How to use the Artichoke’s tender hearted flower protected by strong layers of leaves

Beloved Flower Lover,

If you are choking back your true thoughts and feelings because you are afraid of upsetting others use the artichoke.Use the artichoke in your designs, in your food, as a tincture or a flower essence.

The artichoke flowers  inspires us to express ourselves in a way that it is authentic. and in ways that will not create the conflicts we fear. She has much to teach us!


According to Greek mythology, Zeus fell in love with a beautiful woman named Cynara and swept her up to Mount Olympus. Angered when she slipped back to earth to visit her family, he turned her into the first artichoke.

The artichoke is great to use if you have a tendency to be fixed in your ideas and want to loosen up. The delicate flower and tough many leaved exterior symbolizes artichokes ability to break through hardened heart patterns which close the crown chakra, opening it the heart with grace and flexibility.

Going further into  Greek myth, the artichoke owes its existence to the sexually active Zeus who on a visit to his brother Poseidon spotted a gorgeous girl, Cynara, bathing on the beach.

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He became deeply drawn to her, seduced her, made her a goddess, and took her back with him to Mount Olympus. Cynara, however, lonesome and missing her mother, soon took to  going home to visit her family without his knowledge. This act so infuriated Zeus that in a fit of temper  he tossed Cynara from Olympus and turned her into an artichoke. The modern scientific name for artichoke Cynara cardunculus derives from this powerful  girl who followed her heart despite others not wanting her to.

Perhaps there is another story for us now in modern time.In a way, the myth is indicative of the artichoke’s nature. Only a tiny part of the vegetable is eaten. The exterior is hard and inflexible, even when cooked, and one must peel off each leaf to get to the “heart of the plant.” A tiny amount of the bottom of the leaf is often dipped in sauces  before the teeth scrape off the flesh of the plant. The heart, as well, needs to be separated from its hard thistle bottom to be edible. Thus the artichoke takes a bit of work for the eater, just as Cynara represented more work than some say  Zeus was willing to bestow on her.

Today we suggest that it points us to give ourselves more patience. To give ourselves a little more love. To listen to the heart inside us all and to be willing to be flexible enough to give ‘her’ what is at her innermost heart. Yes, the external beauty is wonderful, but the heart is what wants to be expressed here. So taking time to be more flexible, to listen, and learn what is at her innermost heart. And to then ‘support’ her expression of that.

Artichokes represent peace, hope and prosperity.

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There is another Greek myth about the Artichoke.

Cinara was a nymph who was turned into a thistle flower by her lovers jealous wife, so that he could never touch her again. Perhaps this  remind us to have fun, to stop judging what others are meant to be. To avoid judging those we regard as being evolved. it invites us to let go of a need to control  our experiences and that of others and to learn to enjoy ourselves  so much more


You another way of interpreting these myths. Its all about how you want the stories to serve you.


So there you have it.!

The Team,

The London Flower lover

This post has been inspired by Nikki Wyatt,Spirit of transformation and Karismatic Minds-Young womens Empowerment project

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