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Dreading the first day back at work and decided to use the love for flowers to clean up our energy before we walk into 2018’s office

Beloved Flower Lover, Dragging our feet about the first day back at work tomorrow. Talking to others in the team about the ton of encouraging messages flooded into our various emails for 2018 and wondering, now what? We thought about all … Continue reading

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What or who does a millennial turn to for help when they need to form deep relationships. Perhaps turn to flowers and reach out and make a deep connection with others

Beloved Flower Lover, The selfie generation are asking questions about rebuilding their self esteem and developing real relationships.  The Winter solstice is a time to think about all of that. Love, joy, all these things take time. Ask for help … Continue reading

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Flowers for a husband and father dealing with challenges of being a husband and a father and prepared to do differently

Beloved Flower Lover, It’s time to start a fresh, to start anew and we were really intrigued by a story of a couple who found their way through emotional turmoil to the place of healing. Please watch Iyanla guide a … Continue reading

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Flower Secret for the day: Happiness is the key to success, not the other way round

Beloved Flower Lover, Some days we just wake up and realise that the old tricks cannot work anymore. The old ways of getting happy are over. They are done, over,complete. This feeling gets stronger as we think about returning back … Continue reading

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Flowers and Entrepreneurs with a Soulful Heart

Beloved Flower Lover, As floral entrepreneurs who come from the heart we wanted to share creative and successful entrepreneur Marie Forelo who decribes her odyssey as she felt she wanted to ‘light up’ her  love for creativity and business. We felt … Continue reading

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