Delivering flowers in London to families who are victims of the knife epidemic means that we get into thoughts of how to comfort – what are your ideas about what you can do?

Beloved Flower Lover,

As we prepare more flowers to deliver to another sad situation, we came across an article in the Independent newspaper in the UK written by a politician -Chukka Ummana that went like this.

Knife crime rose to record levels in 2018. It was the highest since records began in 1946 and shows no signs of abating. More than 100 people have already been fatally stabbed in the UK this year, including over 30 in the capital. The victims are mainly young and male and, in certain areas, disproportionately drawn from an African-Caribbean background.

Unsurprisingly, one of the boys told me his mum wanted his family to move as they did not feel safe on his estate – many parents come to my constituency surgery asking for help to do just that. Another described how he had found drugs and what he thought were bullets in the field where he and his mates play football. A little girl told me how she fears for the welfare of her teenage half-brother.

These children have had to witness things no one should have to see as an adult, never mind as a young person. Their understanding of why it is happening and what should be done about the violence is sophisticated and well thought through. They told me that they supported stop and search and believed it certainly helped reduce the numbers carrying knives but that it was important the power was used appropriately and sensitively by the police and not used to discriminate. They wanted to see tougher sanctions for possession and for those who stab others, with far more police on our streets to enforce our laws, but did not believe that would solve the issue.

The article went on and on.

We know that we all have a part of the solution.

We deliver the flowers to these situations and can only share the best of ourselves here. What we bring is reminding people of some of the fundamental principles of who we are and  we continue to do so, so that we can recover the reason for our life.

Our life matters, your life matters. You are here for a reason as we.  And  as we choose to focus on elevating our attention to that we then are indeed reminding ourselves of who we really are. We wonder then how revealing to ourselves who we really are, will then ripple out and unravel these tragic situations creating a wave of  change, so we go beyond them in love.

What do you think?


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The Team,


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