Heart Based Floristry-Our Mission

The London Flower Lover
Heart-Based Floristry

What does London Flower Lover mean by the term, Heart-based Floristry?

First, consider that for some people, a fearful or even hostile mind guides much of their lives, despite the intuitive kind nudging they constantly receive from the heart. That fearful mind dictates their understanding, actions, reactions and decisions, based largely on learned response patterns. This can have a lock on their lives. Yet, time and time again, their kind heart seeks to quietly intervene, to unlock chains of the past by offering gentle advice. For the ‘hero’s’ reading this post, ‘personal acts of kindness’ become a key in the journey of turning that fear into excitement. Curiously flowers can be a wonderful kind companion during this journey. However mundane, however epic!

We see this amazing journey in the way some individuals treat or act around others.  We had seen it in bitter relationships that faltered because an individual had focused their imaginations on pictures of past pain and hurt. Yet how that pain flowered into beauty when they recognised other life changes that they really cared for, were occurring deep within their hearts. They felt tugged by a smile,by an act of kindness, or from their own heartfelt appreciation for something, or some quality in their life. This led them to act differently. Their lives began to change as they felt their hearts soften and open again.

We  have also seen that heartfelt change in persons, who once were feeling fear, anger, grief, worry or sadness, experience simple acts of kindness and noticeably change.  Their behaviour which had been destructive to themselves and impacted others shifted. In whatever ever time frame it took, it involved some act of kindness, given and received.

All of these are examples of how a so called failure led a person to open up further from their heart felt imaginations. It shows us how we all get to learn how to rely on or connect with the qualities of our own hearts: that imagined place of satisfied, compassion, love, care and courage within ourselves. That place where we can turn of the pressure and relax. That place we can turn towards and soak up what we need, when we need to and then share it with others.  For us here Heart Based Floristry is supporting you in that journey of making love and kindness a part of your everyday life, imagined and real.

  • We see how flowers brighten people.
  • We see how flowers affects people in this journey.
  • We see it in the fire of their eyes when they order flowers from us to give.

We see it when people recieve flowers or walk into a place we have decorated. The light in their eyes gets bright, like fire. We feel it in how people behave. Their bodies relax. They become warmer, more caring, kinder.

The London Flower Lover founder  explains: “Heart-based Floristry, refers to all intentions and actions that express qualities of the heart in daily life. These heart qualities include, appreciating or caring for the divine you first, then others, then expressing kindness to those around you and giving back by volunteering to work with others to relieve suffering in humans or animals and to help the planet.”

This Heart based floristry is a form of technology. Inner technology of transformation.

Throughout history, people have said to follow your heart. “Why?” , “Because they instinctively know that their happy heart’s intuition yields the highest outcome .” The London Flower Lover.

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“Heart-based Floristry is about including your heart’s kindness intuition into your choice of flowers as you navigate through life’s relationships and events. This brings balance to your mind and emotions and unfolds your authentic self.”

–  The London Flower Lover

“Experiencing your blissfully happy self,”  is the main focus of the company’s intention in the Heart Based Floristry. We do this through the practice of being non-judgemental and forgiving, being responsible for your own kindness energy and expressing more love and appreciation in all relationships, romantic or non romantic. Hence our blog posts reflect these topics as we dream up and complete our next amazing floral design for you.

“Heart-based floristry empowers kind co-creation with others for the benefit of all. When choosing flowers we consider the planetary shifts going on. We acknowledge how more people living from the heart can create rapid, positive global change.”

Science backs up the Ancient Wisdom of Heart based giving and receiving

Acts of kindness are good for the heart says Dr. David Hamilton. Acts of kindness, like giving or receiving flowers are often accompanied by emotional warmth.  This emotional warmth produces the hormone, oxytocin, in the brain and throughout the body.  Oxytocin has been found to have a geninue protective role for the entire cardiovascular (heart and arteries) blood system.

Oxytocin causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide in blood vessels, which dilates (expands) the blood vessels. This reduces blood pressure and therefore oxytocin is known as a ‘cardioprotective’ hormone because it protects the heart and arteries (by managing blood pressure naturally).

The key is that acts kindness produce oxytocin and therefore kindness can be said to be cardioprotective. So all those suffering from heart related issues like blood pressure and the like may find treasure in deepening the softness in their hearts by increasing their acts of kindness. Obvious acts of kindness, like giving flowers easily come to mind.

Acts of Kindness help you at work to be more productive!

We love that the very act of giving and recieving flowers can move the energy of  love, kindness and compassion throughout a person’s bloodstream.

Even more…Flowers can become a part of your own well-being policy, at work as well as at home.

Acts of kindness from the heart produce contagious cardioprotection for heart. When we’re kind we inspire others to be kind and studies show that it actually creates a ripple effect that spreads outwards to our friends’ friends’ friends – to 3-degrees of separation. Just as a pebble creates waves when it is dropped in a pond, so acts of kindness ripple outwards touching others’ lives and inspiring kindness everywhere the wave goes. At work, studies have shown workers increase their sense of alertness and thus seen gains in productivity.

The London Flower Lover

Workshops or Play sessions

We look forward to you joining us in our workshops and so much more. We use flowers to support you in making your ‘imagined’ journey. To help you relax, smile and imagine yourself from where you are to where you can give thanks for being. Flowers can truly help your soul to flourish.

We are so happy you have found us. In fact, we are so glad you read the posts here. So very glad you are part of our family and friends. Please let us know how you experience them. We  enjoy  giving you lots of tips to help you live the life your really love- using flowers to allow you to flourish!

Love and kindness from the heart

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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16 Responses to Heart Based Floristry-Our Mission

  1. Julianna says:

    This is fabulous…so glad you found my site and that I could therefore find yours. Keep up the great work, on all levels!

  2. What an incredible work!!! And thank you for finding me and following my site! Look forward to interacting with you! Blessings and love & light!!!

  3. jaguar1850 says:

    I am very impressed and mesmerized by your site. It is helping me to identify what primal passion is and how to grow it with through true beauty and light. I am very honored that you stopped by to check out jaguar1850’s post about tea. It is amazing how connections appear in life. The woman who gave me the recipe and ingredients grew up in London and has an appreciation for the heart in a very blossoming way. Thank you for creating such a helpful resource for life.

    • Oh thank you, this really touches us. This such a special time of year. A divine time to create the magical experiences that will ripple into the new year. We wish the best for you and wow, London is really lovely!

  4. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on. Cheers

  5. Joy & Ruin says:

    sounds like a dream job

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  8. Annika Perry says:

    What a beautiful and moving premise for your company. I am sure you are touching many people with your philosophy and actions. Great to have you as a follower – I am now following you too..

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