Downtime for a workaholic who decided to move through a state of flowers to feel relaxed

Beloved Flower Lover

She was actually on holidays. Time off. Downtime.Imagine that. Everyone else was sorted. Children, hubby, colleagues. The house was clean, Clothes washed and ironed.  The car had been valeted. The garden was immaculate. She had it all sorted. So she laid in bed and took a deep breathe in and out. She felt unsettled. Discordant. She wanted to check emails, work texts, but she was off.

She began to nod off and found herself  imagining herself in a spring time field of flowers.

She stepped into the field feeling a little irritated with the flowers.Irritated with their honest beauty, peace and joy. She breathed in the unsettled, discordant energy as it swept through her body. She was more open to images of emails which where mentally and emotionally interfering with her perspective.

As she was exhaling, she concluded that it might be a good idea to allow herself, to be just a little more receptive to the downtime that she was legally entitled to. Perhaps she could even be willing to welcome a higher regard for herself as someone who could relax during her own holidays.  This conclusion was floating through her inner mind whilst she saw in her imagination, pictures of herself organising her local community street sale.Was she up for it again? She mused.

Undecided and still in bed, she began to nod of and to see the spring field more vividly . This spring field was totally in harmony with her state of blooming self regard.  She noticed a sense of permission being given to her to gather flowers.

She saw herself walk through the field.  And as she did, she gathered a bunch of flowers. She felt a change as she moved through this state of flowers. The more she gathered and moved,the more she felt wonderful. The more she felt to sleep more deeply, the more she allowed herself to walk through the field of flowers. She actually allowed herself to be in bed and let rest guide her.

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She felt guided.Any time she felt herself want to default to worry about her work. The more she felt her heart was in agreement with peace. Through her, from her, to her.  The more she felt her receptivity to peace emerge like she allowed a breathe. The less she felt the need to struggle. The more this went on, the less her struggle until it stopped. Still. Silenced.

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She  saw herself take a seat and contemplate that her downtime was indeed nourishing time. A centering time. That this downtime was nourishing her confidence as  she began to reconsider the work of the previous year and replacing any worry and concern with nourishing conscientious for her own self love.  She contemplated her own heart felt plans. She felt a deep reverence for the ideas of peace flowing through her. Like it had been there before and had never left. She continued to gather flowers in this field as she gathered her sense of peace. She gathered her sense of intentions that served her wellbeing. She gathered a sense of valuing her downtime.

She was emerging

She allowed her breathe.

She allowed downtime to represent nourishing time.

She recognized how wonderful it was to be her.

She sat with that energy and allowed that energy to befriend her and inform and accompany her during her downtime.

“How wonderful it is to be you”,

she said outloud, as she allowed her new ‘friend’  to intermingle with her day.

“How wonderful”

The Team,

The London Flower Lover


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