Nostalgia and Flowers

Lemoyne College psychology professor Krystine Batcho, who studies nostalgia,  says nostalgia is powerful and we should indulge it!

“It helps remind you who you are in reference to other people,” says Batcho, who sees one especially good use of nostalgia as a coping mechanism.

“You can’t go back and do it again, but you can relive it in memory. And that’s why I think nostalgia actually exists. To enable us to relive the good times.”

Reliving good times can be a critical tool for surviving these bad times.

thelondonflowerlover rose posy and perfume Collage

Often time if we are going through a challenge we recall the good old times. Sometimes we can remember how someone used flowers in a time that seemed so much more relaxed than ours. We love nostalgia and providing you with images to support you.

pineapple poem black and white

“If right now everything is terrible and bleak, if you’re out of work and you can’t pay your mortgage and you’ve been evicted and you think, ‘there’s nowhere for me to turn,’ it is actually healthy to look to the past and to say, ‘What else have I survived before?'” suggests Batcho.


We here love to support you to use the power of nostalgic flowers. Its for you!


For more info:
LeMoyne College
Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation
“It’s a Wonderful Life: Mentally Subtracting Positive Events” – Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (2008)


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