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The London Flower Lover brand has evolved and taken on many different forms. And over time we have listened even more closely to so many of you telling us how they enjoy our main strength is. It’s the ability to mould and influence the world around them in new and progressive ways” they say. You show us how to use leading edge technology and that includes flowers. Who would have known. You are always using leading edge technologies to the heart and mind as well as the technologies of the hard sciences.

When we work with flowers we realised that it was all about the feeling of “awe” and possibility we experienced as well as saw ourselves as being the everyman/woman who enjoys beauty and love.

We realised that we wanted to curate this with through the visual experience of flowers, transporting us in to a different place – to your world. To always consider the inner technology of emotion and outer technologies, along with symbolism, and other “magic” as it applies to flowers.

We love to know the latest trends and help to define the emerging ones. And as always consider how flowers can help express that. Its not simply about just being trendy, is about knowing what principles are being applied and being able to articulate that. That’s why our blog is as important to us as our creation with flowers. We are not about the fashion of flowers or even about premium flowers. We are all about consistent luxury that transformation affords us and others. So here we are. The London Flower Lover. We stretch our imagination help others live their own amazing dream. Sharing with you the technologies that can help you to experience your amazing dream. This is what we are about, this is why we work with flowers for you. You  are your friends and you are not alone.

We love to hear about your ideas, especially those about how we may help you with flowers, how flowers have become a part of your life and anything else that is important to you. You are so  very welcome to get in touch.

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The London Flower Lover


Flowers can be for:

Mothers Day, New Baby, Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Funerals,Weddings,Valentines, Wellbeing, Occasions, For the Home, For Self Care, For Bespoke Children Parties, Corporate, Religious, Lifestyle, Male Self Care, Home Workers, Events


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