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It’s Thursday, choose sunny yellow flowers and calm down

Beloved Flower Lover, “Daylight is my friend…colour is my lover….aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and today yellow is my vision”. We were struck by her poetry and smiled as we listened clearly as her words unfolded from her being. We felt that the relaxing … Continue reading

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Flowers needs bees, they need you to plant bee friendly flowers

Beloved Flower Lover, Its summer and we are used to an abundance of beautiful flowers. However their presence is ┬ádependent on being pollinated by bees. In fact 1/3 of our food comes to us as a result of bee pollination. … Continue reading

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Use the colour of flowers to decide what kind of person you want to be

Beloved Flower Lover, We say choose the colour of flowers to help you choose the sort of energy you want to experience. This was further inspired by the work of Dougall Fraser who says that it’s true that we often … Continue reading

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Have a relationship with colour, then ingest the colour of the flower around you

Beloved Flower Lover, We are really inspired by Dougall and suggest that you can use the colour in flowers in much the way that Dougall is suggesting here.     We would love to find out your results.   The … Continue reading

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All types of trend setting women love all sorts of flowers for their lifestyle

Beloved flower lover Women have so many sides to love. They are mothers, lovers, sisters, aunts,daughters, they are CEO’s and cooks, cleaners and Judges,Fashion lovers, Pilots and more! They love to be independent, they love to be interdependent They love … Continue reading

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