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Schumann’s Resonance, Flowers in Nature ,The Internet of Things and your Natural Health-all inspired by yesterdays Eclipse

Beloved Flower Lover, This post is inspired by yesterday’s Eclipse.We slowed down to keep up with the Eclipse,which opened us up thoughts around nature and our planet at large.  We  slowed right down and ended up opening up a lovely … Continue reading

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Bruce Lipton: The Honeymoon Effect and perhaps why practising your own good vibes with the stimuli of flowers, matters

Beloved Flower Lover, She knew that the brain has two sides . The unemotional and emotional side. And inspired by flowers she found that she was open to focus on using the whole of her brain, both sides, to look … Continue reading

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Beyond Valentine’s Flowers- Why Allow Yourself Flowers Today?

Beloved Flower Lover, Allow yourself to become the embodiment of what it is in your heart of hearts and see your life blossom. Why? ….because you are worth it! Love you, love you, love you The team The London Flower … Continue reading

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Wedding Flowers:The meaning and ‘poetic’ legend of Orange Bloosom

Beloved Flower Lover, Wowwe! Congratulations, we are so happy, we received another wedding announcement. They are coming through and joyfully remind us of how we are all changing from the inside out.  Coupled with the images of peaceful, affectionate vital … Continue reading

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How flowers might help you to stop fighting your loved one

Beloved Flower Lover, Arguing, stressing and worried in your relationship. No harmony, no bliss, just threatening tension. You perceive repeated struggle and it might feel like things will never be better.Mmmmmmmmmm not a good picture! Depending on how you are … Continue reading

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Flowers help reduce work place stress

Beloved flower lover, Too much work stress. Well if you try to deal with that external stresses in the same way, it can create more of the struggle. We know that stressed brains do not learn like a relaxed brains. … Continue reading

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Flowers are relaxation bringers

Beloved flower lover Let flowers change your perceptions and beliefs. Flowers help us to slow down, which encourage us to reduce the instensity of stress and encourages creativity. We welcome all the research that allows people to open up to … Continue reading

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Harmony with love,sex,money and more

Beloved Flower Lover, The created universe carries the yin at its back and the yang in front; Through the union of the pervading principles it       The interrelationship between activity and receptivity has been written about by many wise … Continue reading

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