Flowers and Winter Solstice preparation:experiment with self care and notice how you will feel when the green shoots of spring arrives

Beloved Flower Lover,

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She drew inward a deep gentle breathe…soft eyes

she yawned, she yawned, she yawned

looking out of the window, looking at the leafless trees she whispered…

She was done with last year…and was readying herself for more.

the ears of the earth recieved her pausing

was she running away or was she running toward her vision?

whatever her choice, it was perfect


just like winter, her winter,

she had withdrawn inward

into her longest night

into the holy place

that perfect place inside


soft eyes


her life was at that place too


winter inside

she was also


singing….and getting down to some serious living room dancing,

her body was holding her still

a deliberate act of quiet patience

holding her there in place, so she could rest.

in winter

her longest night

her shortest day


she recognised the beauty of the flowers that she had surrounded herself with during the year

and now

during her winter

her shortest day

in winter


her longest night

her deepest nourishment emerged

the purpose of winter

kissed her

She took time out




To listen

to the winter


kissed five more times she knew her epiphany was due

she knew she only happened when she released and let go

of ambitions of last year

totally open and free


patient, gentle, pause button on

during the longest night

she was now a blank sheet

during the shortest day

and allowed winters activity

out of sight

away from view

behind the scenes…

maybe for 40 days like the ancients….

to just be



She decided not to try,

to not do anything,

to just be

calmed herself right down. 


everyone else did the same

for the longest night

and appreciated taking time out of the rush,


and running around of the other world…that other world.

Again she looked at the simple white flowers in her hallway.

She stroked the freesias

They smelt wonderful

she realised others problems were not hers,

she had head space


realised she had been giving herself permission to acknowledge herself warts and all and now the winter solstice,

the ultimate time for self care


she was there again.

she was fabulous!

in winter

better at reducing her levels of stress this year than last

in winter

peace winter solstice flowers



her flowers

his flowers

their flowers

all reminded her of that magical time

again for withdrawal

for the winter

shortest night into winter

soft eyes and a yawn

allowed her inner processes to do their thing

soft eyes and a yawn

to look at life through nature

soft eyes and a yawn

rejuvenatination  for next years green shoots time.

she valued herself

at her seed time

Dec 21-24th

she held herself in this place

to recieve the seed


she was at the stillest point of her worlds conception

soft eyes, and a yawn

reflecting on the green shoot time

renewed tonight to come around again, and again and again

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She read  the email that advised her to drink plenty of the cleansing melon drink during this withdrawal time. She got the recipe and prepared it for the winter solstice:
1 x Cantaloupe
Dandelion (use Chicory as an alternative)
1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper
She smiled.
This drink a rich source of the Super Oxide Dismutase/ SOD and recieving it’s anti-ageing properties was also part of winter solstice time .
Yes, taking lots of Vitamin C, and other anti- oxidants/ anti-‘rusting’ of the body caused by the free radicals was also part of the direction for the winter solstice period. Obeying direction she got in her extra supplements like
Glisodin –  making sure she would take 1000mg on an empty stomach.
A gentle green fast, she ate spinach,Broccoli Sprouts and took in Bromelain Enzymes, and Chlorella & Brown Algae/ Kelp to make a little broth. They were all designed to reduce all body stress and build her up.
She loved her family and herself and took time out to do the mental work to contemplate the values of peace, joy, unity and how it had impacted her life last year. She made it real to herself by considering how to keep happy in the face of adversity. Her debts, her health challenges, her romantic challenges, her parental issues, how had just focusing on her identity as a peaceful person by nature turned her around.
How, how, how?
She began to write out a script for her new vision for her green shoot time. Filing up the pages with pictures of what her new life in all its green shoots would look like as she behaved differently in the face of her triggers.
Yes, she was spending time to write a new script for her life. From a dislike of her life, to images of peacefulness in her life. From a dislike of inquiry and fighting life, to one where she could actually write about how she could behave differently in the face something that used to make her feel stressed before.

Still quiet and taking 5-10 min breaks five times per day to relive her scenarios she became pregnant with these images of peace.

 She prepared for the green shoot time of spring surrounded with flowers. Soothed, she was quiet.

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