offer flower … Continue reading

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Day 17 : 21-Day Self Care Bootcamp using Flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Welcome to day 17 of the 21-day Self Care Bootcamp using flowers. Do something kind for someone else today. Do not let them know. Just do it. Think of five people. One person you love who you have … Continue reading

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