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Happy April Flowers: Beautify your life with joy

Beloved Flower lover, We welcome the way you beautify your life with words and pictures of abundance and your life will follow suit… The Team The London Flower Lover

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Het Heru,flowers and women relaxing in the face of an insecure feeling

Beloved Flower Lover, We have already mentioned that Het Heru is the Goddess who uses flowers to help remind us to relax and chill. To thrive in the face of adversity.  That our experience of life is based on how … Continue reading

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Het Heru the Goddess of Flowers is in the House

Beloved Flower Lover, If you ever wanted to know how ancient people used flowers in their lives you could look at the creative rituals surrounding the most famous of all Goddesses, Het Heru, also known as Venus, Aphrodite,  and Oshun.  Why does this … Continue reading

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Peek a boo-Angels in her hair

Beloved Flower Lover She loved the idea of turning heads.We loved the idea of playing around with what we could do with our lovely Vanda Orchid. Here is a little gift of love. The Team The London Flower Lover

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