Dr Mindy Perlz teaches us that when you are stressed with life, your man, or your kids, that you need to find ways to release more oxytocin, the healing and bonding hormone into your life. We know that its released when your give & receive hugs and gifts. Consider flowers as a symbol of that essential connection

Beloved Flower Lover,

We have been reminded about the power of oxytocin from the work of Dr Mindy Perlz

who looks at weight release .


Yes oxytocin is all about bonding, but not just when we have babies or bonding with a significant other.  It’s also how we bond positively with ourselves. This  personal cuddle is needed more than we realise.

Dr Mindy  talks about  the importance of understanding how to reduce your stress in life if not  it will appear as body fat and really shows up in menopausal women, so she talks about ways to reduce insulin in your blood system so you can become healthy and reminds us that the master hormone is oxytocin. We perked up because we know that giving and receiving gifts increases that.

Dr Mindy Perlz Hormonal Hierarchy Oxyocin heals cortisol and insulin inbalances

Oxytocin reduces the stress hormone of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is released in the blood stream when you are looking to resolve problems and women if they are suppressing their femininity at work and by that we mean if they are not able to demonstrate their vulnerability at work, are then expressing what we call supressing. They are suppressing their vulnerability and that’s the sources of much inner stress. The trigger of cortisol, the belly fat trigger. Yep, that’s how the increase of body especially around the belly is linked to stress and the need to reduce and prevent it in life.

So what does this got to do with oxytocin, flower and your healing.


You may need to increase the amount of happiness in your life.

Sounds so cliche. Yet the truth is more important.

You are designed to prevent problems, avoid issues, and find resolutions. If not you are always in hyper alert. This is stress. Stress on the body. So much of it is perception. It comes from how you see your world, so you must examine that and maybe with some professional help if necessary.

The truth is do not ignore your feminine situations that others might suggest are irrelevant and that need no love and compassion. So you may be stressed and be even bullied or being put down. You might feel like an underdog.

Let’s trigger the antidote. You will need to find ways to give yourself a hug, a personal hug, give hugs, get hugs. Also give and receive gifts. It’s all about the connections you have with others and yourself.

So we invite you to spend more times in lovely baths, give yourself flowers, put yourself as a priority in terms of self love. This will help you to stay calm when the external world isn’t. This is in fact your guidance, your training from.  The small things we are suggesting will mean a lot to you and will help to reduce your stress and the cortisol in your blood stream which is in fact you looking for solutions to issues, problems, and the struggles that you want to prevent or resolve. This will help. These very small things mean a lot.

Thats my vision the london flower lover

We are all about guiding women deal with the struggles of life. This really means not allowing the struggles  overtake us and even if they do to acknowledge that stress, that vulnerability and to find ways to trigger the recovery, rejuvenating hormones which we are learning are mastered through oxytocin. Our plan is this.

  1. Give yourself gifts
  2. Hug yourself
  3. Give  flowers to yourself and others
  4. Smile
  5. Stand with your hand up in the air in a victory pose and enjoy the flow of the love energy throughout your body.

That’s the happy ever after. Your smile!

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The London Flower Lover

p.s. Dr Mindy here

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