Can flowers help men to go beyond hyper masculinisation? does it even matter

Beloved Flower Lover,

We are all products of our environment and we conform to those influences as we grow throughout our lives. Some of us wake up and can see through the fog of other’s defining our destiny. Once we reprogram ourselves with true knowledge about ourselves we live life free from oppressive external forces. Yes, I agree that hyper masculinity has robbed (some) men of mental and emotional health and support for their fellow men. When people lack knowledge, their primary survival mechanism is to adapt to expectations, be they positive or negative. This state of mind is where most people live. A place between programmed beings and free thinking beings. This place is where we live, move, and act accordingly. Until we know better.


This quote triggered us to think about the power of the mind. Not in terms of magical thinking but the power of the mind to shape our experiences.

First we wanted to start with the acknowledgement that if we do not consider our thoughts then we bring our history, our conditions and all the associations that go along with that into our present. That many mean struggle with expressing themselves.

We have been thinking about how to talk with men about how to allow an idea to use us. What do we mean by that. We have noticed that most us attempt to use ideas and if our minds are not that accepting of it then find that we are impeded with doubt, stagnation and procrastination.

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We invite men to choose flowers as a way to welcome a new conversation with themselves.

We welcome men to take the time for a pause and care to care for themselves. To select a flower that resonates with them and open up a new story for themselves.

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

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