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The London Flower Lover inspires people to explore and celebrate peace, joy, as a way to reflect their own style through the gift of flowers in all aspects of their lives.

Our take on flowers is living the space between your dreams and your current reality and becoming at peace with it. Encouraging readers to cultivate not just personal style using flowers, but the success that comes with personal power that is empowered with peace and joy.

Think TED talks, think Oprah, think Spielberg, think The London Flower Lover.

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Inventors, transformers,visionaries-helping people transform their lives, leveraging the laws of the universe. That’s us. You can trust that. We have been consistent with that message, so we are not changing now. There are not many more like us, so do not be surprised if this sounds different. Its a rare luxury to be able to find this in the world of floristry. Once thing you will notice is that we love to give first and that’s how this blog has developed. By giving you as much new ideas about transformation as possible. So dig into the archives. We love reciprocity. If you want to leave a comment please do. Many  who have over the years wanted to experience the cutting edge have. So please do. That would be nice.

If you want to experience more of this, then become apart of our tribe and subscribe too. No pressure- only if you want to enjoy the space between your dreams and where you are right now.

We are here. We are your friends-who like to give first. We are trusted experts in our field. We are not plastered everywhere.We are you. Inventors, transformers, visionaries!

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The Team,


The London Flower Lover

Welcome to this floralicious floraluniverse. We are so glad you are here, please leave a reply, a comment, a thought, a message

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