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Ask your heart what it needs to be happy? Flowers are our way to experience love, what’s yours-The answer to this question matters

Beloved Flower Lover, Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself two questions. How happy am I doing what I am doing? How happy am I with the person that I am with? Then make the corrections. You already … Continue reading

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Congratulations! Rock bottom might be a great place to start telling you the truth. It’s like having a dear friend who is giving you flowers who you thought was your biggest enemy !

Beloved Flower Lover, A dear friend of the team called into today, not for flowers, but for a weep. Her sister in Australia was dying from cancer after it had been removed previously. And she did not know what to … Continue reading

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The common ground that we choose to share: Choose flowers to help you connect to that feeling

Beloved Flower Lover, We all┬ájust wanna feel good in life. Sometimes we just need to remember that desire. That’s how we can get turned on. Answering questions privately can help to uncover that stirring desire. The energy that makes things … Continue reading

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